Eight. This is an 8 inch. Chinese 99 tablet, and you can see here that touch response seems to be really good, quite surprised with how it's going so far. The screen is a an IPS screen, so we've got 12 hundred and eighty x 800 resolution and while it's not the sharpest screened in the world on an eight inch screen, it is actually quite fine sharp enough it doesn't look really pick silly. Unless you look at it really closely it's not written a display, but it's it's, not actually too bad. So the features of this it has two gigabytes of RAM and after Anzhi 3735 f, which is a maximum speed of 1.8 three gigahertz and it does have a captive windows button. It seems to work quite well. There is no vibration or anything pushing that, but you can see that it is working. Quite fine, free storage is just under 20 gigabytes. I'Ve just moved this up. So no doubt when you start applying, all the windows updates you'll find that it will eat up. Another couple of gigabytes we're just getting into maybe if i get into the specs of it, you can see that it is winters activated 8.1 bing which is standard with these Chinese tablets, and it seems really smooth touch. Response is better than that of the the voyeur. I ate that is another 8 inch tablet that I did have a while back and found the touch screen to be really horrible that you needed actually push quite hard on the screen to get a response from it.

But this one seems quite good I'll go into more details to the review on my website of this tablet and download a few games off the store that I can play and show you the performance of, but so far this seems to to be working quite well To standard windows operation here, the response to the touch screen is really good, something you want definitely on this tablet now having to look around it it's very similar, looking quite similar looking to the dell venue 8 on the bottom. Here we have nothing on the left side, you have their micro SD slot, the back to metod plastic material made to maybe look like brushed aluminium aluminium with your American one speaker at the bottom. Just here so there's, no stereo speakers on the right side. You have volume, rocker power button and finally, on the top there's, your 3.5 millimeter headphone jack right here, and the USB micro USB port for charging and USB on the go i'll be demonstrating all that in some later videos. So please subscribe to my channel and give me a thumbs up if you do like this cook, your hands on demo of the chewy be aight aight. So you can see. Everything here seems fast enough by wall, as I seek into detail net at some later videos.