Having a look at some gaming here. First up is left 4 dead 2. These are the ceilings there that I've tried on the teller well I'm, going to try this ones here so everything's on low it's at 1280 by 768 resolution and I'm just gon na jump into campaign, co, op game here, we're just campaign game – you not doing particularly Well, I mean did already but yeah it's playable and you can see the fire mode is definitely dropping right down there, but so far so good and you could drop down to 800 x 600 for y 3 ratio. Could Chris the frames per second here? Okay. So next up I'm gon na try a bit of League of Legends. They poppy light like game here that a lot of people seem to like and always get request to, try that one out on the tablet side, test and review so just jump over to that. Now so, legally just running here on the native resolution on medium settings to show you here quickly, so you can see their medium shadows on low, fixed, medium, medium, several medium and three 30 frames per second little over there and I'll just have up and quickly move Around the map, how fast that is, I can't seem to do it there, please Mouse. Okay, so it's a bit of stutter they're moving around the map quickly. Moving like that, you can see that it is dropping down the framerate and a little bit stuttering, but overall it's playable I'm about the dire thing.

I'Ve just done a game here with some bots rather than interrupt an online game and have to leave it. And you know they don't like that, then I people doing that is coming for games and leaving so it's just against bots see what it will do is just drop the resolution down and I'll see what actually happens if I just lower it to very low settings. First on the native resolution: okay, so it seems that just jammed up there it's not that happy with me changing the details there down to low here we go well that's completely frozen the game up and it really hasn't done much to the graphics. Actually. Now here's increase pilot well a little bit. There still run through Frank, the second, so you fully. The thing is whole during a fact. Maybe be is the resolution. So if I try to lowering the resolution now it's the laws, I can go here, 1024 by 768. Try that okay, so that has increased the frames per second up there to 45, so that's helping but I've got borders. These big borders here inside so not ideal. So this time tweaking around that you can do there because there's no way you can seem to set the aspect ratio to 16 by 9 it's gotten 4 by 3 on me here, and the frame rate has been kept to 16, but that it's reaching 60. Of course, and I'll see what it's like scrolling around the map now or the resolution set to 1024 by 768 that's a lot faster.

A lot smoother Tiffany looks a lot better, more playable. If you can put up with the occasional stutter, then maybe the neighbor native resolution Tiffany looks a lot better on that resolution. Okay, so that's League of Legends next up, oh I'll, try a little bit of counter strike okay, so this is a lower setting. So I'll show you just a second playing a gift box in yeah. I know I suck at again I'm, not very good at it all okay. So these are the video settings I went with, so we got the native resolution. Everything else is set to the load, but the frame rate is hovering around 25, so that's too low there really. So if I drop that down now to fill it up, maybe that'll be better ba baby times 600 it's going to start it now. It always does that always does this for the paid trails it even has a little bit of that on the surface 3 playing a little tune. There we go and, to be honest, it hasn't really made a difference at all to the frame rate hasn't. Not really so maybe the CPU running the boxes also slowing it down just a little bit. So if you stutters here and there oh wait, healthy should kill me with that brandy, fire okay. So this will look at the counter strike global offensive. There is some tweaking you can do there, but it's kind of play a little bit a little bit slow, my frame rate should be would be and could be higher.

Maybe if you tweak it just a bit with the resolution. Okay, so I think I will fight try a little bit of dota2 so I'm choosing a bot game here and already it's off to a bad start, it's lagging and stuttering just in this selection menu here into the frame rate up here, that's, not good. These are on low settings low settings, but on the native resolution, if I load it down to 1280 x 720, you get borders, it doesn't seem to scale properly on the screen. What I'll try and do in the game and see if I can lower down maybe to 403 a parent I'm 600, but it looks like this game is going to be really lady but won't be playable. I don't think it will be so in the game. It'S. A field of a better than that menu selection menu. They was really choppy it's, not too bad at showing up 23. 25. Second, I mean not too bad for a bait row. If you know what I mean, because I that's very slight I'd like to see 60 frames per second, but you have to remember that the hard way here is the tiny little quad core chip in there. So we'll see how it handles a bit of action. Some characters on the screen and moving around the map quickly. Doesn'T seem too bad just crawling around there everywhere few stutters, but the frame rates are steady, ooh, maybe not 60.

Okay, there's a mention here in the screen and it's dropping young, so the framerate is dropping down to about 13 frames per second here, with the summation going on so in this spells being cast and everything you ask them again is putting in here down to even 10 or lower so there's quite choppy quite low. I certainly wouldn't want to go like that. Okay, so now one of those have a look at the temperatures I've just exit out of this game. Now I think we've seen enough, so I can just quit out of this and show you the temperatures so just having a look here at HW info the temperatures that they got up to are right here, so we saw 71 degrees maximum that's, not bad at all. I mean the under V: 1 1 6 W the chorion version got really hot, but the bay trial version got up to 88 degrees, so it's, not too bad. I mean I've seen a lot higher, so that's it's, good temperatures, I'd say not bad at all. They'Re enormous for viable play, one more game: there will be Team Fortress 2 I've got on the lowest settings here on the native resolution. Just quickly show you that so there we go. Video today resolution there native resolution, lo lo lo lo lo and I was jumping and have a quick – will go around and again I'm, not good at this game. I don't play it anymore.

So far so good thing very smooth. Oh man, he managed to get a kill. Okay, so I died all right. So let's look at gaming there on the chewy VI. 10. I hope you liked the video and do subscribe for more upcoming videos on this tablet and other tablets with China.