Finally, as Chuy's lat book pro now, the lat book pro is very similar to the Lapp book. Sc that I reviewed apart from this monter has a 14 inch screen instead of 13 point 3 inches. It should have much slimmer basil's by the look of the oppressed images. It does look quite good and it gives up on one of the USB 3 type, a ports there's two on the let book se, but only one on this, because in replace of that other one is a type C port, so type C charging with this and Data I'm, not too sure about video out. I will have to check it in fact. I'Ll do that in this particular video and the rest and specs is, are basically the same, so we're gon na have a 38. What our battery 4 gigabytes of RAM, unfortunately – and this particular model that I have is the cheapest one, so it has a 64 gigabyte eat MMC with Windows 10 home installed on it, but it does have a slot in there, which I will show you where you Can install an SSD so comes in your typical chewy packaging. Here there plain brown box and it is factory sealed you can see. So I haven't opened this up yet it's gon na be an authentic first impressions. I haven't seen it yet okay, so this box, in the top, just like the Aero book and the laptop SC that's, going to have our charger in it.

So I have an EU cable and the plug you can see. This is a fairly easy to source cable. So you've got to get one for the UK and US it's like that infinity style plug and here is the charger. So this should be rated to 12 volts and 2 amps, which it is just like. The other tech with the gym and a lake and then tucked up away inside surrounded by a lot of padding, as you can see, is out leper Pro here now before I go any further, I want to check the weight of it. It does feel like it's. Quite heavy, I definitely compared to the Aero book. So there we go one point: four, six kilos, so that's about the same as the leppe book se. My era book is only one point, two, seven so that's why it feels much lighter ok. So we have a lighter color silver netbook prone, a bottom there. You can see two down with flying speakers, okay, so this is different because on the let book I see the speakers are actually located here, the same as the era book so downwards. Firing I'm, not particularly fond of so we could be worse off here when it comes to speakers, but I will test them in this video, so we have four rubber feet, as you can see all the screws on the bottom one right here in the middle, possibly To help with keyboard, flicks and bounce to screw it down there – and here is where we can install a twenty to forty six or twenty to 80 sized SSD.

In fact, I'm gon na install one here in this video, so I've taken the hatch off it's. Just two screws to get into this, so this is easy and you can see there set it up for the size of a twenty to forty two millimeter size, SSD and the plug is actually on this side right here, so you can remove this I'll see. If I can move it now, the largest position – because I want to use my faster 2280 sized SSD okay – so you can see what they've done here – it's, actually quite ingenious, it's, just like a little clip it clips in. If I rotate this now, I should be able to pull this out if I've lined that up correctly I'll, just give it a wiggle, it doesn't seem there. We go okay, so that's come out now. That'S got a screw in there, so I just need to relocate it and screw that and push that in now. You can see I have it screwed in place. Just make sure you face it down when you insert it, and it must be a set of three Specht one nvme drives will not work here. Ok now so the lid nolo goes across the top here. Backlit logos like the Lapp book SC. So a lot of people gon na be fond of this look and doesn't stand out with that big ugly kind of chewy logo that we had before and there's no chew at the top here.

So that's interesting. I wonder if it's gon na have a logo in the inside, so the lid itself has barely any flex, in fact that actually feels quite solid, pressing down on that and let's see. If we can open this up, one handed no weakened. Not so it's gon na require two hands for that, and let's take a look now at the keyboard and the touchpad. So it actually does look a little bit different here from the LAT book. Sc quite a bit different. Those keys look good now there's a backlit keyboard, but the material they've used on this key caps actually has more of a met finish to it: they're, not so glossy as the ones who get on the era book or the lap book. I see the touchpad doesn't, it feels about the same, maybe maybe a little bit different there and, of course they are left and right hard. We abundance within that so I'm, just gon na press down in the middle here. That feels quite good. Actually so it looks like we're, not no we're, not getting any keyboard flicks here at all, and the key travel feels were really good. Actually, this feels like a quality keyboard, they've gone with now it's good, to see with the keyboard that the arrow keys they haven't changed this so there's, still full size, arrow keys, page up and down the end keys all along here, dedicated print screen button right at The top power button here, as you can see, is not separated away from the keyboard, which is you know I a little annoying.

I wish they could have put it up here, so you wouldn't have any accidental touches if you went to hit the Delete key, but most of the time I find at least with the let book I see in the era book that I've never actually ended up. Heading it so it's not really too much of an issue. If I move the keyboard along here, you can see we've got controls there for the screen brightness, and this one right here the Escape key. This is to control that backlit keyboard, which I will show you once I've get this powered on now, but we'll take a look at the screen, so you can see that these side, bezels and the top bezels are quite slim here now. The BIOS screen that I'm. Currently, in is flickering but it's only flickering on camera. Don'T know why this is. It must be because of the pulse width, modulation and the fact that it's on the low brightness at the moment, so one thing I'm, not too happy about that's, probably not going to actually be an issue for a lot of people. But the BIOS is not fully unlocked to us like it is on the lab book. Se and so they've changed their policy. Maybe maybe they decided they're going to lock it down or perhaps it's just this model only the fact that we cannot adjust the power limits and the BIOS here we're gon na, have to do the software tweet limit.

If we wanted to increase it. So we have the 4 gigabytes of RAM there installed, and the speed of the memory is 2000 133 megahertz. This is the furthest back, the screen will go, will not go any further than that and it is a fully laminated screen and you can see that it is quite thin. They'Ve got these little rubber feet that on the sides and the top there too stop that screen from touching up against the keyboard. No matter what I do, the screen is still flickering and shimmering a little bit, but this again is just on camera it's. Something to do with my shutter aide have tried different shutter eights and maybe the screen won't be flickering, but then my surrounding studio lights are flickering and that could cause people some problems, and I do apologize for this. So the screens maximum brightness is much better than the lap book is ease. It comes out at about 350 Lux, which is ideal so as mentioned it is fully laminated but get the smaller bezels and the camera right up. The top you can see here is very small, they've pushed it right up and it doesn't look to be a high megapixel counter that looks very small there, but I'll have a sample in my full review of this laptop. So the laptop is quite slim. If you don't count those feet on the bottom around about 13 millimeters, but with the rear rubber feet, that brings it up then to 19.

So we have the type C port there that allows charging but it's no faster than the DC charging of the lat book. Se, so it will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes. The status LED will be read when you're charging and once fully charged it turns green. We have HDMI to specs, so this is 4k 60 Hertz. Now I tried all of my type C adapters that I have I've got a lot of them and none of them are working with this type C port. To give me any display out, so it looks like it's only just data and charging that's it, and that just leaves us then, on the right hand, side a single USB, 3.0 type, a so it's kind of annoying. We don't have one we give it up, but that really depends if you need that type C port. If you need that charging over the lap book SC and then a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with mic support, I've just tested it out and to me at the moment it sounds completely clear: there's no static over it. So, yes, we don't have a micro SD card reader on here and I just discovered another con that really defeats the purpose of having the type C port in the first place. Chewy it doesn't have power delivery support. So I wanted to use my external battery pack here to see if I could power it. My type C adapter that I have with me as well that power adapter will not work with it it's kind of what is the point chewy of having a type C port if it's not gon, na support power delivery, so here's the screen.

Now you can take a look at those bezels that, yes top and bottom and the sides I don't know whether the sides are actually slimmer than the arrow books. So the arrow book is, on the right hand, side of the screen it's in a much darker, a better looking gray to me and so far using the lat book Pro. I think the keyboard is actually better on the arrow book and the netbook EC, because they're pretty much got the same. The keyboard on them now have noticed that the space key right here on the very edges, at least on my unit, it doesn't, seem to register. Not every single time in the middle, it works fine, but right on the edge. The space bar to me, doesn't feel so good on this keyboard now Windows. I haven't installed anything. Yet you can see. We'Ve only got thirty. Eight point, seven gigabytes free on that. Sixty four gigabytes of storage and that emmc well, these are the speeds over benchmarked at just now, as you can see, and it's not particularly fast, I don't know whether it's a SanDisk or bwin brand. It doesn't say it just says generic, but I think it might be b1 and that's. Probably why it's a little bit slower here. So if you can know how to recommend installing an SSD and then cloning the operating system over to that, I also have here Geekbench. So I did run that and these scores they are perfectly fine for the Gemini Lake for the in 4100, so we may be blocked out of the BIOS, but there is a good thing here that chewy have gone with a 12 watt TDP.

So this power limit is actually double what Intel sets by default. So this is good. This should help boost performance. It should also boost gaming performance, which I will show you in the full review and now looking at the general performance. Just to briefly touch on this. I will go into this in more detail in the full review. Of course, I've got chrome open with serial different tabs, and it is quick you know swapping over to them loading things in our page scrolling that doesn't seem to be too bad at all the loading time so it's as fast as you would expect for a Gemini Lake in 4100 and bringing up the Windows menu there again that that seems to actually load in okay doesn't. Have that noticeable lag that you often get now as single channel ram they've got on here thought it might have been dual, but according to HW info it's single channel four gigabytes. So it love to have the eight gigabytes on this. Of course it would perform. Then, even better, when multitasking and having many tabs, open and chrome and now on to our speakers, so we've got down with firing speakers. I don't particularly like the location, because if you happen to use it on your lap, you're gon na smother the speakers, they sound. Okay, they're still reasonably poor, but they are in effect better and then previous generation laptops from Chewie i'll, give you a sample of them now: Music, Applause, Music.

And if you wanted to know how linux fares on this laptop, no problem, so the touchpad is working screen. Brightness control, audio control, everything is working, just fine and just like the other Gemini like tick, we don't normally have any trouble with it whatsoever. Just make sure you using a relatively new, build new kernels new distros, and then you shouldn't really have any issues with it. Now for battery life, it's looking very similar to the lab book se, so you're gon na get around seven to eight hours, perhaps maybe even squeeze out nine on a low brightness. It all depends on what you're doing and the main thing. The main factor, of course, is your screen brightness setting, so at the moment I've got it set about 40 and that's. My estimate close to about eight hours, which I happen to believe alright. So that is the lab book pro from Chui, and I still believe that the lab book is si is the best one the one to go for so I'll cover the positives very quickly here, so we have a screen that is brighter than the lab book. Se screen the Adobe RGB and he said we levels I will have to measure that'll be in the full review. We have a nice touchpad that's, not bad at all. The build quality overall is very good. I like the fact that there's no glowing chewy backlit logo on the back of the lid and it's thin too.

This is about 13 millimeters. If you don't count the rubber feet on the air, so it's a thin, relatively light: okay, it's nearing 1.5 kilos, so it's not super light, but overall I I do believe it's still quite good, so the keyboard is good to type on nice to type on. However, my unit has that problem with the spacebar so right on the edges. If you touch it there, sometimes it will not register. So this to me means the keyboard is not as good as the lab book SC or the Aero box keyboard. Now the Arabic agates are more expensive, faster laptop has the eight gigabytes around. So this is sorely missing eight gigabytes of RAM. I wish they could bring out an 8 gigabyte model as it stands, the performance that it is good for basic computing needs so Excel spreadsheets. Doc'S internet browsing light tasks. All those kind of things like that so far to me are performing well because it's got a 12 watt power limit. Now the bias isn't fully unlocked, so I couldn't go in there and sit say 15 watts. If I wanted to to really even open it up even more, but there is, of course, a software method that you can use with the Gemini Lakers well, just like the Apollo Lakes to override the power limits and boost performance. So it is looking like the battery life is going to be about seven eight hours. So overall, I would say good machine, but to me the biggest disappointment is the type C port.

Why on earth? Does it not support power delivery? Obviously it was going to be too expensive to include a full SPECT type C port on there and to me kind of defeats, the purpose. Why have it there we've lost a microSD card reader and we have also lost a full size, USB type, a port USB 3 for that type C, port that I cannot use my external power pack to charge this laptop. I can't use my other power delivery charges to charge it either so it's kind of useless to heaven DC. So it is yes, looking like a good machine, it's, just mixed feelings about those little cons there that spacebar the type C port the rest of it is looking good. So we'll be back with a full review of this and about a week or two weeks time. It does need time to use it, but I don't see a lot changing, oh and by the way that flicky you're seeing now that's happening. That is only on camera that's happening, but I don't see a lot changing in a two weeks use or a weeks use. I think that's going to be more or less the same kind of outcome here.