Is it 8300 two gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabyte emmc? So not really a lot of space on the internal storage, but it is only a single OS and we should have enough room and remix. I think, on two gigabytes of RAM should be reasonably good, but I won't check that out and the full review. So I also got the keyboard, so have a look at the keyboard and just a second so put that in the back we see the standard chilli box got a a few specs here on the front there just outlined, basically what I discovered so the screen on This one is interesting because a 10.8 inch screen but it's a 3 by 2 ratio and it's the old Microsoft Surface 3 screen – I when I say old, they're still actually currently using it so there's. The resolution there's a 1920 by a 1280. So here we have tablet, of course, and technology for stylus pin, so I do actually have with me Lee Chui hypen. I have that from my hai book review leftover, so that should work on this one. So you can see either side that that does have a speaker's there, so left and right, so that should offer, hopefully some good stereo separation and the same metal housing very similar to that of their Chui H, I 12 and see the Pogo pin there on the Bottom and on the left hand side another speaker, micro, SD card slot type C in there for charging, which should offer faster charging rates than the standard micro USB normal use.

But there is my previous P on there. I will check that out if you can still charge from that, but that will no doubt just before data. I think microphone and micro, HDMI 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and a little Torx screws either side to secure the front. So we see the screen at the front. There'S a 2 megapixel camera and on the back there sorry there is another to me if it's a camera, so it feels quite good. The Flex is non existent can't, hear any creaks and feels solid in hand, so not too bad. The build there I'm quite familiar with the build that they use, because that one it looks just like the hi book very similar style. So what else do we have in here? We have the charger well that's good that's, a European plug good to see there we'll have a look and see what that is rated to, so that is 5 volts, 3 amps and there is a USB 2 type C plug, and that is it nothing else in There so I get this out of the way, have a look at the weight of the tablets and thickness and also power. It up, and I won't forget, to check out the keyboard too. So let's see the weight. Okay, so 691 grams seems about standard for the size there, and I hope that there is still some battery in here. So at the top I almost missed that didn't I power on and volume up portant buttons there, otherwise wouldn't bear to power it on.

So yes, there's battery in there just get this first protector off screen protector. If I can actually, it seems like it's, not gon na come off the first layer, no the stickers coming off, but not there. There we go alright. So this doesn't have Gorilla Glass, not when they put screen protectors on it so remix. I wish it's booting up nicely and I'll just show you the screen, so it's not fully laminated years a gap, there's kind of price range. This is quite cheap. Actually, this version was on sale for about 129 on gear base, so not a bad price. So, while that is booting up, we'll just have a quick look at the keyboard. Just got the initial startup screen here, so you can select your language, so they have all the languages that you normally get on. Android, okay and go through that very quickly. So the keyboard here it's got that what I call like a dust: maggot. Well, sorry, my exposure on the camera just gone out of control there, so your keyboard looks very similar to the original VI 10 keyboard and that isn't a bad thing, because the typing experience on that one actually wasn't too bad, because you did get good key travel And you see it dachshund there and this folds up differently from the original VI. Tiens it's got your magnets in there and you just fold that I think that clip sorry back onto the tablet.

I just drop that in a second, so that should dokkan like so and if I can figure out how to put this back so that will go up onto one nice package there that isn't too bad, oh and I almost forgot. What is the complete weight of it with the keyboard case? Well, that is one point, one three kilos and quickly look at the thickness, so it's around nine point, four millimeters it's not too bad, and we see here this material. I call like a bit of dust magnet because this is a felt black material that just attracts so much dust to it. You'Ll be cleaning a vacuum. This thing often like this, should clip on to the back. I think to hold it up there we go so it's a one fixed angle and fortunately, that is all we have so here the screen, what I can see of it so far, that was quite nice. I'Ll just skip the Eilis it up get into the OS, and here was our typical remix. So we have placed our our dear Chrome pre installed. Let'S, give you a close up at the screen, so it doesn't look too bad down. Here. We have notifications if you're familiar with remix it's, quite good for multitasking, because you can open up just a lot of different applications all at the same time and use them like a desktop. Have a screen set up resize things to get Chrome open here.

So if you look at the top, I won't go into that just yet there's a little tab. Look at that! One! No it's, not actually no it's not going to let me, but you can resize minimize similar to Windows and run things in Windows and I'm there. But I'll need to look into that later on. So here we have our settings and have a look and see how much free space is available on here under storage. Forget us go along and find that applications. Where is storage there? I found it here so we've got twenty four point: eight gigabytes free there, so that is good. We can fit a lot of large games on there that I will be downloading and testing out later on into full review quickly. Show the screen brightness of this a lower sitting and then goes right up to 100. Then brightness doesn't look too bad there. I will measure that later on in the full review, so I'll be back with this tablet soon with more tests and things, I want to start the games test out the speakers benchmarks as well. I will give you another look at the keyboard, so you can have a quick look at the layout. Now I haven't tested the trackpad, which I will do so. I have my two e hype in here now. This is the one that works on the hie 12 and the hi book and I've just found that it doesn't work on this at all.

So there must be a different stylus that they have released, so this one's not compatible do not buy the high pen. You probably need the high P and that's slightly different one that is going to be supporting the VI 10 plus here. So this is shame because I don't know why they. Obviously the tick is slightly different that they couldn't use in this particular stylus. So when I can get the stylus, I will report back on that one and do it a quick test as well and they'll, probably be when I get the dual OS model. So it could be that this doesn't actually work in remix, and maybe this is the stylus, but this only works in Windows. It could be some drivers or something happening. I don't really know I'm gon na have to look into that. The truck paired feels reasonably good. I mean it was good on the VI: 10. It wasn't bad it's, usable and we're. Not gon na have any problems with Windows gestures. The windows gesture problem will probably occur in happen when you get the dual boot version, which isn't currently out at the moment. So the other version has four gigabytes of RAM and it's running remix, OS 2 and Windows 10 home – that one has 64 gigabytes of internal storage and is probably gon na be out in a month or two so now I'm able to drag and drop some windows Here and yeah, it seems okay, the trackpad for now, but I will test that out in more detail so there's my unboxing there of the chewy VI, 10, plus the remix only version and the keyboard dock.

If you're interested in this one keep an eye on the playlist, I will have more up and coming soon on this particular model.