i 10. This is Chris here from tech tablets. Calm overall I've just had to use the tablet run a few benchmarks already and so far so good I'm. Quite impressed with the attempt at their build quality seems quite good now. I know there's a lot of people who concerned about the screen they're thinking at 1366 by 768, only two low resolution, it's gon na look crappy to me all pixely, well, it's, not actually too bad here, just increase the brightness, but I didn't have it that bright. When I first did the unboxing, so I cranked that right up the sensor is adjusting on the camera, but it is quite a bright screen and it's, not bad at all, that's the dullest sitting there and right on the brightest to about here. Overall, I mean when you look at text and things it's, actually not that bad. You don't notice it unless you have it right up close to your face and you'll be using it literally with the screen about 10 centimeters away from your eye, then you can see the pixels. I mean it is pixel eaters. It is not the sharpest screen because it's not a Retina display, so but the viewing angles are good and the display is a Samsung panel. I just found out looking at the hardware ID and the device manager so it's, not too bad at all, and I wrote yet it's quite a solid feeling. Tablet I've run a few benchmarks here that I'll show you.

I know a lot of people do like to see that, how good is it at gaming? Lots of people like to play games as well as look at the internet watch movies things like that on us. So what I've done here is just run 3d mark. You can see those scores there, they're actually really good scores for a Bay Trail, zip 37 36, if not bad at all and what's helping it is the screen. The screen resolution is going to make gaming faster at native resolution, so it's going to still look sharp and run faster, so that's going to be helpful in gaming, which I will be testing later on and some up and coming videos. What also helps with this resolution. Being lower there's, another positive, not just gaming, and that is they don't, get that horrible scrolling and not scrolling scaling that's. What I wanted to say scaling you have none of that. So if I run one that's really bad here, HW info. So if I just run the census here, just the census only and if that is a high resolution display that is hard to see because it's all scoured up really small there. So you don't have that kind of scaling issues there. There is the temperatures at the moment after running those benchmarks, it's been kind of idle. The tablet service normal temperatures there. So what what I benchmarked as well was the internal drive. It is a Toshiba emmc, and this is the speed here.

Are they got so it's? Not that fast at all, you can see that right, speeds, they're, really quite low 36 and 3 that's, not that fast at all so 3, megabytes per second it's on the slow side and you don't get a lot of free space to with the drive you get. Only ten point: six gigabytes free when I first booted it up and when you start installing Windows updates I've disabled them at the moment, I've just stopped that you're going to lose another gigabyte before you know it. We'Re knows just eats into that. So it's not ideal. 32 gigabytes and the speed, but you do have the micro SD card slot now SD card, sit nice and flush on that slot, which is a good thing there and the USB ports on the device there's, two of them in fact, there's three of them, because there's A microSD port that's the speeds they max out. This was using my sandisk micro, sorry, mice and sub 3 drive that's mine right here, and these faster speeds up your kids, so you're. Looking at you know, maximum USB 2 speeds they're, not bad that's. Fine, I mean if we could, if ahead USB 3, but of course it's done not don't, think it supports at this chipset, so they'll be asking for too much anyway. What I also wondered is: could I run two hard drives off that which we're going to test that now? So I have these terabyte drives here.

This is one here, it's the Toshiba I'm, just gon na plug that down and see if it can run that fine. Some tablets, like the chick last x98 ear, 3g don't run these hard drives. They just keep. They need to be a powered USB hard because they'll just keep disconnecting and reconnecting they don't have enough power. Okay, that's fine that's opened it up. Now. Can I run two hard drives at the same time I mean they're, not probably pushing it now online. Probably too much of a power demand on the USB hub, dude something's gon na go wrong, so I'm gon na risk it and try. Why not let's see mmm and yes, okay, so I have both of them, they're working and so a major Shiva and the Western Digital terabyte drive. Dere is also showing that my passport, so I can run two hard drives there and I can open them up. Look what's in the files there and move things around. This might be a problem there. So that's really good. I mean that's, something that you can't really do it on my stairs because well, my steps did not have two USB ports, especially for a basically an entry level. Dual boot tablet. I could go even crazier now and try and connect up a third Drive, so he runs three drives and see if I can just plug that and now and also the the plug said: they're nice and firm they're not all loose they're, really nice and strong.

Those USB 2 plugs just good okay. Now so I managed to open that up as well. So not really an issue there, that's quite good, so I'm ready three drives they're offered so using all of the efi towards their available, so just unplug those now so the other thing people like to see now, as is windows, activated the big version that's on there When I first unboxed it, it needed to be activated, so I needed to connect the tablet online, which I've done now, and I can say that heavily save it. Yes, there we go, windows is activated, so that's really good to see so there's, no issues they're having licensing issues and having to try and get that enabled talk to the seller, get them to send me another key to sectioning and it works. Oh no, that works. So that's good to see the other thing too, is the device manager a lot of people like to see the device manager what's actually in there. So just quickly show you that now just using the mouse at the moment, so it gets my hands out of the way of the video. I have a tripod here in front side, sometimes a little awkward to touch the screens so just go into the device manager. Here and quickly, just run through that, so the Destroyers mentioned before is a deceiver. What did I mention? It? Well, it's a deceiver anyway, so it's a brand drive and the monitor the IPS display is a Samsung.

Surprisingly enough. I just found that out by looking at the hardware ID here, I'd write D monitor and no not from that value there. The CH is 0, 0. 1. What I used was HW info, which gave me that information. They said it was a Samsung or maybe that's incorrect, but that code that was there for the device ID did pull up. This claim screen resolution, so I assumed well. This must be what it is. Maybe that is actually wrong. So what has we got on their network adapters? Your standard, this content, everything literally the real tick, combo chipset. So your Bluetooth and your wireless, which is 150 megabits per second, while it's in only it's, not your band, so nothing flash there, but it does the job. And so we have you know there normal USB hubs there. Even though there's like USB 3s listed here, there is no USB 3 at all in there it's a bit of false hope there. The front facing cameras think that 2 mega so camera in the rear ones. The same I've already looked at those get in detail and equals the windows button works fine and overall, using the tablet it's going around that's fine it's fast, no issues. There there's also the deep bench score that I will show you right now: that's kind of a normal tone of school. Therefore, the chipset there's nothing bad at all about that and it's a little spot on the slow side, but this is what it is: it's bait rail and I have seen slightly high scores.

I will run that again just in case we rounded up a couple of two or three times and make sure there was no problem there, so HW info. Yes, it will run there already and of course, this down here is the logo. So if you wanted to switch over to Android, you can just quickly do that, but since this is just gon na be Windows at the moment of this, all I'm, looking at at the moment is just windows. I won't run that no battery early days yet, but this is kind of battery life but I'm getting estimated here instamate a battery life of around seven hours. There so depends on what you're doing I'd say six to seven hours, which isn't too bad at all. For the teller, if I just go in quickly into internet explorer, it comes up with Bing, because it's Windows Bing so there's something straight away that we're gon na be using so just quickly load in a page and show you how that runs. It'S running a wireless keyboard to in the mouse three little plug here I could use one of the USB ports, but I saved him before for the hard drive. Yes, that is dead. Okay, so here we have BBC's website lot of images on there and there's. Some video there too and that all seems quite smooth, no issues there take five minutes to load in a video. I don't have the fastest internet, where I am ever have a rural area, so don't get the high speed.

But I love to have speakers are loud. You can hear that dude just the volume 62 at the moment: 100. Okay, there's, no real, sound there's, just well no music or anything like that. What I'll, try and do is run an audio file, so you can hear these speakers so just jump into desktop here. I think I dropped down in audio file here we go run that so you hear that so just turn that down the speakers are distorting their IMAX, my phone. They are loud but there's, some distortion here, okay, so 70 getting heartened that stuff to distort, but they are loud they're not like the chewy vi8 speakers, which were absolutely useless and horrible speakers that just distorted and had really no volume terms so it's the department it's. Definitely improved and we do have a left and right speakers that right here you can see there's one of us, because there is one on the other side. Then we have the micro SD card that sits there, nice and flush. There does sit in a little bit. So I found without anything in ours a little bit hard to get in and out, and then we have those two USB to ports there, which really make this tablet quite attractive tablet having that and the HDMI. Of course, I will test that soon and these he'd find you out here just make sure that there's no bars or static over that often these tablets do have a bit of a hiss and some noise over the headphone jacks, which I absolutely hate.

I, like clear audio, I hate Irwin is a bit of a interference or a buzz this. I will test that out and make sure that I report whether it's prison or not in my review, you could said definitely something important. I think the templates should have a nice, clear audio that you don't last thing you want us to plug an e headphone jack and listen to your favorite tunes where they hiss or a buzz in the background that's. Just you know: there's horrible don't like that at all so back looking at if I can jump into Internet Explorer, but wouldn't really want anything else installed here. So we jump back into Internet Explorer and it's holding around see. If I can see any other videos or something everybody's jump in to CNN so well, yeah performance is as excellent. I mean it's for what it is it's for a bay trail, a little trip there, two gigabytes of RAM it's, not bad at all, and so far you I'm impressed with this tablet. I think it's gon na be quite a popular tablet and surely you're heading in the right direction because they definitely did alright. I think, with their vi8, it wasn't a high super high quality tablet, it's only a budget teller at the price point of 99 us now. This is, of course, a lot more expensive, those around 170 at the moment, and it was on special 449, so some people were lucky and managed to get the tablet for cheaper and lucky people.

I did not pay that. Unfortunately, I wish I did so yeah performance and Internet is quite good. There I'll just head back there and a little bit slow there to load and that's. Probably more my internet connection, there, one of those oldest run task manager, so we can ever look there and see what the CPU is doing, how the load is so the running at 52. Um, actually internet explorer is not responding, so it's, if you just jammed up on me there. I know it is responding now held up by my leggy internet. Maybe and pretty much they're running so performance is to have a quick look day. You can see yeah that's the atom there, the the speed memory usage, the 63 just running, basically nothing while I do have paint here, one of the scores for 3d mark okay, so that's about it. For this video sister, an initial hands on a couple of benchmarks. They'Re just initial first impressions of the chewy V, I 10, I will be running some gaming's. I know gaming, videos and I've had some requests already for Team Fortress 2 don't dota, 2 league of legends and counter strike as well. So I will try and run those soon just got lot of tennis to look at at the moment, but what I will do is run those games called videos. Where else you can see what gaming is like on the tablet, because it should be slightly better, at least maybe you might be able of this games in the native resolution.

So don't look good run a little bit faster Colette. Was it as long it's a bit easier on the bay trail there with the Intel graphics generation 7 there? So I could run some of the older games. Good, so hope I've been coming videos of that and one of the videos on general on the tablet. Maybe a comparison or two so do subscribe. If you are interested in that in this tablet, I thank you for watching this video.