So it’s not super lightweight, and you can see here a kickstand also made out of metal. The hinge is metal and it folds all the way back like so so we can actually get quite a nice angle here for using a stylus on there, which is an optional extra which I’ll show you later on. So the keyboard is very much like a type cover that you’ll find on the Microsoft Surface. Pro 3, the design is very similar to it. It is backlit it has this suede like material on the back. That is a complete dust magnet, so it picks up every single piece of dirt on the table services when you put it down there and it comes in with magnets just like that, you can also prop it up slightly higher there. So, overall, the bow quality of it is very good. It’S, decent and I’ll go into some more detail here. We’Ll go through all the pros and cons of this to, and one here from Chui so on. The bottom you’ll find the inserts there for the keyboard and pogo pins and underneath that kickstand, which, by the way has a metal hinge, you can see, is screwed in place. We have the micro SD card slot here, just like the surface pro series, so all the ports are located on the right side. We have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack that supports microphones 2, USB 3 plugs. Now these will power. External hard drives same goes for the type C port.

Now this is type c USB 3.1. So that means it supports data charging and video out up to 4k 30 Hertz the buttons at the top feel like they’re, made out of middle quality, feel they don’t feel. Like they’re gon na come loose or break or anything like that, and they don’t rattle around inside the housing. Now I’ve got a minor complaint here with this type C port, and that is the plug, because the housing slants off a little bit it doesn’t, actually sit completely flat. I found that to get the plugs in for my hubs. At least I really have to push the Sun at a bit of an angle and quite hard, then finally get it to clip in place and often it will pop out a little bit resulting in me losing the connection with my monitor and external keyboards. So if it doesn’t do that click, then it won’t sit there in place. So, on the back here we have a five megapixel autofocus camera, the quality isn’t, really wonderful, but it’s, ok for taking photos of text and things now it’s something that they’re, not even the surface. Pro 3 could do as it didn’t even have an autofocus camera. So up close text you can even take a photo of at least you can with this now here’s. One thing to note here that, while the back is all made out of alloy, which is great and the build quality, is excellent, there isn’t a plastic strip along here to aid the wireless antenna reception.

So I feel due to this, the range isn’t, quite as good as it could be, and on the rear, we’ve got the chui logo here, which is pressed into the metal kickstand and, lastly, up the front a 2 megapixel front facing webcam. So the type cover comes in two colors you’ve got black and I think the other one is a purple, color and it’s very, very similar to the design and even the quality of the Microsoft type cover 3. But you will get with thee or you can order extra for the Microsoft Surface pro 3. Now the material of it is like a fake suede that is very prone to smudges fingerprints marks dust and dirt, and everything it’s picking that up. You can see, even after 2 weeks of use, it’s already starting to look a little bit used and abused. Now the backlight on the keyboard isn’t armed by default. For some reason you need to press function and delete to turn it on and we are missing some controls here. So there’s no controls for the volume you’ve only got mute. No Print Screen button. The typing on this keyboard is not bad at all, but the key travel is quite shallow it’s about 1.17 millimeters of travel, so not a lot of travel there, but overall, quite good, not many typos and a pleasant keyboard to type on now. The touchpad, however, ok it’s a reasonable size, considering this bass they’ve got to work with but I’m, not particularly fond of this touchpad here, it’s, sometimes a little oversensitive double tapping and trying to drag items doesn’t seem to work sometimes, and I in the end, just use A mouse I don’t bother with it.

You have the gestures and, unfortunately, you’ll notice on the keyboard. Here I haven’t found it if it’s not showing, but there is no function, control or button shortcut to disable this touchpad, which is another annoyance. You can also prop up the type cover like this and when you type on it quite heavy, you will get a little bit of Bounce there. Now, if you’re not happy with that bounce, when typing then simply just place it down like that, of course again, just like the Microsoft Surface, pro 3 type cover – and this is what the keyboard looks like when lit up when you turn on the backlight. So the screen resolution is 27 36 by 18 24, and that translates to 267 PPI, which is very sharp for a 12 point, 3 inch screen maximum brightness tops out at 444 lux that I measured very nice panel that says really and top grade panel that you Will find indefinitely one of these cheaper, more budget orientated Chinese tablets do not normally have a quality screen like this one’s, a really nice blacks on here, good, looking colors. Now the touch digitizer and the pen is all running with good x technology, so that’s the digitizer brand, the manufacturer there and it can play of course, 4k videos. This is a native 4k video that’s recorded on my WoW it’s having problems with that. Just to start with I’m not sure what happened, then. This was recorded on a Samsung Galaxy Note, 4 back in the day and plays back without any issues.

So you can even play back high bitrate HUV codecs, a vp9 as well as something that the Apollo lanes can handle natively, so the screen on 0. I find to be a little too bright. Ideally, I would like this to be darker for late night time. Use 25, 50, 75 and then 100, which has been overexposed with my current camera settings. So the server comes with Windows, 10, home, fully activates, no problem and it’s a more recent build. So we don’t have to worry about downloading that really low creators update. Since we already have it incorporated in that image, they have used, got six gigabytes of RAM now it’s in dual channel 1600 megahertz, and we do have a hundred and twenty eight gigabyte, EMC 5 spec drive on here, and those are the speeds of it here. So very decent, almost 160 reads and a hundred writes there. 4 KS are also not too bad for this kind of Drive there and you’ll see it’s listed right here. It’S, a SanDisk DF 4128 other things of interest in here, the wireless it’s, all band wireless AC, the 3165 chipset very common now with the Apollo Lakes and it’s so much better than the realtek Wireless in we used to always see on the atom. Cheery trails did a quick benchmark of that now, I’m, going through a couple of walls. I was not sitting right on the wireless router here and, if I’m very close to the wireless router, these speeds will be around 260 270 meters per second, but in the room now it’s quite a bit lower and I found that it is actually lower than other Devices like my easy book, 3 Pro, which can get around 220 from the same room.

I think the design of it having the all metal bottle body all around the outside here does have a slight impact on the performance, but at least here in the office going from all the rooms, I can still get in very decent speeds here. Out of the router now a couple of other tests, I ran here: we’ve got Geekbench for CPU benchmark here, so that’s, more or less like other Apollo Lake in 34, 50s, no real problems, there, perhaps a little bit slower there, and then we have the open CL Test here, which is the compute score, so what about streaming 4k video at the moment, I’ve just gone into YouTube and I’m, just doing a 4k demo and it’s keeping up here. But when I did go from the windowed mode into fullscreen, it dropped about 5 or 6, where actually 7 frames. Here you can see just initially but it’s running that perfectly fine. Now this is using Microsoft’s edge here. So overall, the Apollo lakes are not high end. Chipsets they’re good for the light tasks like that, so streaming 4k, a little bit of Photoshop but minor edits. Minor kind of work like that is fine, Excel spreadsheets as long as they’re, not massive. They should run perfectly fine on this. So really, I think, it’s more or less a PC really only for those kind of tasks. So if you want to do heavy tasks like video editing, you want to game triple a titles.

Then this clearly is not the chipset for it. So time to listen to my typical sample track here on the sir box, so we’ve got left and right side words facing speakers. Let’S have a listen to how they sound. So as you can hear from that sample there that they’re modest kind of volume there. I wish they were just a little bit louder. There’S tiny hinted bass overall there, okay speakers, they certainly aren’t the best, however, and not premium speakers. So when it comes to battery life here I ran a couple of tests. So in this test here I was gaming for around three hours and the brightness was set to about 25 in autonomy. It’S gon na run for about four hours and 25 minutes with the discharge rate using around about 10 watts. Now, when I decided to take it more easy on it, so it was just light task, but a YouTube YouTube streaming, some videos, each Chrome, then I managed to get closer towards 7 hours, but this does still fall short so to fully charge the sir book when, In use all depends on if you’re doing something very demanding, it can range from about 2 hours, 50 minutes anywhere up to about 4 hours, if it’s a very demanding task. Now, if you power off the sir book and then charge it, it will fully charge in approximately 2 hours and 35 minutes. So it supports a stylus, the same exact one as the Chui HR, 1309, h3, so it’s.

The third version of their active styluses from chewy 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, the tip on the end, is a hard plastic. So it’s not like the quality styluses, where you get rubber on the end of it so I’m just going to do a couple of quick tests here, I’m, no artist, a lot of people been asking me: can I draw a straight horizontal world diagonal lines, so here We go try and do that as straight as possible seems relatively quick here. This is in one note, of course, now notice that the stylus, you cannot use it right up to the very edge there’s a limit there. You can see of around about three millimeters you’re, not getting the whole visible screen here. That border applies to the whole screen there you can see which of course, isn’t the greatest there. Now there is a hover function like you get on other styluses, so you hold it about right about 5, millimeters or so is where it works. Palm rejection also works so soon the pin is detected. Then palm rejection comes into play here. So can you write proper text on it? What is it lies I’m, just gon na do a quick demo here. It is actually not too bad one of the better ones and list here in OneNote and very fast too, with note taking things like that now, you can of course, use rulers and things, but I don’t actually happen to have one on me.

I’Ve just moved the studio over here, but I’ll use the type cover here as a ruler. So I try and get that as straight as possible. Okay, so here the sample from that to make this with back facing we’ve can now the framerate using the camera application. Here in Windows, it’s, not thirty, Frank decision and clearly sees a little bit choppy. I move my hand around here, it’s about 15 frames per second and the audio quality is average really isn’t it. So this is possible subscribe calls, but you know if you want better than less you’re, definitely better on getting some an external any be multi. We can, for example, I want to a little bit of gaming, so first up is Counter Strike global Offensive. These are the settings I’m gon na go with pretty much what I test on all of the Apollo lake in 3450 devices, so the framerate is good it’s over thirty frames per second now, some of the other polar lakes don’t actually get this kind of framerate. They get even lower than this, so it is playable at this resolution. Now, if you do, the TDP power limit, tweak you’ll, probably get an extra additional ten frames per second or so so. Games from the Windows 10 store running in the need of screen resolution like asphalt Xtreme here, you can see run far too slow, so you need to drop the resolution down to something like 1080p and then this game will have playable frame rates, but as it is Now running in the native screen resolution it’s far too choppy and only running about 10 or 15 frames per second, so quite bad.

So I would love to show you some League of Legends. Unfortunately, it seems they’ve got problems with the server. It took a long time for me to log in about 20 minutes and I’ve, been sitting here, waiting for this to update and it’s, not really even moving so something’s up with legal agent servers, and I just don’t have time to show you gameplay here. But if it’s like the in 34 50s that I’ve tested 1080p resolution, it can run it and it will get around 40 frames per second. So it won’t be a problem that game is going to be perfectly playable and if you’re worried about that framerate. If you want higher framerate, then just simply lower the resolution down so let’s have a look at the thermals here. So this is the whole time I’ve been running the system now for three hours and ‘ minutes maximum temperatures 69 degrees. Very good cube did show us that it does have a large copper heat sink in there. So they’ve taken care of that. There is no thermal throttling along here at all power. Limiting is normal on this chipset and processor. That is normal, that that has been triggered. Their GPU also gets up to where is it 79 degrees as well they’re, so thermals very good on this system? It does get slightly warm just in this area here behind on the rear, but nothing to be concerned about so that wraps up the review there.

The SU book is a very well rounded to an one tablet. Now, at the beginning, it was looking quite bad for this tablet because of the touchscreen issues, the fact that the sensitivity just wasn’t there so luckily chewy released that driver updates and now the touchscreen is perfectly fine, I’m able to select things I’m, not getting those typos. While using the on screen keyboard like a bursted with the first driver, so really good to see that they’re onto it, they’re fixing the problems as they should, of course now the design well made well put together the speakers sound. Okay wish there are maybe a little bit louder, but overall they’re not too bad typing on the type cover as well. Nice experience, it’s very similar to the Microsoft Surface, pro 3. Now my biggest complaint and the worst area I would say of this particular model here – is that touchpad I just don’t, like it it’s, not very good at all it’s, sometimes overly sensitive other times, it’s, not accurate other times when you’re moving around the cursor seems to Be trembling and it really makes life difficult, so I don’t even bother using it. I plug in a mouse, but then ink there seems to be a problem with disabling the touchpad. I can’t see on this keyboard, a shortcut for it, which I want. I want to be able to disable it since it’s, so poor, the other and second worst thing. I would say it would be the battery life we’re getting around six and a half hours, maybe seven that’s about an hour short or an hour, half less than other tablets, so it’s, not the best thing when it comes to the battery life and, lastly, a minor Complaint here is the type C port.

So when I try to put in my hub, for example, sometimes it will make its way out a little bit, causing the connection to be lost. To my monitor to my other, for example, my external keyboard and mouse and I’ve got to try and push it back in, and I feel hopefully that they can improve on the way that the type C port sits in there other than that. It is a really nice tablet. It has got a beautiful screen on here. So the surface pro screen same exact panel looks great – maybe not quite as good as the surface, of course, because it’s not fully laminated but other than that. The brightness is there 450 Lux deep, blacks, good, colors, really really nice screen on there. You won’t really find any better in a tablet there. So, overall, it is quite a good tablet. The stylus as well performance seems decent, but it’s, still not as good as a Microsoft Surface, with the intrigue one with a rubber tip on it. So don’t fool yourself into thinking. All this is going to have the exact same stylus performance as a surface book. No, it doesn’t, but it isn’t too bad, but really still not the best. If you’re an artist or someone that needs the best stylus performance, get yourself something with a Wacom stylus or go for the Microsoft Surface book or surface pro. They are a lot better there. So, thank you so much for watching this review and I do have catch you back in the channel.