I thought it would do a quick video here on my chewy VI 10, which I've now had for seven months. So how is it seven months on a lot of people? Think – and I personally thought this myself on the beginning that a Chinese tablet, the battery is going to be worn out, it's not going to hold a full charge, seven months on, how is it holding up and surprisingly well, this is doing all right. Actually, the only thing that's happened is really is has been scratches on the screen protector. You can see just along here all these scratches that happen from the keyboard case when it's been together like this now, this qu is actually travelled around the world. This has been all the way over to New Zealand from Spain and back again and it's, holding up pretty well there's a few marks on the cover there's a little bit of dirt and grime that it has collected. You can see this. You know it's, not the best material, maybe that they used. It attracts a lot of dust and a bit of wear on the corners and things, but I literally use this tablet everyday because they use it to log into some of the Chinese web sites and I download things from it and when I'm traveling around, I just Throw this in the bag, because this is only literally about a hundred and thirty eight us it doesn't worry me too much it's like when I had my surface pro 3, for example.

I was really careful with it delicate this thing I just kind of throw around, throw it into a bag and it's holding up well there's. Nowhere on the keyboard cover. I expected this material to probably wear out after seven months, at least to become a little bit loose around here, but the magnets are still fine, there's there's, no visible where they're the back of it it's a fingerprint, magnet, still there's more scratches on it from the Screen protectors I left on there, because it's got one on the back and the front being that glass there and it's all fine and the keyboard. The usual you get a bit of wear and tear on it. Just the shininess on there space case, you can see that I actually have used this keyboard quite a lot and I still find it really good. Actually, this keyboard now I did heven and as this transformer book t100 HEA and I didn't like that keyboard. So much even though this keyboard is flat, you can't prop it up or anything it doesn't have that flex. So it's it's got a reasonably good travel on it as well, and the keyboard is actually holding quite well. Nothing really wrong. The mechanism here is still working. Just fine it's not disconnecting or anything and I'm, really surprised. Now, when it comes to the tablet there's a few changes that I made you can see. I'Ve got Windows 10 on here, which I installed and everything seems to be running just fine on it.

I'M still surprised at the performance, it hasn't Bob down, there's no problems and the battery I'm still getting it around about five and a half to six hours battery life. Here you can see, while battery stats there's a little bit of battery battery. Where now there's. Three point: three percent battery: where and I'll probably cycle this battery at least I'd have to say at least a hundred and hundred times or, if not more and the battery's still going strong, and I personally thought that it wouldn't by now. If I would only hold like sixty percent charge or something but um that's, not actually the case, it's it's going strong and really not too bad at all, so against what I originally thought. I thought that this would probably be worn out by now, after seven months, at least so in terms of longer, to jibbety these tablets, I think, will last at least a good year or so, and for this price you probably be upgrading to the new cheery trail Model which is being released, I think this week, it's coming out they're going to have a cheery trail – Adam x50 8300 in here so be a little bit better in terms of graphics performance, but overall it's, snappy, it's working just fine, and I do highly recommend this. This is still one of my favorites, because it's got those two full USB ports on the side here to get the camera to focus is really one of the main reasons why I've held onto this tablet, because of this right here, because that is just so handy To have there and I can stick pen drives in there, even though it's only USB to you limited to about 40 megabytes per second, there read and writes it still makes it such a practical tablet.

The speakers sound really good, so overall I'm still impressed with this chewie hearing and why I rate it as one of my favourite tablets so far so there's a look there. You can see that even after seven months, still holding together, it's not falling to bits. As you would probably expect it to being a cheap Chinese tablet, but overall not bad at all. Thank you for watching the video. I hope you see in the channel. I have more up and coming soon on the new cherry trails that are coming out of China.