I mean they get up to 85 degrees, 80 degrees, most of them even the Microsoft. Surface, 3 got up to 85 degrees, but you'll have a look here that chewy have done something. Maybe they put a bit of the heatsink on there. Finally, instead of just that, copper spreaded tape that they normally use maximum temperatures 69 degrees, I have been running some benchmarks continuously going through things and it's got up to 69 degrees. So far that was in the space of I think about. Well, I live in hours 12 hours that I had the tablet on just being testing it and running it. So that's really good to see. Now, if I was charging at the same time and gaming, I suspect that it would probably get up to maybe about 75 degrees, but I will test that out later on in another video, where I test out some gaming – and these here are the EMC speeds. So chewy is still using the budget for C or B wind type of 8mm, C's chips and they're, so not the fastest. I have actually seen slower, but the 2k random writes be there. 2.2 is very slow because I normally see around 10 12, sometimes even 15. So, overall, what using the tablet? I can't actually see that having an impact on windows too much it's only when you start to an installer application that it's a little slower than it probably would be with those write speeds there.

So it does take a bit longer. There a little slower, hopefully one day they will start to use hi inks, Samsung Toshiba would be nice, but I guess it's just a cost perspective there that Chewie got to keep the cost down, so they use, B, win and for C brands. So I've tested out the speeds of the micro SD card slot and it runs the high speed card, so you could probably get up to 90 or 100 megabytes per second. If your card supports that the slot, of course, is just on the side and it's reasonably easy to access, you can just use like a figure now to push that get their card out again. I don't really have too many problems with it. Like some tablets show you I mean or just a lot of card in here, you just push it in like that with your fingernail, and it was sitting there nice and flush and that's not gon na pop out and to get it out as easy as well. Wow it just went flying out there. You do have to be careful of the spring on it, so that's the micro SD card speeds. What I did test out also was the type C port was a big X. Will disappoint. I mean look at that: let's use B, two speeds and there's also another thing that's going on with that USB type c port at the top. Here you can see it there.

I do have this adapter that I used with my transformer book t100 h.a, and they used the same one here. I'Ll just found out that it will not actually detect my faster SanDisk Extreme plug that in and it just lights up with a blue light here. Actually, it's not lighting up at all this time and it won't. Let me open it so not too sure what's going on, but it doesn't seem to support USB 3 devices we're, not all of them at least because this card here will run. This is a travel data, scissor Kingston, flash drive USB 3 can see. It'S got the blue there. I can get up to a hundred megabytes read on other tablets that support USB 3, and this is only getting up to 40, so not good at all. I don't even know why they included a type C port if it's only USB 2 type C y2e. Why did you do that? I mean they. Didn'T even include an adapter in the Box either, so they should have just left it as micro, USB 2 port anyway. That'S, probably the only real downside of this tablet so far only using it, as I mentioned, that those temperatures, the first thing that well they're pretty good to see that now I have run through benchmarks, the ones that I normally go through. This is the cloud gate score, not a bad score at all the wireless speeds that is a little bit slower than what I managed to get from my tower PC tell PC.

I managed to get 41 megabytes megabits per second download and an upload of 20, so it is a tad slower they're, not too sure. Why now here we have the Geekbench 3 score, not a bad school. I mean this is pretty much the same score for the Adam x5 at zero 8300 and then the ice storm to score. I see anywhere from 12 thousand to four thousand on this particular chip set, so that scores not bad. Now, there's a couple of other things. I wanted to point out the battery life so far using it you're looking about five hours. I think this is currently on how to percent brightness for the purposes of this video but running between well 50 brightness. I think you're looking around five hours so four to five hours, that's about the same as the other eight inch cherry trail tablets, maybe slightly better actually, because I think the cube only got around four, so it's, not too bad in terms of battery. Now the build quality is exactly like the hi 8, but it's in black. Now, if you want a premium super premium build, I recommend you take a look at the show me me pad. That is a really good tablet for the price. Okay to almost double the price of this, this is about 90 us and the screen itself: okay, it's 1280 by 800, not a super high resolution or anything like that, but it's, okay. I personally think that on an 8 inch tablet, you can get away with that resolution.

It'S, okay, it doesn't look too bad and the touch screen itself is quite responsive it's, not the brightest screen. I have seen definitely brighter. I mean the DHI 8 has that 1920 by 1200 screen. That has quite a good brightness level on it I mean that can really pump out the brightness, and this is next to that one which I'll hopefully have the hi 8 Pro, which has the same screen in it as the hi 8. I hopefully have that soon and compare both of these tablets, but this screen on that one it's, definitely gon na, be a lot brighter than that. So, just to start now the because and see how those sound I'll just demonstrate this speaker now with some carbon based life forms turn it right up. They can see it brings me now, but it does lack mid range bass. Not really a good speaker. Just make sure you disable this a neighbor speaker equalizer is having that off. It sounds better now, if you remember the chewy V, I ate the first model of this particular series from Chile. They had the beta L in it. It only had a VGA front facing camera that was basically a load of crap because it just had such a horrible image. Luckily, they have updated this now to a 2 megapixel front facing camera. I think it was the hi 8 that came out first with that, and I did take a couple of images with the camera.

I want to go into pictures. I can't really show you anything here and there's a move over to pictures and quickly show you. So I took a photo with the front facing camera: ok, definitely a lot better that's the rear, cam it's, a 2 megapixel camera as well on the back you're not going to get a good photo from it. I mean what do you expect from 2 megapixels, but for the purposes of a video chat applications like Skype, it actually works. Ok, I did a quick Skype call and I found the tablet to be fine and performance. She quite well. Ok in low light, that's, not gon na, be wonderful, it's gon na be quite grainy, but for the purposes of a cheap tablet which this is this is a budget entry level table. I think it's. Okay, I mean the front facing camera. Differently was fine for Skype and the rear. I turned that on and it looks blurry. You know people aren't going to see that much clarity from the image, but all in all, I think, for the price it's possible. I also did a quick test of the speaker. Sorry, the microphone, not the speaker, just just right here, there's that little tiny gap and that's where else speakers housed in there. So if I just go to the recorder app voice recorder, I did record a couple of samples, so this is one here, so they booked microphone actually works.

Pretty good. I mean I've heard a hell of a lot worse, most most of the time or not. Most of the time, but there's a lot of tablets that it's quite muffled because they only have that small little hole on the slide. But this has a bit more of a gap and I think it lets more sound in. But it sounds fine and when I talked on skype, as mentioned before, the caller said that yeah, the voice quality was fine, and that was good to see the other thing as well that the headphone jack the 3.5 millimeter jack right here. Unfortunately, this isn't a full pol one, so it doesn't support microphones, I plugged in a headset with a microphone, and it got absolutely nothing. It just blocked it out completely and the sound quality via that 3.5 millimeter jack is recently good, actually there's a no there's. No background constant background noise when sound isn't being played when you play sound, you can hear a tiny, tiny little fraction of static. Maybe there that's just a little tiny but but it's hardly noticeable or I'm really fussy about that when it comes to audio quality. But this tends to be quite good now: I'll, just quickly load up tick tablets and show you how that is to use with the on screen keyboard. I find the minutes it's. Okay, I should be running tail, but not at the moment I just wasn't cuz. I was running some of those other things in the background there just made it easier.

So if I just type in tick tablets, com see how that loads in, but I roll the keyboard seems: okay, I'm, not really getting any typos but I'm, not the best touchscreen typist. I prefer an actual hardware keyboard myself, so that's loading in there. Now this website is a little bit heavy, maybe for this kind of tablet, cuz there's a lot of images and things, but overall I mean it's it's smooth this is edge. Of course, Internet Explorer edge is a lot smoother than the likes of crime. So if you install crime, it's, pretty gon na be a little bit slow. I'M, not not so smooth when it comes to scrolling. But overall, where I a tap on the screen and want to go, is exactly where it loads on the pages and things so. Browser experience doesn't seem that bad and, as I mentioned in my unboxing video, if you've seen that one that, if I lower the brightness right down to 0 it's, very dim and that's actually good for nighttime reading. So if you're gon na be using this tablet late at night, maybe then the good sitting there with the screen so so far I I think it's actually good tablet. I mean I can't really fault it. At the moment I haven't tried out any games. I won't have any games tested in this particular video I'll have to ask you sorry to come back and check out another video I have probably in a day or two I'll, just up some games and go through them, but overall the performance of the tablet seems Really good I'm impressed with the thermals so far.

I will try and really push it when it comes to getting the tablet hot, I will charge it at the same time and I'll also game at the same time. Push it as hard as I can to see. If it is gon na have any thermal throttling there, but so far so good and the other thing really. The only downside that I can see to this tablet is possibly the maximum screen. Brightness isn't gon na be enough for some people, but when you look at it face on, it is actually quite good. I do have some lighting on here. That'S, probably making the screen look a bit dimmer than it. Then it actually is in real life. The disappointing factor is this: why Chui, why did you put a type C port on there if it's, only USB that's, a big question mark, I don't know where something's gone wrong? Is that supposed to be running a USB 3? Maybe perhaps I think it's meant to be but it's only USB 2 so to fix the whole purpose. And then you don't have an adapter, so people are gon na, have to go out and hunt down and find themselves a type C 2 USB adapter, which is an additional experience and ignorance. So why again Chewie did you do this just to leave it as USB? I think or fix it, make it USB 3. Hopefully, the hi 8 Pro will not have this problem all right, so I think I've rambled on enough covered those benchmarks there.

Hopefully that was helpful for people to come back. As I said, I will have a few more videos coming out on this particular tablet over gaming and perhaps and multitasking tests, or something else so do check back for that.