It runs Windows 10. It has a Intel Core M 3. The 8100 Y 8 gigabytes of ram 256 gigabytes of storage, a 38 watt hour battery. So in this review, I’m gon na go through my detailed test here. We’Ll take a look at the stylus performance and optional keyboard, as well as my full pros and cons of the U Book Pro so inside the box. We don’t get a lot it’s just this here, which is there 12 volt DC charger 2 amps, and it will take just under three hours to fully charge the? U book pro so up the top of the? U book pro. You will find our micro SD card reader, it does sit in flush and doesn’t. Stick out, we’ve got plastic volume up and down buttons. They’Ve got a good feel to them, but I just wish they’d gone with metal would have given it more of a quality, feel and then we’ve got the Pogo port connector at the bottom, for our keyboard. So on the left of the: u book Pro here, you’ll find a USB 3 port that does power external hard drives and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Now this Jack outputs clean sound, there is no static or interference, and I find the volume to be good. So the U Book Pro is nine point four millimeters thin, which is not bad and at the top here on the right we’ve got DC and for charging with the included power, supply, micro, HDMI, full size, USB 3 port and then a full spec USB type c.

Here so it’s USB 3.1 supports data, video and power delivery, the webcams in your normal spot here and it’s 2 megapixels, not amazing, quality, it’s, just HD so 720p, and you get around 20 to 30 frames per second, it does the job, but it doesn’t work great. In low light – and it does have dual microphones there, either side of the camera very difficult to see. Just this tiny little slit here is where the sound will come in the quality of them is fine and it doesn’t seem to be any interference, so the rear of the tablet has this brushed alloy metal. The frame around the outside is, however, plastic. Now, the? U shaped hinge, this is made out of metal and up top we’ve got a 5 megapixel camera. So the hinge has these little slots either side, and it is easy enough to lift it up, as you can see, and it doesn’t feel like it’s, going to lose anytime soon, so quite stiff. It is made out of metal overall, the build quality is good, but it wouldn’t exactly call it super high quality. It doesn’t feel like you’re, holding a Microsoft Surface pro, for example, the you Book Pro is 765 grams in weight. Now that is actually lighter than I expected it’s, because the frame around the outside is made of plastic, even though the rear of it is metal when we add the weight of the keyboard. That just then brings it up to one point: zero nine kilos, which is a very decent weight for a twelve point.

Three inch tablet. So this is the stylus that you can get it’s an optional extra. It has 1024 levels of pressure, sensitivity, the tip on the end is plastic and it has two buttons. The build overall is good it’s made out of alloy and it uses a quad, a battery that is included in the box. Now this keyboard I’m, showing you here, is actually a prototype and not the final version, which is a good thing, because it’s made out of plastic and the keys they’ve got okay travel to them, but it’s not a lot, but the keyboard itself. Doesn’T actually sit entirely flat. You can see, I can make it Rock here. The touchpad using this one is not as well the greatest that I have used. The back of it is also plastic. Now it weighs only about 300 grams and hopefully the one that they use is just going to be a little bit heavier higher quality materials. Chewy did tell me it’s something like a Microsoft Surface 1. So I imagine they’re gon na be using that fake kind of leather on it and hopefully the keys themselves a little bit better. It’S, not backlit and I’ll. Show you how it docks in with these days and the Pogo ports very easy. So the magnets will just pull it into place as you can see, but this here the strip at the top. He has a magnet in here that’s supposed to hold the keyboard up in place.

So you can get a bit of typing angle, but you’ll see what happens when they release my finger. It doesn’t actually sit there and that’s, because the magnets, just aren’t, strong enough or the material used here in the keyboard is actually just giving too much resistance there and it just wants to always lie flat. So hopefully the final version will correct this sure, but not an amazing keyboard. I don’t particularly like it and good news here with the bias that it is completely fully unlocked to us. You can control the power limits here. You can see all sorts of different settings and a lot of settings that could actually get you into trouble and cause you to brick. The BIOS and you’ve got then just a big paperweight, so I recommend not going in here and touching anything unless you absolutely know what you were doing. So we have quite a decent, fully laminated panel that’s in this it’s, an IPS panel it’s twelve point three inches. The resolution is 1920 by 1200, so that’s three by two aspect: ratio. Now what I measured this I got quite a surprise. It comes out to be almost 1100 nets, which is just super bright, especially for these brands. You don’t normally see it so right now, I’ve actually got it on the lowest brightness setting, which is what I will be using all the time in this video, because it really has that bright. Now, if I just quickly demonstrate I’ll put it on now the brightest and that’s completely overpowering my camera settings as expected so very, very bright, fully laminated.

It does have a stylus that it supports that’s, an optional extra and there’ll be more on the status later on, but the touch accuracy very good, no problem, so I’ll just quickly show you some of my sample images here and you’ll see those that the touch is Working very well and because it doesn’t have really a super high resolution I’m, not having any problems and minimizing maximizing things like that, and overall, this is the best part of this tablet is definitely the screen that it comes with. Now the screen has 97 srgb and Adobe. Rgb is 74. Now, normally you don’t see this, but lately the last year at least these manufacturers, chewie and others – have been pushing ahead with higher quality IPS panels, and this is really good to see so. We’Ve just got single channel RAM 8 gigabytes it’s running at 1600 megahertz. Unfortunately, we did not configure this as dual Channel. We would have got better performance out of this core m32 8100. Why? If they did so when you take a look at Geekbench, for this is the benchmark that I can relate to that it’s a little bit lower than it should be here, and that is probably the reason why now, the maximum turbo is quite good on this it’s 3.4 gigahertz and when you take a look at Geekbench 5, I cannot relate it all to these scores. They look super low, okay and they are pretty low, because this is just dual channel for threats and this particular CPU and as mentioned because it’s in single channel configuration in the RAM.

We are missing out on a tiny bit of performance here. Here’S past mark and we’re gon na go score, that’s close to 2000, so again pretty low end. But this is still a lot faster than say the Gemini Lake laptops, so the gym or a lake it’s got the four cores but lower turbos and it’s, just not as potent as this particular chip. So in real world performance here, when you’re swapping over and going between things, you will definitely notice that you don’t get those typical lags that you get with the Gemini lake, for example, there could be a little bit slower at times so spreadsheets. This is something that’s ideal for a tablet like this perfectly fine edits Excel things like that to get around fine here, you’re, not really gon na see any problems with performance. Now we’ll do a little test here in chrome, so I’m, just gon na search dogs and open up a huge amount of tabs and we’ll see how it handles this. Because a lot of people say that they do like this test. They do because a lot of people out there running a lot of tabs in chrome, for example, there are, while I run 10 tabs, can it actually run 10 tabs? Can you swap between them without those tabs reloading, and the answer is yes and no I’ve noticed that sometimes it really depends on how far you push it, whether or not you have to reload.

So all those tabs loading in right now and I’ll just quickly go between them, as you can see. Well, I’ve used touch as well here that that is quick, it’s, very fast, actually, this performance and to me it feels a lot like, for example, an old core i5 say a 6 gen or 15, or something like that performance, or even one of the newer COI 3S, the performance is very similar actually to the coif 3, so that is really good. Real world performance here, no problems. What about a large demanding video file so 4k, a TVC, no problems with this, so it’s a little slow to start in loading, probably because I’ve got the memory full right now, of course, with all those chrome tabs and that actually performs fine, so vp9 mkv files. High bit rates all natively decoded on the integrated GPU and it doesn’t really break a sweat with those particular files. Now the thermals. I wanted to show you those now because I’ve been running this for a little on the background and I’ve seen this before over. My three or four days now using this particular tablet that, yes, it will actually get hot it’s, getting up to 87 degrees and it will get even warmer than that. You can see one thing here: that’s pulled up. This is HW info it’s, getting up to 94 degrees that’s some component on the motherboard there that’s that’s doing this so part of the chipset, so we are getting a bit of heat here, but no thermal throttling so far has been triggered.

However, if you start gaming, then those temperatures will definitely rise and you’ll see that later on, that it’s going to get warm in this area, mostly on the back of the tablet here. What I almost forgot to show you this, that the internal storage, 256 gigabytes, we get 211 free on first boot, so the newer Windows, 10 images they do take up quite a bit of space there and unfortunately, as I showed you, the design and build of this Laptop there is no easy access, SSD hatch, which I feel is an era that should actually be on the back of this, like some of the newer tablets that I’m looking at that are now doing this so it’s a knee tech never heard of this brand and The speeds for SATA 3 they’re, ok, they’re, definitely not the fastest I’ve seen some drives out. There will push around 550 sequential reads and writes, and the 4k random reads there would definitely be a bit higher than just the 14, but overall it’s fine for what it is it’s just I wish we could easily upgrade this drive. As I showed you in the beginning, here, we’ve got left and right firing speakers and no surprise here that these are not really great speakers at all. They lack in volume they also lack in base, but here is a sample now. I also wanted to say that the 3.5 mm headphone jack that’s, actually, ok, no problems, there’s, no static, there’s, no interference and the volume maximum volume is loud enough and, yes, you can do a little bit of light gaming with this tablet on the side here, with The corium 3 so we’re getting around 30 frames per second on the lowest settings.

This is 720p that’s why we get in the borders either side. After all, this is a 3 by 2 aspect. Ratio screen originally and I’m. Probably just gon na die right now, but the point is just to show you gameplay that it is going to scrape you can see this tipping down a little bit scrape the 30 frames per second, so not really ideal for gaming, of course, so the stylus I Find that the input lag is very good pressure. Sensitivity is working so when a press really light it’s, just a very fine, fine, fine, fine little line there, the harder I press it becomes thicker and darker. Hopefully you can see that coming through and the camera now. So will work right up to the edges now palm rejection I’m not actually left handed, but I’ve got the tripod in the way and my hand was blocking this before so it’s like these six time I’m recording this and I decided to do it left handed so When you need to write your writing text, you must make sure the nib of the pen actually is touching first, because right now you can see it’s only about a millimeter above the screen when it’s actually detected here with the dot. The accuracy of the nerve itself is a tiny little bit off, but really it’s, not too bad. But this is the issue when writing that, if your palm touches you’ll see it’s going to now, of course, move around the screen like you’re.

Getting the touch input first and that’s when on screen keyboards just popped up, see the nib has the touch first and then, if I just quickly right here how low left handed and then is going to works, it’s going to take some practice for me, it is Just it needs to have, I think, be a power rejection from the fact that the stylus nib could be detected and good center meet before the screen, and not just one or two millimeters, with right now, that’s about two millimeters and to me it needs to be A bit higher so certainly it’s a frustrating experience for me with the stylus. It really is nowhere near the level of say the Microsoft Surface pros intrigue styluses now that you shaped kickstand, will go all the way back here, which does give you a very good angle for sketching on the screen, even though, for me, the stylus performance, isn’t, wonderful At least the screen and the Stan allows you to recline the tablet, all the way back, almost which is great okay, so I’ll run through my typical cons here and the pros. I’Ll first start out with the positives here that we’re going to really really bright screen on this now ever over 1000 nits of brightness is something I did not expect. You know me do not get that. I normally get what 480 500 nits, but this is about 1100 nits, so it is a super bright screen which is great now.

The performance of the corium 3 is a different step up if you’re looking at older tablets, for example, if you’re looking at the surface go. This is a lot more powerful and does perform a lot better than that way. Now I’m, using currently a Gemini late laptop as well with touchscreen, and you just see the difference that this feels so much smoother scrolling, multitasking, it’s, quite good, but don’t expect to edit 4k videos on this, and even 1080p videos will be quite slow with us and 8 gigabytes of RAM is only unfortunately in single channel. Now I really wish chewy had gone with dual channel configuration, but they probably had to use them more actual RAM chips, more RAM modules and that’s. Why they haven’t done it it’s cost reduction there. Now the type C port full spec does support power delivery. My power delivery, adapters working and so is the battery pack that I have the bank it’s a power. Add 199 watt hours working great doesn’t quite charge it as fast, though it seems to just max out at about 11 watts, the charging rate, but it works that’s the main thing and it will eventually charge the battery fully there. So the build of it doesn’t feel like a surface pro, so don’t expect this to especially at the price. Its selling to selling for and you’ve got a plastic frame around the outside bit metal on the back and the kickstand. The you stand is also metal, and I like the fact that the you stand does let you use it as a handle and also a hook.

So you could hook this up on something like that and it is possible. So it gives you another opportunity that you don’t get with a typical kickstand. Most kick stands. Are costs not aren’t like this, so the camera on the round the camera on the front they’re, not amazing, quality. I did test out Linux, I can’t get it to boot. Okay, I don’t know what’s going on, but Linux Mint at least wanted me to remove the pin drive or it just would go straight into Windows, so I’m experiencing problems with that, so hopefully that’s something that Chewie can correct there now battery life. I wanted to talk about that because it is true disappointing on this I’m scraping just scraping and total about four hours on the lowest brightness sitting, and that is me taking it a little bit easy now, if you’re, really heavily multitasking filling up that Ram I’d expect. Maybe three and a half hours now I don’t know whether this is going to improve, hopefully with the final unit from them, but it’s, not amazing, so that’s, one area that not really completely happy about now taking the tablet out of a sleep as well does seem To be a little bit slow, it’s, not the fastest there, it takes a good 10 15 seconds before it comes up, and then you can go into the screen. I also point out through that the screen touch accuracy is good. Now the stylus doesn’t seem to want to be detected until it’s only about two millimeters away from the screen, and I find that annoying and frustrating for handwriting it’s, not good at all, because you write a word.

You move over to the next word, but you’ll often trigger then a gesture, then, okay, you can with Windows, set it up to only work with just the stylus in certain applications which is going to save us there, but the palm rejection, as a result of that Is not really that good it’s not like a surface with the intrigue stylus, the other thing I don’t like the keyboard, it is mostly plastic. It’S got the synthetic leather like finish to it, which isn’t really that good. The fact that you can’t use the second level because the magnets not strong enough or the materials just too rigid, I think, could be are one of the problems here now truly did tell me that this isn’t a final keyboard. In fact, this is not a final unit as well it’s, a lone unit, it’s a prototype. You could say the final keyboard is supposed to be something more like a surface type cover keyboard, and not this one, because I don’t particularly like the feeling of the keys they feel a bit cheap to me. The travel you get as well and just the action feels a bit cheap. The touchpad as well isn’t, very good palm wrist as plastic as well. It keeps the weight down. The weight is good, but yes, I’m, looking forward to seeing, hopefully the new final model of this keyboard. This touch type cover, sorry, because I’m, it definitely has to be a lot better than what this is so overall, the performance is good.

A good screen and I roll that having the type C port as well is good, the full size USB ports. The price is a lot cheaper than a Microsoft Surface pro, but of course, it’s not the same level quality. You can again here battery life truly disappointing. Stylist needs to be detected first. Those are the real main cons and the keyboard. Otherwise, if Chuy can get the stylus to perform better and the keyboard is great over, I think it’s going to be a descendant package for those that are, after an alternative to the surface pro. So thank you so much for watching this review.