To show you what hardware is actually inside the system, so you can see that it's a realtek, sound sensor that has a basic orientation sensor and CP. Of course, we know, and the network is the realtek it's wireless n150 megabits per second some maximum speed. It can connect at at least on my wireless. I have the rail to our house and the imaging devices on the cameras. Everything else is pretty straightforward here, so we have the high inks emmc drive, which in this case is quite fast good Drive, actually an SD card i'm running. This is just an external toshiba drive that i'm running by the on the go by the USB micro USB port. Everything else is nothing else really really us here is just when i swing our system controller system devices, it renames, pretty straightforward, it's the base. I look at the Hat have with you so it's realtek, audio realtek wireless and the bluetooth as well. I think saying arif calm, some woods there in chinese.