This tablet just arrived and recently I've already done a review on the windows, only version when that first came out and that lacked an HDMI output and it didn't have the dual boot at all sure we've now updated the tablet. So it now includes dual boot. It does have an HDMI port, which I wish the first version had an included it's one, my review. I had to take off a few points there on my review because it didn't have an HDMI output. I think all tablets should have that. So now it's got it and let's just have a look at what's inside the box. Here, there's also just a few specs here they have so it's the V. Oh yeah, you can see they've got a little logo here, saying your Windows to Android, and this is the Edom's e 3735. If can turbo up to a 1.83 2 gigabytes of RAM, we have a emmc, 32 gigabyte Drive. Hopefully, that is another high ynx Drive that performed quite well on the first model that I tested and the tablet is exactly the same: no real changes, apart from that HDMI port, and then software changes now having a dual boot. So you can see now on the top. We have here an mini micro, sorry, HDMI output, which is good to see the rear. We have that 2 megapixel camera. This is you of the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack micro SD card slot, the build exactly the same, a textured plastic on the back here.

That is not too bad, it is semi resistant to fingerprints and smudges is definitely better than some of the materials. I have seen. Some manufacturers use – and we have just that – mono speaker down on the bottom here, which is an OK speaker. It'S you know, does the job it's, nothing, wonderful and we're, just powered on now up the front. We have a 0.3, yes 0 and he points three megapixel camera. That is absolutely horrible. It is really not good at all, so putting it on we get presented here with the menu one. We want to choose. Android Windows, make your choice and are going into Android. Here, because I will try and focus more on the Android version now, since I had the dual boot Talbot might, if you want to see more on the Windows version, gaming benchmarks check out my other videos on the chewy VI: 8. There is a link in the description to a playlist with other videos on the Windows version that first came out. So a nice big boot up logo there and let's just get into Android. Ok, so it looks like quite a vanilla setup. Yes, it is very much a vanilla Android, which is good to see. I like that. I don't like it when the manufacturers, especially from China put on their own heavy bloated launcher, seems to be more of a kind of definitely just a vanilla, Android experience here. So we have Gmail on there.

We have gallery what, if that, has any images they've already put a little movie on there for us. Ok, MX players install ok, some little click here in Chinese, obviously it's. Just some pop band, so just check out the volume. Okay, there's enough music, all right so this speaker there you can hear that is very triply yeah yeah it's, not! I run the full speaker just like the first version that I looked at okay. So what else do we have here on Android, so they've included basic apps. Here we have just a few blog things: here's there's, some sort of Chinese. This thing here what looks like some maps WeChat or voice over IP application there, some sort of store so there's only really what's – that for maybe four or five applications there that will probably need to be removed. Hopefully we can remove some of these that's good to see. I can uninstall that one at least oh definitely good for them to include that. So, if you can't uninstall all this blood stuff – and I can install that one we'll need root access for that. I will post up some other videos with benchmarks. Log into Play. Store, hopefully Play Store, is working now, there's, a few tablets that are China that, when they put Play Store on there, because in China Play Store, is actually banned, it's blocked they can't test it. So they need to test it outside of China, and a few land like T class lately have been shipping.

These tablets out with the Play Store, not working because of the build props, had a few configuration issues so want a low. Probably so I will test it out in another video. I will load on Geekbench 3. Do a quick benchmark of that in Android and to 25.6 I think that's, the latest version or 5.7. Whatever is that now we'll test that and see the performance as well as 3d mark and GPU pinch, so do subscribe and you'll see up and coming videos very shortly on benchmarks on the unit, and what else is there really to look at whether you've got up Here shop, that is obviously the Android store and just see now, if there were not Balan, ok, the window, isn't Balan, does it double as a home button in Android here, so that is good to see and the Android version just before in the video I wanted To check that out, so we have Android 4.4.4 and that is KitKat no lollipop Android 5. Yet I don't know where the tree will have an update for that honestly, I wouldn't hold my breath on that one, but they can. You could be waiting forever for that, but hopefully that maybe there will be main Android 5 update for that. Ok. So if the urges tensing of Windows side, though check out the link in the description, I have a playlist of a lot of gaming videos, benchmarks windows, hands on off the first model, I've got and it's.

Basically, the same it's gon na be the same experienced us that it was the windows only version anyway, that's the video and thank you for watching. Please do give me a like if you liked this video and, as I mentioned, do subscribe. I'Ll have more up and coming videos on this tablet, mainly in Android, and I will have some more up and coming videos of future tablets. I'M waiting for waiting for the people. W4S it's a 8 inch tablet just like this one, but it has a 64 gigabyte e MMC and it has a 2 megapixel front facing camera and a 5 megapixel rear camera. So they've improved the quality of the cameras and they have increased the storage size on the 8 inch tablets, they're doubling that as the W 4 super version that's what the S stands for and I'm also waiting on the cube I 7, the cube by 7 is Going to be the first court in tablet, but I will review from China it's about a 5 white tin quarry a minute and that CPU should hopefully be pretty good and promising, because it has a generation 8 Intel graphics in it. And that is the Intel. Hd. 5300 anyway, that's a wrap for this video. Thank you for watching and hopefully see you in my next YouTube.