If you'd like more detail, then please do check out my website. Tech tablets, comm and the chewy review there'll be a link in the description on this video for that so I've been using tablet now for a while and it's great it's, actually a really good tailor. I am quite happy and oh girl everything's pretty much positive with the tablet. I now have the official keyboard for it, which, I must say, is quite a decent keyboard. It'S, not bad at all. Considering it's. Only a 10 point, 6 inch keyboard. The quality of the keyboard is really quite decent, it's good. The trackpad has physical Hardware left and right clicks. Unlike the qi7 keyboard, which was just justice only this one does also support gestures. If I swipe here from the side, it should bring up there, we go the charm bar there, and so we do have gestures on the keyboard, the feedback and tactile feedback of their keys typing on it as business, not bad at all and overall it's. Quite a quite a good little setup. I think the way they've got here and if you are going to get this tablet, i do highly recommend you do get this keyboard with it, because it's only probably about an additional 15 us. If you buy the keyboard separately going to pay 30, unfortunately i bought the keyboard separately because i couldn't find it at the time when i ordered this. But overall the experience on the keyboard is good and it just makes it much more of a practical machine to get some work done on.

So you can do some some proper writing. That is not a problem at all, and the other great thing about this tablet, of course, is probably why you actually interested in this tablet. Even looking at this video would probably be this here. The two USB ports full size, USB ports – you do have a micro USB port here that you can also use if you want three ports at the same time, so it's great, because i can come along here and just plug in my logitech wireless receiver. And now i have my mouse here without any issues i don't need to use bluetooth and i can still go along and plug something else into the port here. So I could just go along and put my rage xt USB to memory stick in there and now have access today, while still using the logitech wilife receiver for my mouse with keyboard. If I wanted to use that there's no having to fill around with adapters, pull this out, get the adapter and move files over, you can even transfer from one one drive to another. And, unlike a lot of the other tablets in willpower, a 2.5 inch hard drive and the tech glass x98 f3g is a great dual boot tablet. I really like it with a 4 by 3 screen, but you can't power a full hard drive off it. You need a powered hub to run that no issues here on the chewy VI 10.

They will do that without an issue and you can even run the read powered hard drives. It did test that in one of my other videos on this tablet, and that was not a problem at all and, as I mentioned, the keyboard is great, so they set practical typing on that is good and it folds up really nicely too and easier to transport And move around, and one of the other things I found is quite positive. The on this tablet very positive is the speaker, the speakers on this to have actually quite good. I have heard some really bad speakers, especially on the chewy vi8, which was their 8 inch model that had really horrible, tiny little mono speaker. That was just pathetic. You just didn't even want to use it basically, so the speakers on this are really quite good. I will just show you quickly and you tube here if we can jump and show you clip, so you can hear the speakers. I don't have the fastest internet connection here, but hopefully it won't be a problem to load. Was it not letting me chive in there for some reason there we go seems that YouTube was lagging a little bit there, because it was loading in this mess of big. I have a Tyson banner there that's what the issue was overall browsing this pretty fast. As you can see, apart from that initial little lag there scrolling on the screen, the touch – oh good, no issues there – I don't feel like I have to push hard on the screen or anything for it touches to register there there's just no, no real problem with That at all, so that is good and I'll just play a quick audio track here.

That worked of me, hopefully, any copyright issues more advertising here from YouTube, so we just join up the speaker bugging here. There is actually a hint of bass through the speakers, but if there is a lot of bass, the speakers will start to vibrate and distort a little bit, but they are quite loud. You can see them right here on each side left and right. We are holding. The tablet is quite easy to block those speakers, but the solution is just to simply flip the tablet around like this, and then you can hear those speakers unhindered without blocking them now the the screen, as you can see, doesn't, look that bad at all, considering it As a 1366 by 768, pixel screen so it's not a super high resolution, it is at least HD, and I have watched a couple of 720p movies on this and overall the screens been fine. If I can get a good close up of it here, hopefully you can see that when you look at the screen reader closely, you will notice pixels on text and things. But, to be honest, it wasn't is not as bad at the photo would be good to go here and increase the screen brightness. The screen is quite bright, it's, not too bad it's, not the brightest screen, but overall I find it as acceptable. Sunlight legibility is not good at all it's, not good on any tablet to be honest, but it it's not for outdoor use.

You go outside on this and you're going to read every hour see anything that's. It cannot compete with the brightness of the Sun there. So I will also show you quickly a couple of benchmarks that I ran on it. This is the built in drive speed here you can see that the read speeds about 160 are good. The write speeds of three six. There are not go. 36. I'M, not good. At all, that's quite low on the lower end normally is here around sixty seventy, but to put that into sort of comparison here, my Surface three only gets 38 or ' there. So it's, not really that bad. If you look at it that way, but still the random 4k write speeds they're around three or a little on the low side. But overall I haven't had any real issues of slowdown caused by the drive, because the reads are fast enough: that it's not really lagging. What I want to open up applications or the control panel, or things like that? These here are the speeds I got from the USB 2 ports, so it maxes out at around about 40 megabytes per second there, which is the standard really USB 2 speeds, and this is the score I got here on Geekbench 3, which 892 is actually one of The highest scores I've seen on single core, so the tone overall is good. Quite quick, it's reasonably good there, the multi core schooling is around the average kind of score you get for the CPU, so it's not bad at all, and this was the PC mark.

7 school there of 2370 again a kind of run of the mill school there, not a bad score. I should have some 3dmark scores here. Go back into those here. The 3d mark extreme result, 8850, 6, not a bad score either. That'S quite high. Obviously, that's probably been helped by the last green resolution which in gaming I do have some out videos up. If you look in the playlist for the chewy VI 10, you see, I do have some gaming videos up and it's quite good actually for gaming, because the lower resolution does help the little Intel GPU there. This is the unlimited score I Stormin them to school. There again quite a bit score, not bad at all so performance with gaming and in general, for the state rail tablet quite good. I don't have any issues with performance on it. Its overall is quite quick, getting it around the control panel. Things like that. No problem whatsoever, things load up quickly, I'm, really happy with the performance on it. I'Ve tested a lot of tablets, and it feels fine to me. Performance is definitely umpire's, not better than others. Now the battery life is actually quite good, even though my battery media here will tell me I'm getting probably going to get about 6 hours and 36 minutes. Is the estimate from battery bar Pro here to get that to focus there? You can see that it's, estimating there 6036 minutes now I managed to get 7 hours and 7 minutes on Windows, with my brightness set here to about 40 minute there's an approximate and what I was doing.

I had the screen on the entire time. I was mostly in crime. I watched 30 minutes of video, sorry about an hour, video, the events of gaming or so, and I managed to get 7 hours out of it, which I thought was quite good. What did happen is it did sit on 7 for about 30 minutes, or so so there might have been a little bit of a bad here at battery calibration issue there. So wasn't accurately reporting the kind of times that I could get out of it, but so far the better life is really good. I'Ve got six and a half hours out of Android, which I will show you in just a second. I will switch over to Android. So you can see how that works simply by running this icon here, application it's going to tell me now that I'm going to switch to another OS, which is Android so hit, OK there and it will reboot and while that's running I'll, just let you know the Other issue that I experienced for this tell is sometimes it's. I don't know if I'm internet, but sometimes it's hard to power on to push the power button quite a lot and it will take a while to power on. I don't really know why that is. I could benefit with my unit, I think, it's something to do with the by us. That seems to happen more. When I've switched into Windows shut down in Windows.

It takes a while to power on there in Android. It seems to boot up a lot quicker. So you can see the whole process of rebooting out to the other operating system does take a little while it's a little slow. So you need a bit of patience there for that, and it is now disputing into Android, which I'll show you a couple of benchmarks. I ran on the system and I think it's fine, you go come on there we go. We are in Android now, so the overall Ronn is very stock. Android experience. There were probably about five or six bloat applications. I could understand all of them. Apart from this one here, this chewie chewie store, I think I'm, not really. I don't understand any Chinese that looks like their own application store. I roll the ROM is good. It'S nice and light it's, quick Eamonn had any issues with the ROM at all. The Wi Fi wireless has been great, no real complaints, and you can see here it looks a little bit kind of like a nexus because it's very, very light launcher and the battery life we've got out of. It was quite good. I thought six and a half hours is not bad at all. You will notice that the screen does look a little bit blurry more blurry and Android. For some reason they have a dpi that doesn't really fit the screen perfectly doesn't scale 100 there. So it does tend to look a little bit more blurry and you do have some applications here like the chewy built in file.

Manager is not bad at all to use and we do have no root, even though you can see Super User there. I tried to install boot on this. I'Ve tried it several times and just know like no like at all to get root. Working on the chewy, I don't know he's going to need someone. Maybe that knows a lot more about getting root access and permissions on these tablets than me. I'Ve tried three different applications and had no luck whatsoever. What also do is to show you now a couple of benchmarks here within the gallery, so if I just jumped into screenshots here – and it can also confirm that the 164 gigawatt is a microSD card that I have and the unit at the moment is supported. M works just fine. This is some of the battery life here that I managed to get that's the geek bench, threescore and Android it's slightly lower than Windows and the sensors we have onboard. We do have an ambient light sensor. That is the score for Epic Citadel, which is really quite good score. There that's an ultra high quality as well it's being held by this resolution, though this is the antutu score, so 35000, not a good score there. These were some of the battery life tests. This, when I was running it I'm actually get more than what's on the screenshot here, so that's 6 hours and 6 minutes the screens been on the whole entire time.

You can see here no charging Wireless has been on and I thought that was quite an impressive score: it's, not bad at all, from what I've seen on these tablets. So overall, the Android ROM is good it's, not bad at all. I do like the fact that it's quite light and you can uninstall all the bloatware applications bar one on there, so not bad at all, and it does come with Android 4.4.4. Hopefully, there's going to be a Android 5 update soon for that, so you can see there that it's a four point, four point four, and if I wanted to switch over now into Windows, it's simply a matter of pushing this button right here, which I'll do now. Just to show you so while that's now rebooting overall, just give you my impressions of the teller that it's very good tablet. I think for the price. The only issues for me is that sometimes it's difficult to power on and there is noise over the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack bar that it's an excellent tablet and I've, given it a rating of 8.2 out of 10 and that's, taking into account the price of it And the kind of value you're getting here it would be good if it had a 1080p screen, and it would be great if I had a 64 gigabyte, EMC drive, but hopefully Chuy's, going to update this tablet and include it in any P screen and larger storage Options there would be brilliant I'd really like to see that, and I think Chewie would sell a lot more units if they did do that.

If they decided to release a super edition, as they normally call them. So they could update the screen and update the storage, and I think it would sell like crazy, because if they long as they keep it at a good price, of course, they're gon na price it well – and there were a lot of people who managed to pick Up this tablet for 149 us those lucky ones. Hopefully we start to see pricing fixed pricing of 149 for this tablet, and I think it will sell quite well so then we have it. This is just a quick look, quick kind of review of the Chewie VI. 10, if you want to see my full written review, please have a look at the link in the description and I go into a lot more detail there and even give you some photo samples from the cameras which are 2 megapixel cameras. Are there not wonderful at all they're good for video chat, and that is about it? You don't really want to take any serious photos with them. Alright, so thank you for watching. If you liked the video, please do give me a like that's, very nice of you to do that and help me out and do subscribe for more upcoming videos. I will have quite a few more on more tablets coming from China, I'm also waiting for the people. W8, which is a quorum hopefully I'll, have that within a week or so to do more hands on videos and a review of that tablet.