10. You might have seen my various other videos on that particular model and they've taken the belt rail out of it that's gone, and now they replaced it with a cheery trail, x5z 8300, which should have slightly better performance. Now. This particular model here has the 64 gigabyte emmc in it, and I got this from bang good. Those of you familiar with this kind of packaging here, it's a polystyrene. This is the way that Bane good like to package up their tablets. They do actually remove the original packaging. Unfortunately, so I can't show you that, but what they do use is very strong. It is light and strong and can take quite a few knocks you can see, they had a bit of a knock there and it will actually protect the tablets quite well. It took around 15 days to come down from China to New Zealand. It was originally delivered by NZ post DHL that delivered that. So, if you are in New Zealand, then you can see that it's reasonably fast postage, not too bad there. So just get this open and we'll have a look at the tablet. Ok, so a little awkward to open it is finishing up, and here we have. The tablet has been packed up quite nicely. There we go so these same screen resolution, even everything else, as the bay trail model, so it's got the 1366 by 768 screening. It now that's non laminated display and you'll see on the site.

Here we do have the two USB 2 port. Still, unfortunately, there aren't USB 3. They haven't changed that the HDMI mini HDMI port. There here's our microphone 3.5 millimeter jack. Now we'll check this out and see if they have updated that the first version only supported two stereo headsets. It did not support microphone headsets on there, so we'll definitely check that out our micro SD card slot. Now this will support the high speed cards now. It'S not limited to 23 megabytes per second here's, a lift loudspeaker. Hopefully you can see that right there and it does have that nice little middle trim. It goes around the bottom and here's l5 pogo ports there. This is for the keyboard, which I will show you shortly and on the right side, the other speaker grille there on the top. Again we get that a metal trim, and there is our volume up and down and power on button and overall, the design of it. Isn'T bad at all, there is glass on the rear. Now this isn't a scratch resistant glass, it's, a just a standard tempered glass and it is a prone to scratching. So you do you have to be a little bit careful with it. The camera on the rear is a 2 megapixel camera, so you're not going to get any amazing images out of that, but it's OK for voice chat, it's, OK for video. The front facing camera is also 2 megapixels there and we do have a Windows Home button.

You might have noticed there are little talk screws on the side which help hold the front and rear panels together, which give it quite a Richard feel in hand. It doesn't really have any flex or noise on it. It'S it's quite a good pulled, and I was definitely happy with my bait rail model, so we'll see what else is included in here. Obviously, all they have removed being good is the just the outer packaging they have given us. These are some instruction leaflets and whatnot, but they are in Chinese and pretty much useless to me, and here we have our USB cable and adapter, which would be the same as the Bay Trail model and included so the power adapter here is your typical two prong U.S. style – and that is rated to its 5 volts 2 amps, pretty much like every other adapter power adapter. We see the micro USB cable here a USB to micro USB for charging, and they did include an adapter there for me for new zealand, australia style. So it powered up rather quickly. You can see that the resolution isn't that impressive, obviously 1366 by 768, is no Retina display and if you do look close enough, I can get this to zoom in there. You'Ll see pixels there, but I do find that running this resolution and I have used my chewy VI. 10. Quite a lot. I actually don't find it too bad. You do get used to it, but those of you that do have perhaps iPads ear to Zoar ears.

You'Re gon na definitely notice this lower resolution anyway. Let'S have a look and see the device manager well that's, good that's. This menus actually popped up in grey, and that means it has the latest November update already on the image, which is good to see that chuyia using a very recent image there of Windows. So I have a look at device manager and also system to see if Windows is activated. I just wanted to have a look at the MMC Drive. Hopefully you can see that that it's actually a chewy, sorry it's, a Toshiba 64 GE, 2. Now I've seen a lot of those drives before they tend to be quite quick and definitely a lot faster than the B wins or the 4c drives, which are quite slow, but I will have benchmarks of that shortly. This is just an initial hands on unboxing and hands on of this particular model. So there we go. We can see that Windows is activated. That is really good to see and overall I don't have any problems with the touchscreen accuracy. Everything seems to be working fine, so I have a look at the thickness number. Seven hasn't changed the course from the original VI: ten it's, not the slimmest device. So it comes in and say look here at about about seven eight millimeters there approximately and I will have a look at the weight for those interested just get my scales out. So the weight of the chewy is 647 grams there, and since that design is exactly the same as the earlier model, it uses the exact same keyboard a dock here.

This is my keyboard from my VI, 10 and I have given it quite. A beating it's had a lot of use. You can see a bit of wear and the keys are a little bit shiny there, but that will clip in just like this and work without a problem. If you haven't seen any of the VI, 10 Clips you'll see that we've got that one fixed angle and you're stuck with it so you're either love it or hate it that's.