What I could choose, what the starter version or, if you call it a Starcraft, 2 don't, actually own this game, a player, but I just downloaded it show the options here. So I've got it at tip to 1280 x, 720, so at least it's running in HD. I can line with a resolution, but the screen doesn't seem to scale. It will have orders if I lower the resolution, so this seems to be just a best resolution to select at the moment. Everything else is on low for those interested and the settings here that we'll want to play the game on it. So you can use the same things as me, and I'll just jump into the game, yeah I'm having to run this off there for hard drive, because I couldn't fit it on the actual drive within the chewy VI team due to space limitations. So if you get a runner, you might want to make my android off and run from the system and just run Windows. If you really do want to play the game on the actual system, because running from the hard drives gon na be a little bit slower. There, because it's limited USB 2 speeds so inside the game. Here you can see that at the moment the framerate is here there's a little slider under step. I didn't have some enemies attacking my basement. I'M gon na lose the game here. I don't really know how to play this game that much anymore.

I know that I've actually really played this game before so don't know what I'm doing and losing, but I'll give you an idea of how the game runs. You can see that it does sitting and I suppose, it's gon na be definitely playable, so 30 frames per second just scrolling around there and to move around on the map quickly here a little bit laggy at times, but it doesn't seem to be too bad. Obviously, it will be a little bit different when you've got lots of AI on the screen or what's units moving on to units around you can expect that framerate dip that fountains and further there and you could try and lower the resolution. If you don't mind the borders – and you just want to keep the game as fast as possible, so that's Starcraft 2 running on the chewy VI team. Next up, I'll just try a little bit of fluid of Warcraft and now a quick look here at some world of warcraft seems to write all right at the moment in France. You can see up here and I'll. Just show you the settings that I'm using so I've taken reading here to the lowest possible setting that you can use really 1024 by 768 and everything's on low low low don't think I can go any lower than this don't think it's really impossible so I'm. Only just level one here – I don't play this game at all, so just loaded up.

This is just the free Starter Edition or whatever you can see their frames dropping down there in a little bit I'm having to run this off an external hard drive again, just like I did with Starcraft 2, so that may have a bit of an impact whatever. When it's loading in things like textures and whatnot will probably cool some of the slow down there, the indoors there, it is a little bit faster. You can see here that is quicker. It doesn't have so much to render. So I think we've seen enough here. This is world of warcraft running on the chewy VI: 10, but that's atom as it 37 36 f. As you can see, this play ball a little bit. Laggy there's a few starters here and there. But you don't mind this kind of frame rate. Then you can get away with plainly getting my thing. Keep in mind that when new there's a lot on the screen, maybe a lot of people casting spells or other monsters and things it will probably get quite choppy. I would say it would definitely would okay. So thanks for watching the video, I hope you liked that, if you did please give me a thumbs up and do subscribe.