So this is a noob, a trial, Z, 37 36. If powered teller to gigabytes in RAM it's got Windows 8.1 on it. Hopefully, the upgradeable should be upgradable to Windows 10 in the future when that's released. So my seller I used was okay Qi. They gave me a couple of free accessories here and I gave me a TP stylus, which is pretty much useless because it's, you know, it's not a proper digital stylus doesn't support styluses at this tablet at all anyway, nice free little extra funnily enough. They gave me an OTG cable here. I'M. Probably not gon na need this, because it does have two full sized USB 2 ports, which is one of the attractions of this tablet, and they gave me finally an adapter which I do need. This is a u.s. two euro adapted in for the power supply, so let's have a look and see what's in the cemetery. Hopefully, my seller turned on the tablet and to check for any issues and installed English for me on Windows. They normally do do that. They are normally pretty good, if not check with them. Now I paid 176 foot as a tablet with it with first release so high pricing. It was actually just on special for 149 if you managed to catch that it was a good price. So here we go here's the tablet you can see straight away at the bottom. There is a docking port there for the keyboard, which I will test shortly, and this is actual metal by the looks of it and not plastic made to look like meat or no.

No, it is actually real middle strip around there, so that's a nice little extra they put on there. So on the right side, we have a speaker here and moving around onto the top right. There is nothing again: we have this nice metal trim. We have the volume rocker here, so I've got him up and down and a power on button, and I will just push that now to try and turn the tablet on. Half date has some juice in those batteries, and here we have we're the ports where all the action is on the left side. So we've got the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack micro HDMI. What that is, it looks like a starless led to me, probably when it's charging. I will check that one out and then we have those two full sized USB 2 ports, which is very handy, something that is really good to have on tablets. I wish more tablets had full size, USB ports and then we have the charging plug here, which is micro USB. Then we have micro, seta, micro, SD, sorry not set up another speaker all right, so it has powered on and gone straight into Android here. For me, no Joel boot menu, which is interesting, so there we go the screen: okay, it's, a lower resolution. This is one of the cons of this. Tell that this is a 1366 by 768 resolution, so it's not a 1080p screen, which would would have been really nice if they did put a 1080p screen in there.

Anyway, it looks ok, it does look a bit blurry but it's, probably due to the DPI they've used in the Android ROM. Here I will record another video logging into Android Play Store and everything like that, so I'll go into Play, Store and I'll run that run some games test it all out. There be other videos with hands on in Android, but at the moment you can see it is that there's, a bit of blood there there's quite a few bloody applications. Hopefully we can remove most of those and install that's good. We can do that. Oh let's see if we can swap now quickly into Windows, OS switch and not switching over to Windows there. What I didn't mention is course there's a home button here on the right hand, side so windows, home button, and we do have a two megapixel front facing camera and on the rear. There is a another two megapixel camera and the build quality overall things pretty good glass on the back as well, so they're trying to be more premium there. What it will do is just weigh the tablet and meter measure their thickness here. So there's have a look. How thick it is right now with my cheapy gage here, so looking at that 9 millimeters, subs, 9, millimeters, thick or thin. However, you want to look at it and the weight I've just getting scales here and have a look. So the scales here just see what that weight is okay, so weight of it is 622 grams, so that's not too bad at all, seen heavier and I have seen lighter but that's, not too bad, and what else is in the box here.

Well, just have a look. Obviously we've got a power supply. What is under here. This is the normal leaflet. They give you with warranty information instruction, whatnot but it's all in Chinese, so that's pretty much useless lettuce, and here we have the. What I would say would be the power adapter just open that up now and there we go yes, this is the power adapter, so that's a us 2 prong there and I can't see much anywhere. Oh here we go so that is like a 5 volts, 2 amps the same. That is marked on the side of the tablet there, and obviously this would be the charging cable that we need to charge it, and it is so the USB to micro, HDMI, charging, cable and data cable as well. So really, we should be able to run three USB ports if we wanted to from the sterlo, which is kind of unheard of for our tablet, Jill retailed at least to have that okay, so now it did boot back up into windows here, there's windows and the Screen, yes, ok, it is a little bit it's, not the sharpest, looking screen, of course with that resolution – and I just removed the particular color here – I'm – not going to be needing that anymore and let's just get in so windows. We have free of a space errors. Ten point four gigabytes and that resolution yeah it's a little bit blocking. They were picky the key pixely talking rubbish.

Today you can see that it's quite a bit pixely there. So there could be a deal breaker for some people. I prefer to have the screen in 1080p would be a lot better and I'll just see if it's activated it should be Windows, just not activated notes. I need to get online, then I'll check and see. If it's going to activate itself, it certainly better activate itself. There, otherwise, that will be a bit of an issue. I won't be too happy with that. So, switching back now to Android would be this button right here going to switch to another OS and if I select ok on that, one that will now switch over to Android, okay, so that's the unboxing there and I'm. Just a quick peek there at the chewy VI tin, thank you for watching. Do subscribe. I'Ll have more than coming videos off this model. If you are interested in this chewy dual boot tell us then do subscribe and, as I said, more videos will be coming.