This one here is the second one and it’s the Chui VI, Tien, plus and you’ll, see that it comes with an additional keyboard that acts as they stand for the tablet. Now, it’s powered by some very common specs here it’s got an atom X, 3 zit, 8300. 2 gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabyte, MMC Wireless N, and if I show you just around the tablet that there is no full size, USB ports on this particular model, even though the VI 10, the first model, not the plus, did have 2 full size USB ports and Was one of the features which really made the tablet so successful? So we have speakers left and right. You can see here micro, SD card USB type c there for charging, and we do have another USB which you can use when that adapter to gain access to your hard drives or OTG, basically, and data on Android, microphone and HDMI out. We also have 3.5 millimeter headphone jack here that talk, screws either side there to help secure the front and the and the base together, and we do have volume up and down rocker right here, and the power on cameras are 2 megapixel once and the the build Of it the build quality I don’t find to be too bad, now, it’s a full metal housing on there, and here on the bottom, you see that’s the the slots there to engage with the keyboard, which I will show you in a second and pogo pins there And there, as these right side just has only the speaker there, so we’ve got left and right speakers, so there is at least some stereo separation and on the front, is a front facing 2 megapixel camera.

Now you will see there that there’s a Windows Home button. Now that is because it’s using the same hardware as the dual boot model, and then later there will be options to actually be able to flash this over to Windows and remix as well. If you wanted to so we’ll show you the dock here. The dock has a reasonable sized keyboard, so it’s you’ve got ten point, eight inches to play with with the keyboard there, and it gives a relatively good sized keyboard and there’s good tactile feedback. With the keys there there’s travel of about 1.3 millimeters, which isn’t too bad the trackpad is a little small, but it is still usable youthful it’s, not the greatest trackpad and keyboard. But I do feel for it’s around approximately 25 us price, that it is embedded or now one thing I’m, a little concerned about, as it does have rubber feet here at the bottom and at the top I’m a little concerned about in the middle here. What happened on the chewy VI 10 was it that ended up scratching the screen protector, so when you’ve got it folded up which I’ll do in just a minute, I’ll show you look once you fold that up for travel. So if you dock the keyboard in there and then you fold it all up, you see it’s a nice little package like this, but what’s going to happen. If you put that in a bag, you see there’s the keyboard, you can see a bit of a gap there that’s going to press together and you can, if you have, for example, this next two books and things there’s, putting an end up scratching the screen.

So that’s just a minor little con there and the way you fold the keyboard back is to flip it around like this, and then that supports the tablet itself there and quite securely too. You can push it along here and that’s not going to just suddenly fall down and you can get away with using this on a lap but it’s a little bit awkward. You have to be careful that it’s not going to flip right back and flip off you, which actually happened to me using the surface 3 Pro once now. The screen isn’t bad it’s, not fully laminated you’re, never going to get fully laminar display in this particular price range, but it does have good whites, good blacks and the viewing angles are quite good being IPS. Now the resolution is 1920 by 12, and that, of course, has an aspect ratio of 3 by 2. I found that colors are also good on there and overall have no complaints of it. Maximum brightness also is quite good, in fact, actually really good, because it comes out to 421 lux, which is a lot brighter than most tablets, which normally max out around 300 to 320 and even sometimes below 300, and I found it perfect for media consumption like watching Movies is quite nice on it, and the screen does look sharp enough. You don’t see pixels or anything like that unless you’re looking really really close at it, the screen is ten point: eight inches.

How does that compare to other more common tablets like here’s? A nine point: seven inch teclast tablet: you can see that definitely a little bigger there size, wise and an even larger tablet. Here is the 12 inch eh? Oh 12. You see that pretty much Dwarfs these two here and as a comparison, here’s, a seven Wow. Almost seven inch 6.8 inch mobile phone, which is the zenfone 3 ultra. So this version I have here ships with remix OS version 2, only there’s another one that’s going to have Windows, 4 gigabytes of RAM and a 64 gigabyte MMC. This particular version has 32 gigabyte MMC and on first boot you have about 23 gigabytes free and the RAM once you load it up is normally about a quarter is used there so that isn’t too bad when it comes to ram use. You can clear that later on, when you’re multitasking, you can clear the applications that’ll wipe that out. So you see remix OS here different layout, so he has its own, basically reworked android 5.1, that it is running and it has its own skin here. So when you install apps, you can set either to the main screen here or they go along on the second screen and find the performance of the ROM. This really good it’s quite fast, and it does have a very, I would say, a Windows feel to it and what that is because down here at the bottom, you have what is like a Start menu here, so you can go along.

You can sort things by the name date installed or usage, which is quite handy, so the more commonly used apps will be sorted to the top. There easily accessible power there. You can do standby restart, and here we have the back home and downloads here. Sohow remix is different as it’s more focused towards multitasking. So if you go long and launch the standard, remix applications they have pre installed, will all support a windowed mode. So just quickly show you. So if I just run three things here, you can see them up side by side. We’Ve got a calculator there, the settings and downloads. So all of that you can run now. Some applications, for example, Play Store, which is pre installed right here, won’t. Let you run that in a windowed mode, at least when launching and sit here. You can see at the top that this is grayed out, so that doesn’t, let me run that as a windowed application. You can try this now to right click. It I’m using my mouse at the moment, open in windowed mode and that will restart it, and then it should work there we go. So here is what you can do a bit of multitasking, so you can get some games that will run in this windowed mode. For example, clash of clans, but not everything, is going to support it. If I just launch it now that will launch, launched and full screen, but windowed mode No see this one I don’t think is going to.

Let me now see that is grayed out. So not everything is supported. Not everything is going to work to do the multitasking that way and how you can see you on the taskbar that we swap between the apps is very easy. There that’s just like that quickly. You can do that very easy, and the performance of everything has been quite smooth and fine. For me, I did run into one stability to actually to stability episodes. I would call it where everything just froze up or me. I had to hold the power button down now recently. They just released a update that came through and you’ll find that under the update seating, so remix OS it just came through with this August update and now things seem to be a lot better. A few stock applications also updated, so it might have been something to do with that, but so far so good see it comes with Play, Store, that’s already, pre installed and chrome is pre installed here, so we run chrome and quickly load up tick tablets. Okay, so quick search there and Google that you bring it up and to show you how it runs so it’s, quite smooth, quite fluid loads and really quick. I haven’t actually loaded this up yet so it runs fine there and you do have a, for example. This post here that does have an embedded YouTube that’s going to play. Fine it’s loading in there quite quick and here is the YouTube clip, give it to some time to load because generations go by so that’s.

Where can find the performance of that and where the tablet does shine, because it does have a cat three by two ratio is using it in portrait in not landscape, like I have it at the moment, so landscape here is great for reading going through very slowly Scrolling and I find the screen accuracy also, you wanted to comment on that and the touch just fine haven’t had any issues with little problems. There’S no lag, it seems to be very accurate, most the times where you want to click it’s, going to load that up just fine that’s. Quite a large image. This one here and no problems at all and having this great three by two ratio screen means ebooks. Pdfs they look really good using them in portrait mode here, which i think is ideal and the speed of the atom x50 thousand three k. Well, not the fastest can still handle those. But if you do try and skipper here, this is loading via the internet with playbooks takes a little time that you can see to catch up. The text looks good, it’s, sharp enough that this text here looks really good. Unless you look very close, you won’t really see any pixels benchmarks, so how did it fare compared to other atom? X50 thousand three hundred tablets? Well, very well. Actually, these courses may be slightly higher than the other tablets anything gets around. This is perfectly fine, so that is Geekbench 3.

This is the antutu score. I consider anything around sixty thousand for this chipset to be really good. This is actually slightly higher and here is the wireless speeds, and I wasn’t concerned that wireless speeds would be poor due to the fact that it has the all alloy housing on it that normally that affects the the speeds and also the range. But I found the range seems to be the same as, for example, my chewy H, oh twelve, I haven’t noticed any great difference there and also the performance of at those speeds. I got were really good. My desktop got around the exact same speed D. When I tested it out at the same time and here’s, the internal storage, so we’ve got read. Rates of 114 megabytes per second writes of 63, not too bad. Now I do not know what brand of that, but I assume that it’s must be a Hynix or to Shiva to get those kind of speeds. It could even be a big one, but those be too fine and here’s the slingshot score. I still mine limited, not a bad screwed or I storm that was maxed out and there are no more be trusted so that’s all I ran particularly if you want to see more than request them. Maybe in that, if I’ve got time, I have a look into that, but I don’t only cover any more than those ones here so battery life. How does it feel so? This is the PC mark score.

I got 7 hours and 21 minutes which isn’t bad at all. I will just quickly show you here that the work performance score is 5050, which isn’t a bad score, so remaining very live at the moment I have 17 now I cannot view here. At least they haven’t found how to view the actual screen on time within remix OS, but you’re. Looking, I would say about eight hours now the brightness was pre configured to 200 nits of brightness there, and I will also show you where that actually is in the settings so that’s around. I would say between 35 and 40 percent brightness, so battery life is actually, I feel very decent on this unit or charge times, because we do have a three amp charger and it’s charging via type C and not restricted to 2 amps, like the normal micro USB Ports you find on these tablets it fully charges in around 3 hours and 30 minutes. Now, if you’re going to charge it when in use, takes a lot longer it’s going to take around, I would say about five and a half hours to fully charge it when you’re, using it and that’s dependent, of course, on what you’re doing. So. If you’re gaming and you have the screen brightness at 100, it will charge, but very slowly so when the VI 12 plus is charging, it will blink. This orange LED light now that might be annoying for some people, but it is handy to know that when it is completely continuously on, then the tablet has fully charged so audio quality.

The 3.5 millimeter headphone jack outputs, very nice audio. It doesn’t sound bad at all. There’S no static, it does support microphones and let’s have a listen now to the speakers. Now that the speaker’s, depending on the source of audio, they will sound loud enough sufficient what I would call sufficiently loud, but they don’t have any bass. Of course, these kind of speak – they never really do on tablets, and you wanted to have a listen and I will compare it to some other devices too and here’s the eh I 12 and the zenfone 3 ultra, which has some really good speakers from other phone And one more listen to the VI, 10 plus so I’m sure you can hear from there that these speaker quality is average, but they are, I would say, better than some tablets out there that have horrendous speakers. These aren’t, the worst. I wish it was a little louder which had slightly better quality, the chui H, a 12 speakers I do feel are better, though. Now, when it comes to micro, SD card support, I found that my Samsung 64 bit right here would working just fine and plug that in they will launch instantly to file manager they’re trying to use my hundred and twenty eight gigabyte Samsung pro here. That is formatted exFAT would not work other micro SD s that I have worked just fine. I can add gigabyte one, and I found that my SanDisk Extreme, no matter what format I could not get it to read this one here.

So not too sure what is up with that so it’s a little bit dependent on which brands you’re going to use, I would recommend getting a Samsung for it, so we have USB type c USB 3, and this is USB to micro. Usb now they don’t actually include any adapters whatsoever in the box for you, which is a little annoying, that they could have at least included one of these ones here, which is your micro USB to micro, to normal size USB, and you can source the type C Adapters relatively cheaply, you can find those. This is one that I just picked up for eBay, that you just cost me about. I think, was about three dollars or something like that. So it will power, an external hard drive, which is good, and this is formatted to in TFC and remix will read this and you’ll see here that on the screen my folders will pop up and I have access to my files there now the same thing for The USB 2 port, using the adapter so it’s quite annoying that you’re going to have to carry around one of these adapters here. If you do want to access your files on the go from a USB pendrive or external hard drive here, for example – and you see that that now is working and operating just fine and I’m able to access those files, so gaming performance, I will have a look At now and really curious to see just how well it can handle a few casual games now.

First up I will test. Probably the latest game are the ones I’m going to test here, which is clash of clans, no, not a super demanding game, but it can actually lag on some systems when you have huge towns. I just have a basic level. 8 village here so see how this performs now I’ve seen smooth over that doesn’t seem too bad at this point, I’ll just have a quick battle against someone: okay, just a very easy game here for me, so that was easy enough for the system to handle this Game so next up modern combat 5, and this is vice city GTA. Vice City I’m gon na go with maximum settings here, so the resolution is set to 100 let’s, see how it handles it see running autonomous in resolution there’s a few little stutters. There I’ve got the dynamic shadows on too, but overall it looks to be quite playable. This last game is called eight airborne, so thermals on the vo 10 plus here aren’t that bad at all. I have noticed that when you’re game for extended periods, it will probably get up to around about 36 degrees, so warm to the touch, but nothing alarming when it does get even hotter is when you are charging it at the same time and gaming and that’s. When I sort of get up to 38 degrees, these are surface temperatures by the way, so therm will seem to be quite good on this model.

Now the camera is not really much to say on these. They are both fixed Focus: 2 megapixel cameras that take quite a poor image. Honestly you’ll be better off just to get your mobile phone and take the picture instead of using the tablet, but it’s, OK for Skype, I’ve found as long as you’re in good lighting. It looks alright for Skype, and that is also with the internal microphone. The malcolm microphone does sound, I would say the slightest a little bit muffled there. I didn’t mean the single microphone on the side, but you can fix that by plugging in a headset that supports microphones or has a microphone on it so to quickly recap here. I think this isn’t a bad tablet at all, considering the price range of this model. Here you can pick up for around about 140 us with a keyboard being an additional about 23 or 25 US dollars. So the screen is really nice, it’s very bright. It gets up to 420 Nats of brightness typing experience on the keyboard is good and I don’t find that to be bad at all. The build quality, I think, is again for the price, very good nice metal in there it’s a really a shame that we are missing full USB ports on here and the keyboard. The way it folds up at the back here with that. Only that one fixed angle isn’t going to be really suit everyone. Some people do not like that.

I mean I prefer personally the transformer style that your help to freely change the angle there, but this is how it is. It also does act as a cover, for the back of the tablet is another well, a positive of the style of keyboard case and remix is a nice change and the speaker quality. Okay, it they don’t have the greatest quality sounding speakers. It is loud enough. Most of the time and in Windows we’ll see when I review the dual OS version, whether that will be loaded off because normally windows loudness suffers quite a bit. Now there is going to be a pin for it. Unfortunately, it does not support the Chewie hype in here, which I have that one that works on the Chewie h, hi 12. Unfortunately, doesn’t work it’s different tick. This pin so I have to see that later on, we’ve got to get my hands on one of those and the better load, better life isn’t bad at all and it’s. Also quite a good tablet, for I think websites ebooks. This is what this is really perfect. For so, can I recommend it? Yes, if that’s what you want a tablet mainly for and you don’t need Windows operating system. You don’t need the dual boot. One then have a look at this. Cheaper remix only model thanks a lot for watching this review.