But what it is is just a generic one, but the one they have and they sell for the pipo w3 and the people p, po, w 3f, the older v 101 and 102. I think, have the same exact keyboard. So this is the the Tim by one inch keyboard and the chewy is 10 inches point six, so it's slightly wider there. Of course you can see that on the video but it's, not that obvious it's a you know I centimeter or so each side there and if I fold it up, the tablet is going to stick out, but it will fold up like that, but you can see It'S sticking out a little bit here so it's not offering the protection there that maybe it would if it was a little bit longer. Be careful, though, because some of the sellers, I know what they're like on Aliexpress, they will probably send you this keyboard, which is the 10.1 inch one and they're, probably people trying to cash in to that fact that the two evi tens out now has a keyboard Dock and people try and save this model, which is in the actual correct one for it. So if you are going to buy – and you do want the 10.6 inch one make sure you ask them, is it the 10.6 inch one don't send me to 10.1 inch, because a lot of sellers will do that because that's kind of what they're like and I'll, If you wouldn't even know the difference to their a lot of people, it would arrive, they'd use it and go here.

We go there's the keyboard for it, so you can see that yeah. If it's fine it just excite a little bit there is. I mean that. Might that might be fine for some people it's? I probably wouldn't worry too much if you're going to use another protective case or whatever then it's not too much finish you, because you have to remember that these time that don't have Gorilla Glass, they can break easy. They can crack easy the sprints so that dachshund like that and the keyboard is, if you see my videos on the pico, w 3f is identical. Of course, I think it's good, I mean the keyboard fine, you do have the physical left and right hardware keys. So it's not just as me out there and you can see that I'm moving around here and for some reason, it's stuck on there. We go no what's going on there, but you can do drag and drop some things like that I'm. Just doing now with the pad – and it should work with justice too so swiping night, okay, just just not working for some reason, but the keyboard itself. The top on is it's fine it's, not a high quality keyboard, but it's, not the lowest quality keyboard, either it's, not too bad. You can do some decent typing on this keyboard, it's a little bit cramped a little bit smaller, so there's, some adapting to it. You need some time to get used to it, but I ruled as typing on that is fine.

The key travels good. The response, it's, not bad it'll, make it a quite a productive tablet, and now you do have those two usb2 ports there to plug in it's. Definitely more of a usable tablet for getting some work done, editing documents and whatnot, so there is a keyboard that you can use for the chewy movie. I 10. I won't be ordering the official keyboard, the one that will fit it correctly, because I don't really see that as being interesting. I'Ve got this two keyboards you're in it'll work for it at the moment anyway, anyway. So thanks for watching the video, if you did like it, please give me a like and do subscribe. I'Ll have more up and coming videos on this tablet here. The chewy, v8n and interesting dual boot tablets is just come out of China, thanks for watching bye.