This is the Chewie, the I 10 plus, and this is running with an intel cherry trails. Ii. 8300. Processor. You see a Windows icon on here, but this is not running Windows. It is running remix OS, which is basically a reimagining, a fork. If you will of the Android operating system. This one is running with Android 5.0 lollipop, but what remix OS does is. It makes all of your Android apps behave like a Windows, app init. You can resize the windows. I have multitasking going on with windowed versions of your favorite apps running, and you can run some in full screen if you wish to so you kind of get the best of both Android, as well as a windowed operating system, and this really works quite well and We’Ve, looked at remix in other videos, we’ll be diving deeper into what this tablet can do in just a second, but I do want to mention in the interest of full disclosure. This came in free of charge from However, all the opinions are about here are my own. Nobody is paying for this review and no one is reviewing this content before it is posted and will likely. I put this one on our giveaway list in the coming weeks here. So let’s take a look at the hardware, then we’ll get into how all this performs it’s kind of funny. It has the windows button on there, but this is actually controlling things in remix OS versus a Windows Device.

This one has two gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of storage 10.8 inch, IPS display so really nice viewing angles on it. 1080P. Also, it really looks nice at all angles. I was very impressed with the screen for the price. This tablet. As you see it, right now in gearbest is about 130 dollars, so very inexpensive, but performs quite well and looks nice too, pretty large bezels on it. As you can see, it reminds me a lot of the original iPad, both in its size and weight. So this one comes in around a pound and a half 1.54 pounds that’s about 700 grams, so a little on the heavier side for a tablet these days, but this does have really decent battery life. I could see you easily getting eight hours of use out of it. I’Ve been using, I charged it up once before. I started playing with it and I’m still at 50. Power and I’ve really been whacking away at it over the last two days or so so. Really decent battery life on this one and as reports it has a pretty basic layout of ports on here. So you’ve got your headphones over there. I believe that’s. Also, a microphone port over here is your HDMI output. So you’ve got a micro HDMI for plugging in external displays. You have a USB port here. This is USB OTG, so you can plug things into that there’s, a USB type c connector right there.

This is mostly used for charging it’ll charge via USB type c. The adapter that I got in the Box did not have the right plug for the United States. It is one of those switching power adapters, so you might need to get an adapter for that when you bring it in, but I found just any standard. Usb type c charging cable should work with it. So no problem is charging it. There you’ve got a micro SD card slot over here, which will go up to 128 gigabytes, so you can augment some of its onboard storage and there are two speaker grilles on this, but only one speaker. So you’ve got what looks like a speaker on this side and here on the other side, the sound, though only comes out of here, so I suspect this is probably for its internal microphone. The sound quality isn’t bad, but it’s, not great so it’s, probably fine for just you know, watching a youtube video or something like that. But if you want better audio quality, definitely plug in the headphones. There are two megapixel cameras, two of them one on the back and one on the front, not great but passable, I guess for doing a web conference or something along those lines. So you have that on the bottom, there are some Pogo plugs, because there is a companion keyboard available for this for about an additional twenty, seven dollars or so on gear bests website.

They did not include that with our review unit here, but I am gon na use. This Logitech ka 30 keyboard I bought about a year ago. Every time I have this in a video people are always asking about it. So I just like to talk about it. I have a full review of it posted down below in the video description really nice integrated, trackpad, it’s bluetooth, but it also works with logitech’s USB dongle today, we’re going to be using it via bluetooth with the device here. This supports bluetooth, of course, and it also supports Wi Fi, of course, but it’s, only 2.4 gigahertz Wi Fi, so a little slower just Wireless N and not wireless AC. So now that the hardware is out of the way let’s get into how it works and we’ll see how remix OS does with all the things we typically look at on a tablet. Let’S have a look. Alright let’s take a look at some web browsing first we’ll load up. Google Chrome now remember this is the Android version of Google Chrome. This is not some other operating system we’re in here so you’re, seeing an Android device, but these windows are resizable. So let me and just look at a few web pages here, so you can get a feel for how all of this works here we’ll scroll down through the page a little bit. I did find that scrolling with your finger works better than using the trackpad combo, at least the one that I have so it’s a little jumpy on the scrolling with a external trackpad.

But I think using the touchscreen probably is the way to work out the best here. So we’ll just tap on an article here. You can see how fast everything renders in the Intel processor on here does make a difference, because you do have a lot of horsepower at least comparatively at your disposal compared to other Android devices that we typically look at so good rendering speeds decent browsing performance, even Though we don’t have wireless AC built into this device and on the octane benchmark test, we had a score of 6451, which puts it pretty much where a lot of other Zee, 8300 Adam based devices, have ended up running with different operating systems. So a lot of times we’re, looking at Chrome, OS or Windows. This performs very well in copper and comparable to those other operating systems, and I was quite impressed to see that so there really isn’t much of an overhead having this remix OS onboard. They very much optimized things over the last couple of months, since I last really took a close look at it, but I will say I having used this now for a couple days on a tablet that remix is really best with a trackpad and keyboard and the Reason is, as you can see, this tiny these when these little buttons are to resize the windows, so you can easily hit the wrong one here, so you really need them. I think a trackpad to make this experience worthwhile there isn’t much of a Leanback interface.

That would allow you to do more with a finger versus a mouse pointer, and I can of course, resize the windows with my finger, but it’s often hard to get the right point to make it work. So I really think the keyboard and trackpad combo is going to work the best but what’s cool about this is that we’ve got here an Android version of chrome, running windowed. I can load up – maybe Microsoft Excel here, which is also an Android app and that will run windowed also when it boots up here. So you really have all of your Android apps available to you, because Google Play is on this device and you can have resizable windows and jump back and forth between your Android apps. Much like you would on a Windows or Chrome OS device here, and you even get a taskbar at the bottom to show you what is currently running in the background, and I did notice that some of my Android apps would not allow me to resize the window And I found there was a way to get them resizable once again. So if you go over to the Start menu here and go into the settings option within the applications menu, there is an option buried almost too deep, in my opinion, to turn on or off full screen modes right now, Amazon here will be resizable, but if I Switch this option to on it will only run in full screen, so I think they must have looked at some apps that were misbehaving on remix OS and as a safety measure, I just forced them to full screen.

I found that Firefox and Chrome were both apps. That did not allow me initially to resize the windows, but after I turned that option on, I was all set. I also loaded up Kodi on here to see how well it performed on some higher end video formats. So here we are streaming a blu ray MKV file. I found that the streaming performance of these really high end videos are a little iffy, so I probably will not be recommending this as a high end, Kodi playback device, smaller files that are compressed more heavily, should work just fine like YouTube but I’m, finding that, while The videos playback fine on YouTube you’re not going to get 60 frames per second playback. It looks like it’s the faulting to 30, but it is very smooth at 1080p at the full resolution here. So I think, for Netflix and for all of the maybe even some Plex videos that are compressing down a little bit. You should be fine, but higher end stuff is not going to perform as well on here as it might on a windows based device and gaming. On the device is also pretty good. We’Ve got the Android version of goat simulator running right now, so most of your Google Play apps should work as well as things you might find for free on the Amazon underground store so I’m. Pretty pleased with the gaming performance on this. Not all games on Android are compatible with Intel processors, so you may want to check compatibility, but I think, for the most part, most of the casual games should work just fine on it and on the 3dmark sling shot test which we’ve been running on some of Our mid to high end Android and iOS devices.

Lately we get a score of 1163, so it’s not going to be top of the class, but it will certainly be able to hold its own and it certainly does better than an entry level. Smartphone might so decent little gaming platform that seems to perform decently enough for the types of games that you would play on a tablet at this price point, so that is a chewy VI, 10 plus and 430 bucks. I think this is a very good value. It runs exceptionally well with the remix OS they’ve, really fine tuned remix over the last couple of months, and it really feels nice now. I really like the way it works on this Intel hardware, very, responsive, very snappy and very well optimized, for this type of hardware window certainly runs on the same chip, but I don’t think it runs as well when you really start getting into a bunch of different Applications as Android might, which is better paired up with mobile processors like this one, so this is again Android in a desktop kind of environment, although again, I think it’s better suited with a trackpad and keyboard attached to it. So you may want to go with that. 27, add on to get you that, when you’re out on the road, when you’re home, you can plug it into your monitor and a USB keyboard and mouse, or do a Bluetooth thing like I’m doing here and use it as a desktop.

So it really does well but again, more a laptop feel than a tablet feel with remix on there, but it really does function quite nicely and definitely worth considering. This is LAN Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by my patreon supporters.