If youre unaware it is the successor to the gemini lake, its low end intel, but it is 11th gen, 10 nanometers now. Finally, four cores maximum turbo is 2.8 gigahertz im talking about the sauron in 5100. That is powering this being only a 6 watt chip. It is just intended for low end computing, so basic computing. This model here is called the larkbook x from chewie and its probably the best there is for the jasper lakes. So far. I think for the price point, so we have a full metal build apart from the palm rest, large touch pad very good keyboard and the best part is the screen. Its an excellent screen. 2K touch with 10 touch points, ips very good. Color coverage, no pulse width, modulation, flicker and chewy has, even once and for all fixed the hinge with a new design in this model, so the rest of the spec, while it does have eight gigabytes of ram 256 gigabytes of sata, 3 storage, wi, fi, ac and A 38 watt hour battery this video is sponsored by the all new tuxedo infiniti book, pro 14, with 3k screen, 11th gen intel core i7 and optional rtx 3050 ti graphics and it can be configured with linux or windows. Dual boot see the link in the description for more info, so the laptop itself and then the power supply is all thats included, its a 24 watt one, our total travel weight with a little tiny power supply is 1.

47 kilos, so excellent weight here for a 14 Inch, metal, laptop and weve got another decent screen in this from chewie, so its 14 inches and the resolution ill just show you now here well go into the device display settings and youll see that 150 scaling so its 2240 by 1400 and 16 by 10 aspect Ratio so the brightness ive measured it and it does come out to be 371 nits, which is very good. Its okay, not exactly the brightest ive seen and the touch response, is very good and im finding it to be really accurate as well, and there seems to be no lag too with it so or you can see when i move that around and thats just the Way, it is with this particular cpu, but referring to just the touch response and things, it is excellent, really good screen, so it has 99 srgb ntsc that is 71 adobe rgb is 76 great for this price group and category of laptop and then p3 77 percent. So its a very nice screen sharp resolution, good brightness and the contrast well its an ips, so the blacks, dont look as deep as oled and theyre never going to be able to match that. But again for the price point and this category laptop. It is a very good screen, so i hope chewie continue with this trend of using really good panels in their products, and the other thing i like about the hinge is theyve got metal now in the bottom of where the hinge is, and it does feel a Lot better, so i can move this and it feels quite stiff.

But when you tap on the screen too theres a bit of bounce but its not bad youre, always going to get that bounce even on high end premium 2000 dollar touchscreen laptops youre, going to always have that. But the hinge really does feel just so much better than what weve had on previous gen. The lid of the lockbook x is made out of alloy. We do have a chuwi logo here now its not a sticker. You cannot remove this, so it will not be opened. One handed note: you do need to use two hands to open it up now. This keyboard is the typical style of keyboard we get from chewie. I happen to be a big fan of it. I do like it, i think its a decent keyboard, i think its very good to type on so backlit. It does have two stages of lighting which ill show you now. This is currently the brightest setting, which is the second stage, and then that is the first. If you want to dull it down a little bit and save a tiny bit on battery now, because its a 14 inch laptop, we have a little bit more room. Weve got our home end page up and down keys here. Full sized arrow keys power button is not in the place of where the delete button is, which is good. I havent accidentally tapped it weve got our typical shortcuts here, media shortcuts function keys over here all up.

It is a nice keyboard to type on. I really do like it and the keycaps feel good they curve in ever so slightly and pressing down really hard. There is a tiny bit of flex there, but really no bounce its a good keyboard comfortable. What about our touchpad so nice and large again its a typical style from their previous generations like the jimmy book and the corebook x? It is a good touchpad. I really dont have any problems with it: its not an amazing touchpad, but it does the job. Finder movements are accurate. It supports gestures, of course, made of plastic smooth finish and it does have a left and right mouse button built in it. Now we have a nice slim, build with this, so its metal all around on the underside, the lid, the sides too, as well, and were looking at about 14 millimeters here, the thickness which is not bad at all. So its quite slim – and here we do have a status led full spec type c port. So this supports power, delivery up to 40 watts data and then video out 4k 60 tested heres our dc plug in there for powering it. If you dont want to use power, delivery and type c on the right, we have a micro, sd card reader. The cards do sit in flush, they dont stick out: combo 3.5 millimeter jacks, of course, headphone and microphone, and then right here is a usb 3 port which does power external hard drives without any problems the underside of the lock box.

This is all made out of the same alloy, which is a soft alloy, very easy to scratch, but it looks nice. I, like this dark gray, look two downwards firing speakers these ones. They sound pretty good and ill. Give you a sample of them later on and an easy access hatch to our 22 by 80 millimeter m.2, sata, 3 slot and the internal so a little difficult to get access to this, and you dont need to do this all right. No one needs to go in here, because nothing is replaceable upgradeable unless of course, maybe in five years time you need to put a new battery in. So, in order to get that lid off, i did have to remove two screws here, underneath the rear feet, so be careful of that. That fills up a lot of people and they end up damaging it. So really like what im seeing here in the internal, so weve got plenty of copper over the jasper lake in 5100, thats great, but not only that we have the new hinge design, which is external. You dont have it hidden behind the glass which was on the older model, so theyve made a big change. There everythings all talked up very nicely, which is good. We have a metal backing behind the keyboard, thats why it has no bounce and flex and a bit of a spoiler. Here. I can tell you that this copper is working well, because thermals dont go over about 67 degrees celsius, ill drive right there and then four little speakers which, as you see later on, they do actually sound a lot better than what we used to get from previous Gens and our battery, which is 38 watt hours, im able to squeeze about seven hours out of this, which is really good, thats only light work with the brightness right down by the way.

So there you can see that new hinge and its all talked out. Well, they even put a bit of thread, locking solution on the screws on all of the screws and theres the hinge there. So you can see completely new design. I hope this is going to stand the test of time with the other models simply didnt and ran into a lot of problems, but its great to see them finally improve upon this, so good build quality, especially for the price. Now it does ship with windows 10. However, ive run the little test here that we get from the pc check and you can see that this pc meets windows, 11 requirements, so thats great, it does have the tpm 2.0 secure boot can be enabled and turn on. So everything we need for windows. 11. Is there im not too sure if youll be able to get more performance with windows 11? I havent done enough tests here with that to find out now in here you can see the device manager. What else have we got on board? That is of interest to try not to make this too long, so windows 10 home now. It is, of course, licensed fully activated no problems with that under the device manager, the wireless you will see is a wireless ac card, so real tech. Here i would have preferred wireless ax, so wi fi six. I guess that might have pushed the cost up a little bit, but still i think they should have gone for wi.

Fi six would have been a lot better. You get bluetooth 5.2, normally with those cards and were on bluetooth, 4 spec, with this real tech card. Now the throughput from it around just over 300 meters per second, so its not a super wireless card and as i showed you, there is no gigabit lan on this or anything like that either. So you do have to put up with just being just limited there. You can use a type c or usb to lan adapter. Of course, if you wanted to so the ssd that netac thats inside you can see safer, three spec, so nvme would have been great in this, especially again at the price of this laptop, but we certainly dont get it. I would have liked to have seen it, but if it pushed that price up a little bit, i guess they had to make some compromises since theyve gone with such a nice screen in this unit that we do have so a couple of benchmarks here that i Can show you, while just the one actually is geekbench five, so it gets 573 for single core score and then multi core score is 14 just over 1400. Now, if this was a 10 watt part, if it was the n5095, this score here would be 2 000 points, and this would be around about 630. So i do hope that chuwi later on, gets hold of that particular system on the chip that jasper lake to help boost our performance.

Now the intel cell run the in 5100, its a quad core 10 nanometers. Finally, and the turbo is faster, a little bit faster than what we had on the previous gen with the n 4100, the gemini lake, so its now 2.8 gigahertz, but its the limits really that six watts that this is configured to that is going to be capping. Our performance now ram speeds, it does support 2933 megahertz top speeds here, but we dont have that because i have checked this out. If i go here into our device manager not into that device manager. Here you can see that the memory is only running at 2.4. Gigahertz, it is at least in dual channel, so were not missing out on memory bandwidth. However, we are missing out on memory speeds there, which would aid the performance overall, not only on the cpu side of things, but then the uhd graphics, which does have 24 x executional units now compared to. I believe it was 12 or 16 that we had on the previous gen video playback performance, thanks to the native decoding that weve had for some time now. With these chips, hevc does run really well now. This is my jellyfish test file, so 140 megabits per second 10 bit 4k initial little stutter and then its fine okay. This place then smooth, and it does look really good on the screen. I mean this is a fantastic screen. The big plus here, the big positive of this particular model, is, of course, this touch screen, lovely screen and what about 4k 60? That is also running just fine and looks really good on the screen.

So for content like this watching movies youtube very good sample from the webcam now. So this is a 720p only webcam and i do have some normal lighting on at the moment and what youre listening to is the built in microphone so webcam quality. A little grainy looks a little bit washed out. Nothing amazing, but at least we do have a webcam and its in the top bezel in a normal location. Now some good news here with those down firing speakers. They do actually sound pretty good theyre, not bad. They are finally improving and what they have been now for the past year, or so they used to be absolutely terrible. A little bit of bass, good reasonable volume to them and ill give you a sample at 100 percent im happy with them. I think theyre fine theyre, not the best youll ever hear but theyre fine. They do the job, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause and just how was the general performance so its not a laptop youd, buy expecting to play battlefield 2042 at 60 frames per second okay with amazing, graphics, all high end settings. Of course not. This is quite low end. So scrolling performance here in chrome, thats, fine. But what i wanted to do is my little test that i like to do just test out: uh, searching cats and then opening up a lot of different tabs and keep an eye on the performance. And then the memory too, how is that going to be? Is it going to hit 100 there? We go 100 load.

That is normal, though, as its loading. All of this in so a rough amount of tabs here, i think ive got what about 10 open there. Just opened up a couple: more thats got videos in it, thats a heavy page and lets just search quickly cars here, so these kind of general computing needs is what its good at so just light. Tasks is all that jasper lake, at least at six watts, is going to be able to handle really not much more okay, so swapping over to these tabs uh. This got an embedded video in it, but that doesnt seem to be actually thats not lagging out at all. That seems quite smooth, thats good. So what about over here? Another embedded, video that seems smooth enough. That seems quite good, actually all right wikipedia. That is not a heavy website at all page and a lot of the searches arent that heavy either okay. So this has a lot of images in there a little bit of lag just coming through them, so it really depends on the websites youre looking at, but most the time you can run quite a lot of tabs here, even with eight gigabytes of ram its just Enough to be able to do this now, it does have like 256 megabytes dedicated to the uhd graphics, so its performing pretty well here swapping between those tabs yeah. I mean thats good. So this is really all this. Chipset is really good at dont, be confused or mislead into thinking that you can run and edit, like 4k videos like a pro now, you can do basic, maybe full hd edits but super basic, and even then i wouldnt really want to do it.

Remember its fanless, its only six watts gaming performance so counter strike just 800 x 600 resolution here, youre getting around 30 frames per second, it is just playable, but wow a lot of lag with smoke and then other teammates on screen, so not really a gaming system At all, but these lighter older titles – you can kind of play. If you dont mind these choppy terrible frame rates, something like skyrim is going to be able to run on this, but onto low settings of course, and yeah terrible gameplay. I know i died instantly, but still look at that frame rate struggling to get 30 on a busy server here now what about battery life so because its only a six spot part its actually pretty good, even though its not a huge battery? Well, it looked quite big when we looked at the internals but its very thin thats, why its so large it will go for over seven hours now. That, of course, is just me doing light tasks so just being in chrome, watching videos or streaming a bit of youtube with the brightness set relatively low mind you at about 30 percent, so factor that in if you do a little bit more demanding work. The battery life, of course, is going to drop down a bit, but still very good because well, yes, its low powered only 6 watts. Now i would really love chewie to release this model with a 10 watt jasper lake in it or even if they could configure up to 15 watts, then well get a lot more performance, so that is really the only major con.

Well, the only thing that i really think would bother people is the fact that performance is not amazing, its slightly better than the previous gen, but it really held back by that six watt power limit. Hopefully we can bypass that now. If youre asking about the bios, it is completely locked down, unfortunately well not completely, but we cannot adjust power limits, hopefully that hack that worked on the gemini lake and the apollo lake will work later on. If someone can figure that out, so we can increase the power limits because theres, certainly thermal headroom thermals, are great on this. So the best thing is the screen its fantastic. I really do like it its like having a premium screen in a low end laptop, which is basically what it is so many of the thousand dollar or even 2 000 laptops that i look at would have a color gamut very similar to this. What was it? 76 adobe rgb is excellent. The touch response, the accuracy, the sharpness of the screen, the brightness no flickering at all at lower brightness levels too, as well, is another positive. The keyboard like the previous models, not a lot has changed, and why change it when its good? Just leave it alone, right, good keyboard to type on good touchpad, build quality, the internals look so much better theyve even got the speakers isolated with little rubber mounts to stop them. Vibrating and the speakers sound so much better too.

So they are definitely improving and i do hope that they will be shipping this with windows 11 out of the box. That would be another positive, so i have to nitpick with this. If i did – and i will, that would be another type – a port would be great. Another type c also would have been great on there. So weve got the full spec type c, with power delivery at 40. Watts is good and i would have loved to have seen a wi fi 6 support on this, so its only a wi fi ac, cad wi fi 5, which is, i think for the spec, is still fine, just like the sata 3.. So all up, if youre looking for a laptop with a great screen, a touch screen and youre only going to be doing basic things like emails documents, spreadsheets things like that surfing the web watching movies. This is an ideal laptop. I believe for that, and so far the best ive come across out of the jasper lake laptop. So thank you so much for watching my review here of the lark book x from chewie. I hope to catch you in the next.