This is their you book 11.6. It is a Microsoft. Surface Style tablet, device running Windows, 10. Of course, it sells for about three hundred and thirty nine dollars with the tablet, keyboard and pen and we’re going to be taking a closer look at this device in just a second now I do want to let you know, though, in the interest of full disclosure. This is on loan from Chewie, so we’re done with this, it goes back to them all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own. Nobody is paying for this review. Nor is anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded, so let’s get into it now and see what this device is all about. Now, Before we jump into the hardware, I always like to start off my reviews of these lower cost Chinese devices with a bit of a warning, which is that you get what you pay for, they do cost less and if they work for you, they’re gon na Work, I think, for a decent amount of time, but if you have any issues, it may be difficult to get support from the company. I’Ve heard it over and over again with this brand and many others, and this is because they don’t have offices all over the world to support customers but they’re selling all over the world. So if you have a problem, it’s likely not going to get fixed to your satisfaction.

So just keep that in mind when you are out shopping, it’s, not inexpensive. When you get all the accessories loaded on here – and I really want you to know that going in that there is a risk to this brand when you’re purchasing, if you’re willing to take that risk, you’ll get a pretty decent computer for the price point. This one has an N, 4100 Gemini Lake processor inside that’s, a quad core chip running with Intel’s, lower powered processors. We’Ve seen these on a lot of mini pcs and a few other inexpensive laptop devices like this one good processor for doing the basics. Like Word and PowerPoint and spreadsheets, and some web browsing video watching not great for gaming and higher end tasks, but for the basics. This might be enough for someone who’s looking for something simple it’s got eight gigs of RAM, which was good to see and 256 gigabytes of storage, so it’s, actually pretty decently, equipped from a RAM and storage standpoint, they’re, definitely maxing out the RAM for the chipset here And I, the storage is pretty generous. They did say that it has an nvme drive built in I’m, not sure if that makes a big difference here, given the slower speed of the chipset. But things do feel like they load up quickly and responsively when you’re going to load up software from the drive. So it’s got a pretty nice snappy feel to it. It will not rival what you would get from like an i5 or an i7 based machine, but again it’s good enough for doing the basics and they packed a pretty decent display on this one it’s an 11.

6 inch display running at nineteen twenty by twelve eighty. This is an IPS display, which means that you’ve got decent viewing angles on it and it looks nice and sharp. The color temperature is a little bit on the colder side. So white areas might look a little bit blue, but overall, video playback on this look pretty nice and I have no real complaints about the display. Given the price point, you will, though, notice around its large bezels that there will be some backlight bleed. So you might see things being a little bit brighter around the edges of the display that’s, something we see on a lot of lower cost. Ips displays it’s, really kind of hard to avoid it’s got a built in screen protector, and you might be inclined to pull it off don’t do that. You will want to keep that on. The brightness, though, is not great on this, so you’ll be continually trying to turn up the brightness a little bit and you will not be able to get beyond what we have on screen here. It’S, a little bit muted, just because it’s under my studio lights, but nonetheless, I wish to the display was a little bit brighter. Another annoyance is that it’s got this power light that will appear right here, it’s blue and it will always be on when the computer is on. I thought maybe my webcam was like getting activated, but no, that is the power light, so just be prepared to have that shining on you all the time.

So a couple little annoyances here with this one. Now this is a Microsoft Surface, tablet kind of design. So you can pull the keyboard off and put the kickstand down and get yourself into regular tablet mode here. The tablet on its own weighs one pound 12 ounces or about 800 grams. When you add the keyboard to the mix here, which will attach magnetically kind of a nice magnet as well we’ll, add some weight about two pounds: five ounces now for the package, including the keyboard pen and display that’s about 1048 grams. So just over a kilogram. So it’s got a bit of heaviness to it, but it’s also made out of metal, so it does have some ruggedness here, at least on the back. The screen glass feels pretty decent too so I’m, really not finding much to complain here about the overall build quality. Now the kickstand pulls out from the back of the display. Unfortunately, it’s lacking any kind of rubber feet on the bottom here, so it will make some noises as you’re moving it across a table. It might actually scratch things up a bit as well, so you may want to just be aware of that. It isn’t all that nice to be able to slide it across the table, because it’s gon na make so much noise. Is this thing that jumps around on you there it’s, pretty sharp, but otherwise the build quality here is nothing much to complain about.

You’Ve got a USB C port here on the side. Note, though, that this is data only it does not do power or video output. You’Ve got a full size, USB 3.0 port. Here you have an HDMI output for video. This is a mini micro. Hdmi it’ll do 4k at 30 Hertz on an external display. Here. You’Ve got your power input. There is a power adapter that comes in the Box: 12 volts 2 amps on the other side. Here you’ve got another USB 3.0 port and a headphone jack, and what I don’t like about the placement of the headphone jack is that you often get it confused with the power plug there, and I could see someone earnestly plugging in headphones and popping in that pin. For the power, so just be careful that you plug your headphones into the right spot there. It has Wi, Fi and bluetooth on board if you prefer to use that. That might be something worth looking at here at the bottom. Are the pogo pins for the keyboard attachment, and that goes in like so, and then what you do, of course, is pull the kickstand out. You can have the keyboard lay flat here, or you can have it kind of dock itself to the front of the display to give it a bit of an angle. Just like the surface does and you’re off and running with that. The keyboard itself is not spectacular. The keys are well spaced, they’re decently, sized you’ve got good travel on it, but it just feels cheap to me.

There’S no backlight here on the keyboard either it’s, not a very comfortable typing mechanism, and the trackpad here is pretty bad it’s really hard to navigate. Doesn’T have that good of a feel to it. You can’t click the trackpad reliably in the middle here, because it has two separate buttons, one for right, click and one for left click and when you go to in the middle there, you’re kind of on the border of both of those. So the trackpad could definitely be improved, but again for the price point: they’ve got to cut corners and that’s, probably one of the areas that they cut. Then, of course, you can fold it up here, and this is what the whole package looks like when you’re walking around with it. So overall, not too bad of note, also here on the front, is that it does have a micro SD card slot. So you could add additional storage to the mix. If you want, I don’t believe you can easily get inside of this to upgrade it. I couldn’t find a way to do that without damaging the unit, so we’re not able to get in there to see what kind of hard drive it really has. But overall, not a bad package here for the price point. Let’S take a look now and see how it performs so let’s kick things off with my youtube channel test. We’Ve got a 1080p 60 video running here. We did get a couple of dropped frames when things started going, but after it was running for a little bit.

It smoothed out and it’s performing again about where we would expect this processor to perform pretty decent for media playback, so Netflix and other streaming services shouldn’t be a problem. We also did some basic web browsing on it over Wi Fi again, it felt a little slower than some of our more expensive laptops that we’ve tested here on the channel, but it’s still adequate for the basics. So if you’re doing Google Docs and all the things that you might do with a web browser, I think you’ll have a decent experience here and, of course, it’s running Windows 10. So you can choose which browser you want to use. Other applications like Microsoft, Word and Excel should also run just fine on this, and we also ran their browser bench org speedometer test and there we got a score of 58 point 6 on version 1.0 and 35 point five, nine on version 2.0. This puts it a little bit lower than some other end 4100 based laptops and computers that we’ve looked at I’m, seeing a lower score here, because different manufacturers tune these chips differently, depending on the thermal profiles of the devices they’re designing this device lacks an active cooling Fan and as such, you have to keep the processor running within certain limits to keep it from overheating or preventing a lot of throttling down, which would reduce performance. So I think they tweaked it in such a way that it’ll perform a little lower than what you might see with other and 4100 devices that have a better way of cooling themselves off, but overall it’s not bad in comparison with other devices like it.

So let’s move on now to gaming. We started with fortnight running at 720p at the lowest possible settings. It was basically unplayable. The frame rate was between seven and 20 frames per second kind of all over the place. It just wasn’t working very well at all, so fortnight’s out rocket League was the next one. We tried. Initially it didn’t run so great, and once everything got loaded, it was doing a little better, but still we were getting about 10 to 25 frames per second at 720p. So again, not a very playable experience there, half life 2, which is an older game that one was a bit playable 30 to 50 frames per second at 1080p. You could probably squeeze a little bit more performance out of it. If you turn the resolution down to 720p, so I think if you’re running some older Windows games from about 10 or 15 years ago, probably will work just fine but the newer stuff. Forget it it’s, just not going to be a good gaming experience and on the 3dmark Cloud Gate benchmark test. We got a score of 2003 42, which puts it pretty close to what we saw out of a chewy laptop running with the same processor. Not too long ago, so they’re tuning this chip to be about the same, but look at the Microsoft Surface go. This is Microsoft’s little tablet that I like quite a bit that one performs nearly twice as well as this one does, but it does cost a little bit more.

But again, this just gives you a sense as to what you can expect gaming wise. The surface go is not a great gaming tablet, but it’s a better one. Then this one is so. If you’re looking to play games, I think this one is probably going to be out of the question unless you’re running some really old stuff on it. The other complaint I have here is with the speakers. They embedded the speaker’s underneath the kickstand and, as a result, it doesn’t sound that great. When you don’t have the kickstand pushed out. It sounds pretty bad when it is pushed out to the speaker’s rattled. Quite a bit they’re very tinny, not very loud, so you’ll probably want to use a pair of bluetooth headphones or some plug plug in headphones. If you a better audio experience so again, overall from the gaming standpoint, not something I’m going to recommend, but I was impressed to see that it did pretty well on the 3d mark stress test coming in at a score of 96.2. That is just shy of the passing grade of 97, and what this indicates is that the computers performance will be relatively consistent, even when it’s placed under load. Typically, these fanless computers don’t do all that. Well on this test, because they’re constantly adjusting their performance to keep temperature in check this one feels like they’ve balanced it properly from the get go. So, while the performance will not be great, it will be consistent and sometimes it’s nice to have a computer that performs the same way all the time as opposed to going on a performance rollercoaster.

So from a performance standpoint, it should give you that same performance. No matter how hard you’re pushing it now chewy is rating battery life on this one to be about 12 hours I’m. Looking at about half that, if you’re lucky, I think about six hours, is about the best you’re going to experience here. Based on our testing, you probably will want to turn screen brightness down further and make some other minor adjustments to the power settings to get there, but there’s no way you’re getting 12 hours. Out of this one at least an hour experience, so let’s move on to Penn support. This again is the pen that comes with the package feels pretty nice actually for a low cost device. The only gripe I have with it is the same gripe I have with other Windows pens, which is that that button here is just in the wrong spot, I’m, always constantly pushing it by accident, so you’ll want to just kind of adjust it out of the way. This is not a unique problem that Chuy’s pen, though so what we’re gon na do now here is just start writing on the screen. As my pen gets close, it will ignore other screen input, so I can easily rest my wrist down here and start writing. So that seems to work. Okay, the latency feels about what other windows pens feel like there’s, also some degree of pressure sensitivity here as well. So it looks like it’s doing all the things that Windows pens do, although I’m noticing, as I’m, pushing down harder that the tip of the pen is pushing in a little bit physically.

But beyond that, it seems to be working well as a pen input device here on Windows and we’ve got one more thing to take a look at here, and that is Linux compatibility. We loaded up on Mbutu on it and it seems to be working just fine, including touchscreen. You will notice that the screen orientation is off here. So if I just slightly nudge the screen here to a different orientation, it will pick up that change through the accelerometer and get things working properly. So there probably will be a setting that you might need to adjust to get that screen orientation to reverse itself, but otherwise Wi Fi, Bluetooth and everything else here seems to be working fine on it. There is a bit of screen tearing, though, as you are moving windows around here, as you can see, but beyond that Linux is running just fine on the laptop, so overall, not a bad machine here. The cost is a little bit higher. I think than I would like, but it’s giving you, I think, a good amount of stuff for the money. The performance is consistent again, it could be better but it’s running consistently and that’s. A good thing. I like that it’s got eight gigs of RAM. I like that it’s got a 256 gigabyte SSD, and I just wish that the keyboard and trackpad here were a little bit better, but otherwise it’s a pretty solid offering from chewy. That is an improvement over some things, I’ve seen from them in the past.

Again, though, just buy at your own risk if it works great. But if you have problems you might have trouble getting support for it in the long run, but otherwise it’s probably worth taking a look at if you’re looking for something cheap. That can run Linux and is in this tablet configuration that’ll do it for this one until next time this is LAN Simon. Thanks for watching this channel was brought to you by the lime tv supporters, including gold level supporters, the four guys with quarters podcasts Tom Albrecht, rajesh logic, gr and Kalyan Kumar. If you want to help the channel you can, by contributing as little as a dollar a month Music at over two lon TV, slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe visit.