, So this is a smaller version of the Sur book that I reviewed and you could call it really a cut down cheaper version now why I say cut down because they have loaded the RAM. So the Rams not six gigabytes like the Sur book. It is now four on this particular model, which was what we were first getting with the intel celeron N3450’s, which this is powered by so that’s a chip that’s a quad core, and it has two megabytes of cache and a maximum to about 2.2 gigahertz. This has wireless AC, just like the sir book that made no compromises there, which is good, but they made a compromise with the stylus. So it supports an active stylus, which I happen to have right here, but as one of those very simple styluses, so it’s on or off that is it when it touches the screen. There is no pressure sensitivity, so not a recommended stylus at all for people into handwriting. They want to take notes well or artists. This is going to actually drive you mad, because you cannot really use this properly, it’s more, just like an accurate pointer. So when it is on and touching the screen, you do have power rejection, but really that is basically it. I will not cover any more of the stylus, because there is no point to it without having any pressure sensitivity. Oh, it does work quite close up to the edges as well within imagine of about one millimeter or so, but that’s the stylus, no more on that now, an optional keyboard as well.

You can get for this, which is just like a keyboard you’d find on a Microsoft Surface, but not quite the same quality, however, that you get on this one. So the key travel on this is quite shallow about 1.2 to 1.1 millimeters that I measured it’s okay, but because of the smaller size of the screen being ten point, eight inches that the typing experience isn’t quite as comfortable. The other thing to note, too, that the touchpad is not a precision one, so it can be frustrating to use. You cannot disable the gestures without any registry hacks. The other thing to of the keyboard is that it does have this plastic either side of those keys, which is normal because they’re separated, but it is raised up a little bit higher and the key travel actually goes beyond that when you’re typing on it – and you Happen to touch in between by accident, it can be a little bit uncomfortable, so something else to bear in mind. We get a few shortcuts on here, but obviously it is limited within limited size and the real estate they have for this keyboard. It docks in just like any surface device would magnetically without Pogo ports there, and you can prop it up to another level. Now, when you press down hard on this, there is a little bit of flex, depending on how heavy you are. When typing, you may notice a little bit of bounce to pressing it on so the keyboard a rate as average, but you still do recommend getting their keyboard.

Of course, if you are going to be buying this particular device, oh and there is a magnet in it. So when you do close it that magnet the whole sensor can put the device in to sleep so that’s, something that is handy there and it doubles as a screen protector when you’ve got it closed up there, so the build of it you can see. We have a kickstand again like a Microsoft Surface. This is based really off the surface 3 it’s, not fixed angle, but variable angle. 1. So you can angle it all the way back like this and prop it up to where I had it before about there. That’S really the maximum angle you can get before it risks actually falling over there, but it works the hinge on it. It’S made out of metal the build overall is mostly metal. You see along the top. Here we have a plastic chrome style buttons. They feel ok, and I will see this triple on the top. That is plastic before the wireless and Bluetooth reception. We’Ve got wireless AC on this model and the ports we have on the right hand, side we’ve got 2 USB 3 ports that will power external hard drives type C port that supports display video outs and data all at the same time now I have ass minor Complaint with this type C port – and that is because of the housing it’s a little bit of an angle.

You can see there that pressing in some type C plugs of mine with hubs or even a charging cable can be a little bit challenging at times, and sometimes the charging cable has popped out. So not the greatest there at hoping that Chewie would have fixed this. Because I had the same problem with the surberg, you see, we also have a three point. Five I’m gon na need a headphone jack sound output on this is okay. The loudness is also okay. I do wish was a little bit louder, focusing on that screen now. So it is 1920 by twelve it in resin. Ten point: eight inches three by two aspect: ratio and it’s can see from my sample images here that color reproduction is very good and a really nice screen very bright as well. Five hundred and twenty lux maximum output and really decent colors on this, the fact that it’s fully laminated is what makes this display shine because you get deep blacks. The contrast is just a little better there and really a nice panel. If it was good enough for Microsoft to use in the surface three, then it is definitely good enough for a alternative, cheaper Chinese model here so book many ships with Windows, 10 Home version 1703 I’ve – run a couple of benchmarks on here. So the chipset has a maximum turbo of 2.2 gigahertz it’s quad core, and this is a way to gauge the performance. If you have a similar kind of tablet or a notebook run this test here and you can get an idea of just how the performance stands with your own existing machine, so this is Geekbench 4 and those scores they’re they’re fine for the cell run in 30.

For 50, more or less what I’m getting on others, perhaps a little bit lower the multi core score here I often see close to 4000 here, but the single core score. That is definitely perfectly fine there here is the open CL score. So this is using the Intel – HD 500 graphics, the GPU there to calculate that and in the wireless speed. So this is testing my 300 megabyte fiber line from within the studio here and the room. So the actual router is about two rooms away and the performance is okay. This isn’t bad more less what you get with other devices running this chipset, the Intel 31 65 it’s, not a premium chipset, but at least it is wireless, AC, dual band and it offers reasonably good performance there. Now. What is really good in terms of performance is the emmc Drive on here, so we don’t have any expandability with the storage. There is no M.2 SATA 3. Is this the slot? Unfortunately, at least chewy have put in here a SanDisk eMMC 5.1 spec drive and, as you can see from these speeds here, that it’s really quite quick. Look at les 271 sequential reads and then 815 writes and good 4k speed, so very pleased with the performance of the internal storage. Taking a look now at chrome performance, I wanted to show you the touch response, so in general, touch response at accuracy is good in Windows, but I have noticed that there is a little bit of lag in chrome.

You can see here that it’s not performing as fast as it could not the greatest now. It is quite an image intensive heavy website, my website here, so that does affect the performance, but you can see even then loading that in it’s a little slower than I would like there and a bit of a delay there with touch so chrome performance isn’t. That great, but when you switch over to something like edge, then you find the performance is just so much better it’s girls, of course, a lot faster for those websites, though I’m looking at a little bit lighter. But even if I go into my own website, take tablets, you’ll see loading really fast, it’s the first time I’ve loaded it by the way in edge and the scrolling performance is a lot better. Not perfect. You see there’s a little few stutters they’re, just rendering still that’s why that happened, but so much better, which is why I recommend that if you’re going to be doing a lot of web browsing like this stick to edge or Internet Explorer, oh something’s, a little bit Lighter than chrome this runs, okay can see it’s a little bit slow and laggy there when going to full screen drop two frames only, but overall, if you stick to edge again, then 4k streaming at least and YouTube here is going to be fine, but don’t. Try this in chrome chrome is very choppy and laggy. Now we only have four gigabytes of RAM here.

You get six on the sir book, so ideally that is better to have the six, of course, the more the merrier, because it’s going to perform a little bit more fluid a little faster and you do notice it once you start to fill up the memory. So if you run in Chrome in a few other applications, for example, got League of Legends here, paint open and all that’s actually images. There you’ll notice that it starts to bog down a little bit when you start to move around or hit the Start menu that things become a little slower. The animations just a little lag here, so it doesn’t handle heavy multitasking that well now the is running in dual channel at least, and at 1600 megahertz it’s low powered double data rate. Three specs. You can only expect so much from this kind of hardware. So if you want to edit videos or images very heavy images, then I wouldn’t really be doing it on an Apollo Lakes Elrond in 3450. So you might be wondering, hang on Chris, where the speakers I didn’t, see them in the beginning, well, that’s, because they’re actually just inside here now when I say speakers, yes, there are two of them in here. I thought it was just mono speaker but, of course having both of the speakers. On the left hand, side we’re going to get very poor separation, and these speakers do sound quite poor. They just are not loud enough at all, give you sample of them.

Okay, how to believe that that it was 100 volume they had terrible in terms of loudness just way too quiet. So it has a 37 watt hour battery and really it’s just not enough, because I only managed to get 5 hours and 20 minutes in my battery life test here. So I ran it down from a hundred percent 30 percent brightness I just kept using it continuously. So YouTube, Chrome and really I expected a little bit more than this, even though it’s only 37 watt hours, I was hoping for somewhere around 67 hour mark so fall short here and definitely a lot less battery than the likes of its bigger sibling. The sir book now charge times it will take 2 hours and 51 minutes to charge when powered off going from 10 percent right up to 100. Taking a look now at the gaming performance, this is a stall game called Ashford extreme and it’s a little choppy. It doesn’t quite run at 30 frames per second it’s on the large visual seating, but it’s still not ideal. Let’S have a look at how legal agents and counter strike perform so counter strike. 800 x 600 resolution is very choppy on the lowest settings it Peaks about 30 frames per second, but it’s just far too slow. So you really want to apply that power limit tweak. You can see down to 3 frames per second there, ouch, not good at all. So you can see here that legal agents running at 720p on the medium settings is getting at least playable frames per.

Second, it hovers around 50 40 frames per second, I haven’t seen a dip down to about 31 there’s a lot on screen, but overall it is at least playable, so thermals are really good here: maximum of 56 degrees. This was after 30 minutes of gaming and charging at the same time, so there’s plenty of headroom here to unlock those power limits and push this chip a lot higher, because we’ve just got so much thermal Headroom it’ll, probably get up to about eighty degrees. If you set it to 10 watts, but it will really boost that GPU performance, which is really restricted and lacking at the with the factory power limit sitting short clip here now from the front webcam, so 720p max 30 frames per. Second, you can see the quality is actually alright, it’s, not bad compared to other tablets that I have looked at then half an hour in 5050. Now, if you’re wondering about the BIOS, unfortunately it’s locked out to us all, we have is to some basic configuration settings here, so none of those advanced menus are open. So this is the latest build of Linux, Mint jar and everything is working apart from touch one thing to the audio seems to be outputting to the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and not via the speakers. So you need to configure that so that is it really? You just need to hunt around and find the driver for the touchscreen, and then, if you can get that working Linux will run okay on this particular machine.

All right, so let’s just wrap things up here. This screen of it is really great. I do love it fully: laminated it’s super bright, decent colors and blacks. The best thing about this tablet and the build quality is great. We’Ve got also fast, internal storage, wireless AC, but there are quite a few disappointing areas now. One of them has to definitely be the stylus. You make a tablet like this, which is really like a Microsoft Surface 3, but then you pair it up with the high pin 2 it should be true, is high, pin 3 that supports a thousand and 24 levels of sensitivity, and this, of course, does not have Any sensitivity whatsoever to pressure, which means really to just throw it out the window because it’s an accurate pointer and just for basic tasks, so artists, people that need to write a lot of notes and things like that. Forget it. You don’t want to be using a stylus like this ever on a device like this, because it will frustrate you, and it is the point disappointing now. The other thing that there’s also frustrating with this device in my time using it for a week, is the touchpad. The touchpad, you can often trigger gestures by mistake and you cannot disable them it’s, not a precision touchpad as well, so the accuracy doesn’t seem that great on it, and it does frustrate me quite a bit typing on that keyboard. Once I adapted to the smaller size here, so this, of course, is a keyboard design for a 10.

8 inch screens, so they’ve had to cram it down a little bit. We don’t have all of the shortcuts we normally see, and the typing experience on those keys is a little shallow. The key travel and I do find it cramped, but once I adapted to it, I was typing okay and you do have to hit those Keys really square on in the center, because if you do touch a little bit to the side, you’ll end up hitting that Plastic, which is raised up – I think they’ve done this to recessed it a little bit here, reducing that key travel to stop the keys from hopefully scratching up and touching the screen when you’ve got it all closed, which I do believe will end up happening. If you have it pressed in between books or other things in your bag there, and then it will probably end up scratching the screen which doesn’t have scratch resistant glass. But there is a screen protector on here. So, overall I would go for the Chewie sir book, because it’s got 2 gigabytes of RAM more and has about 2 hours more of battery life as well, and we get of course, a stylus that has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. So please do check out my review of the Chewie Cermak up here and in my latest videos, and thank you so much for watching. If you have not subscribed, then why don’t think about subscribing to the channel, because I will have plenty more of reviews like this.