It was more expensive than this. This is actually more cheaper. You open the date and then check the specs first of all, and you can only get it for 15 000 pesos. So it is ideally for students gon na go online classes, so uh in case that you’re in the tight budget. I think let’s see what’s the specs inside of this unit if it is worth it fifteen thousand unit, all right, let’s open the unit. So we have, we have here charger and we have the printed materials here and comes with a warranty card is all around the units? Definitely safe, Music, so it’s silver, it’s made of plastic. Of course, you know it’s, just a 15, 000 laptop first impression, it’s a 13.3 inch laptop. They said that this is a quad hd resolution. It was more roughly 19 000, but it is a backlit keyboard metallic brush, which is saying it is a 15 000 pesos and let’s talk about the dimension of this unit. For the width we got 32.5 for the height we got 20 and for the depth. We got 21.5 that’s in centimeters, guys opening the unit you can open it in hangandito, hindisha, 180 degrees, so it’s a non bezel like the other laptops before in a borderlation screen. This has a lot of borders. You’Ll see a sticker here of intel, celeron, okay, there’s, a chewy logo here so it’s silver. It looks like metal, but it is plastic.

Let’S talk about the parts of this unit. We have here a mini sd card slot, audio jack usb 3.0. On the other side. In power kusana and another usb 3.0 mini hdmi port, the weight is actually sorry internet, but i think one one kilogram now, if you’re able to find it on the internet yeah, please just comment there, so you can share to others and speaking about comments guys, please Don’T forget to like and subscribe our page, so just in case the american laptop unbox you’ll be the first one to know now. Let’S talk about the specification of this two week. Media book, the processor is an intel celeron and the seller on here is n. Three. Four five zero, so um is 1.1 gigahertz, while the turbo boost is 2.2 gigahertz, four cores and four threads, not all, and the memory is eight gig memory. The storage is 256 solid state drive, you guys come to think of it for 15 000. It already comes with the 8 gig memory and the 256 ssd. The resolution of this unit is 3200 by 1800, guys that’s qhd, so it’s a quad hd plus so most mata specials are full hd, guys currently settings recommended, which is about 250 percent. In your recommended 250 percent, i recommend, but if you put it on 100 percent, which i always do in my laptop multitasking, i got installed in my screen at the same time 100 come you know, do you see how vivid it is? But of course there are some customers that’s why? I would suggest you using only the 250 percent, which is the recommended of the settings.

This resolution, the quad hd plus famous brand young labels level. You will only see this resolutions among a dell xps razer blade. That is around 70 000 and above, however, chewy was able to uh to give it on a quad hd for only 15 000 pesos about the keyboard. The keyboard feels i actually tested typing here. It’S first test i did hindi akon travel distance is actually occasional. I actually scored 41 words per minute that’s, only a first test that i did. I think i was normally doing 45 on my regular laptop but of course, and that’s. The result that i got 41. let’s talk about the camera of this unit open time on camera. Guys camera is not so bad. My own hello check the settings it’s 0.9 mp in camera, just like other laptops. Actually, my previous gaming laptops it’s only 0.9 mp. The resolution is 720, so it’s an hd hurts 50 hertz camera speaker of this unit Music. I forgot to mention that this is an ips display, mostly on ips display, photo editor video editors. So this is what hd, plus with already an ips display and ips display angle motif the new unit. You will get the same: color quality guys there. You have it in open chat system unit natto, because extra memory or extra storage for upgrading unit worth 15 000 laptop it’s up to you, eight gig memory, two five, six ssd, probably naked it’s a celeron.

But, however, just look at the price actually masala and pricing is roughly around 15 to 20, 000 and that’s. Only four gig memory – and this is already an eight gig plus pain resolution, which is a quad hd plus ips, so that’s 3200 by 1800 hd resolution. Since chewy’s new brand probably will be hesitant to buy this unit, but don’t worry if you purchase this laptop factory, this is covered by one week replacement and the one year manufacturer warranty in case. I think i already told you everything about this book. If you got any suggestions or if you got any opinions about the unit, feel free to comment down below so then again, this is dustin from laptop factory.