This is a modern combat 5, probably one of the most hardest games for the tablet to render when it comes to the graphics here, because it's, a very graphical game, as you can see, it looks really good. It looks amazing it's, almost like PlayStation, 3 kind of level of graphics so tends to run quite slow, but because I've always resolution I'm, hoping it's gon na be a lot more play books here at least and have a look around here, and there does actually sing A lot faster than the other tell us, I've been trying to have high resolution, displays like the tick last x98, a 3G or the x10 does seem actually a lot smoother there, and what you probably notice is that the webcams down here on the bottom I'm playing It actually upside down the tablet and I'll explain why that is because on the bottom we have two speakers left and right. If you tend to hold the tablet like this, with your hands either so well, most people would have this. How else would you hold it and when you do that, you're actually covering the speakers, so it plays, pays to play it actually upside down, so you can have both of the speakers free at the top there. So you can hear them quite well and they've. Quite good speakers on this tablet, actually quite loud and so far so good. It does seem to run the game quite well.

Scrolling around there is a little laggy little slow day, no having trouble doing that holding it, it tell it. I can isolate you just swipe. Really fast, you can see that that graphics is actually quite good for an Android game. It'S thinking this is just running on a Bay Trail chip. It really does not quite doing Xbox 360 kind of quality almost so even this demanding game is playable here on the tree VI team I'm – just not very good at it here, I've just connected up a xbox360 controller and the fun some reason. The tablet is doing something funny: okay, but it thinks it's a 3G dongle that I've actually put on this is come up with us here, connect to USB dongle. What I have for the controller connected you can see here and it's flashing, so it seems that the Chui VI team head does not have drivers for the Xbox 360 controller. Like I'm. I know other Android devices. You can run the controllers in some of these games, but it seems to me that it doesn't seem to support it at all. It thinks it's a modem, so that's really odd there. I do not know why it is doing that, but there's something that needs to be solved. Hopefully. So what I've been trying to do here is get root on the device, and I haven't had any luck. It or I've tried Kingo root Bay, Trail root toolbox. That did not work at all and my roots did not work either so I'm really trying to get a root on this is seems to be a bit of a mission at the moment, so I don't know how I'm gon na do that or so maybe someone Knows who has a link how to get rid on this tablet? Please do let me know in the comments here the video so the wrong you can see, hopefully on the camera, that it does look a little bit blurry Android, because it's running a dpi of 160, which is not scaling perfectly to the actual screen resolution of 1366 By 768 it's, either higher or lower there, I think lower higher net, which is kind of scaling up the icons everything.

So it does look a tad that blurry once the camera focus is there. You can see that it's, not this sharp as Windows when you're using it now you're, probably seeing the superuser logo there, but you can see I don't have root at all, should be nice to have as far as a bloat application. So you've only really got one. This is this chewy application here, which I think there's some kind of store for the chewy and there's no way to remove that without root, but otherwise you can remove every single other application. That was on that on the tablet. Pre installed so that's only just one bloke thing you can't, really get rid of I've, actually run a few benchmarks on the tablet which I'll just show you now on the gallery for those interested in benchmark scores. There is the benchmark there for Geekbench 3. So not a lot about score at all there of 815 single core multi core score it's around the same kind of score that I've seen on these items in 37 36 s. That was me trying to try qinger route to get fruity existed, not work. So these are the available sensors that the tablet has. We do have a light sensor and we dance the accelerometers the other sensor there. So there's only two sensors on board. It doesn't seem a lot that's all we have to throw the lights in. So I will show you how that does actually work with the brightness I can set to automatic here.

So I can set that to auto and automatically control the brightness, which can be okay. This same works in Windows. 2. You can change that, set it on or off I'm on the HT turn that off, because I like to control the brightness completely myself there's, just a few teachers there. You can see that it's, the HL there quad core. This is the e school. I managed to get using the Citadel benchmark almost 60 frames per second, so it runs really well because it's got that low resolution, even on ultra high quality. There runs just fine. This is the quadrant sorry nut quadrant and to to benchmark again. That is very similar to what I've seen on the same chipset running on other tablets from China, so the score is similar to that of the Nexus 5 or the LG g3. An overall. The ROM is very vanilla here, it's quite fast, this no slowdown or anything like that. It'S, not heavy leggy kind of bloaty ROM that I was seeing on the tip glass tablets. They tend to use, they use their own launcher and it's very slow it's. Not that fast and good, luckily, Chile did not do anything stupid like that and they're just gone with just a standard. Google launcher here and it's good there's, no complaints here or guy so like did trigger 2, which is optimized for the Tegra chipsets doesn't seem to run at all you'll get about this vinyl.

You can even see the little touch sequence, but it won't run the game for some reason, just doesn't seem to be supporting the Intel, HD graphics. I think this is as far as the game will go. It just doesn't want to work. Doesn'T seem too light or anything not supported, but you can obviously hear from that a little bit of sound there to cancer. Those speakers that those speakers are really now that's, not even the full volume they're. Quite no, the speakers they do just thought if you put them right up the volume, so it wasn't even actually full volume that was and then about 70 they're. So very loud. The speaker's, some of the better ones, I've heard nothing like what the chewy vi8 head and head hopeless speakers. They were just horrendous, no volume to the middle. This has volume, and I even have made even a tinge of bass to them so that net game is just not working at all. Doesn'T seem to run on any debate rails. Last but not least, I will show you some real racing, so you can see there that real racing runs fine. It runs on all of these beige house without any issues. What you can see, though, is it, does look quite pixely because of the screen resolution. It doesn't look a sharps of wood on other tablets, so if I can zoom in here, you can see some of the jagging s there a little bit around the the lights and the windscreen here.

But overall, when, through so it's very fast and smooth, you can see just a little bit there, some of the Jag eNOS because of the lower resolution, but that also does help the frame rate keyframe at nothing hi there with Det a lot of resolution. So, ok, this is just a quick hands on there with the Chewie and Android one other thing to note that it does support micro, SD cards like this one here this is a 64 gigabyte card works without any issues. Unfortunately, I don't have 128 gigabyte card to show you to test on the tablet, because that's corrupted it's not working at all, it might not work 128. If it's gon na work, it'll probably only be in Windows and not an Android of what I found.