3. This is the latest laptop from Chuwi that's powered by the Apollo late in 3450. Now, unlike all of the models that I've looked at recently, they've all been 16 by 9 aspect ratio. This one's a little different, so it's got a 3 by 2 ratio screen and in fact, the same panel used in the Surface Pro the 2017 model or the Surface Pro 4. Now it also has an SSD base. You get able to increase the storage capacity, so if you're not happy with 64 gigabytes of each MMC storage, 5 spec, then you can just slot in a larger SSD up to 512. I think it takes the 22 by 42 spec. It has 6 gigabytes of RAM. Runs Windows 10 has wireless AC and a full metal build, so let's have a look at it. So at the time of this video here, this is selling for around 319 us on gearbest, so a little more expensive than say the laptop 14.1 or the easy buck. 3 pro, but you have to take into account that you are getting a much better screen there with the surface pro 4 screen, so the seal has already been broken, so someone's probably gone in there and just done their inspection checks to make sure it's got no Faults – hopefully ok, so it all slides out here we have the little box or the accessories. This is just like the chewy 14.1 and our laptop in the middle.

So here we have just a little information leaflet, I'd, say that's, just the warranty card. Yes, it is warranty card tablet pad. It says, even though this is a laptop, some sort of QuickStart guide or something that's all in Chinese I'm, not going to go into any detail with that so accessories. This will be the charger so they've given me. Well, your pian cable that came with that that's good. So normally you get just the u.s. two prongs, so I don't need a power adapter, so 12 volts 2 answers what that is rated 2 that's a DC plug, and I think the diameter. This is three millimeters, like the other ones, okay, so full metal build on this. It looks a little bit thicker than I thought it would be just looking at the front of it. There, lid thickness at least and feels a little bit heavier I've, got my scales here, so I'll just wait and that weight doesn't feel too that certainly not the lightest, so it's 1.37 kilos, so almost 1.4 and the front here is an SI about 17 millimeters thick And the rear of it, so we do have some plastic along the back here. This is for the antenna reception for wireless, AC and Bluetooth. The back here comes in at your 17.3 to the lid. Here, we've got a Chuwi logo pressing down on that. It seems. Quite firm, I don't believe that if you put this in a bag with books that it's going to push the screen against the keyboard or anything it's, quite firm and looking at the ports here on the right side, we've got a Kensington lock.

This is the first time I've seen this on a Chinese laptop, at least the ones that I normally review: USB 2 port. Shame that's, not USB 3 I've got the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and then a micro SD card slot and micro SD cards. Look, they click in and sit relatively flush there with the rest of it, so hopefully that won't be knocked and come out in transit, so the bottom of the laptop metal as well. This is screwed in place for rubber feet, which are about 2 millimeters in height down with phone speakers. This flap here is where you put in your SSD I'm, going to install my own SSD in here, because I, like the speed you get it's quite a lot faster than those emmc 5 specs. So we need to do is undo that screw, which we've already done slot this in so push it in place and then screw that down and put the lid back on, and you are done very quick and easy. Oh – and there is a second step – you have to go into the BIOS and then select your SSD as the boot drive and then go ahead and install windows onto that drive and, lastly, on the left side status LED the DC in there for charging and a Usb 3 port. Next to that many HDMI out. Ok, so I haven't opened this up yet and taking a pic at the display, but I think it's glossy from looking at the press images, but hopefully it's going to be met.

Hopefully I am wrong here. So can we open it with one hand? Yes, no, ok, and it is a matte display, which is good. So I was wrong there, but wow look at those massive bezels that's, a shame. It has to kind of look to it like the ace of Swift, 3 or those Mac books with that massive silver bezel on there, so the keyboard layout has most of the shortcuts and thank all of them that I think most people would want. We have to use the function key for your page up and down and end, but their controls for the volume media controls screen. Brightness controls a dedicated Print Screen button, which is what I'm, always after and you'll notice. The location of the power button near the backspace is a little annoying, but your one seems to be doing it has the same resistance as any of the other buttons. You can, of course, sit in Windows settings that when you tap it by mistake that it will do nothing so booted into windows quite quickly, with an account that was already created, so someone's gone and they're just check things out to make sure this happens a lot. But stuff that I buy from China, they often go in there and just test everything that there's no faults with it before sending it to you personally, I don't mind this a lot of people. Do they have a problem with it, because then it feels like it's used, but for me it's just another level there that I'm making sure they're making sure sorry that I'm not going to be getting a faulty laptop here.

So the touch pad first impressions. That actually seems okay, not too bad, so this top here, I can feel that it is made out of plastic and it does support the gestures. The panel, the screen is looking very good. So a very nice three by two aspect: ratio screen the same as the surface pro screen. So very nice have a look here and see if my micro, sorry, the Oh micro SD card. Yes, I can see it's listed there and the SD both detected, which is great, and you get two thirty eight point: three gigabytes free of these fifty seven point, one rather 64 gigabyte MMC. So not a lot of space to play with. I definitely recommend adding your own is his d2, this under the device manager. Now the e MMC they have used is a Toshiba 0, 64 G 93. Now this will be an EMC 5.0 spec, so faster than the ones we used to see in the at interior, trail, laptops and tablets. The wireless is Intel wireless AC, 3 165, which is a very good decent chipset with good speeds, here's. The memory information so we've got 6 gigabytes of RAM running at 1600 megahertz. You can see the timings there and the screen as a Samsung got into the settings now of the mouse, and there are no gesture controls here. So it's not set up as a precision. Touchpad at all, but it still to me, feels quite good so far using it and the keyboard as well I'm impressed with it I've been typing on it.

Just a little bit now and I must say it feels like a very decent keyboard, one of the better ones on these more budget orientated upon a late laptops that I have been checking out. So have a look at a couple of photos here just to get a quick idea and impression of this screen here, which looks really quite stunning, so the brightness at the moment, I think, is on 100. This is so that now is 0, which is still reasonably visible, so that should be OK for night use, perhaps even a tad too right, I would say 25, 50, 75 and then 100 blacks are quite deep and give you a close up here of that screen. Really nice be interesting to see how the screen is going to affect the performance, but so far so good. I haven't really noticed any difference. So I believe I have discovered a little bit of a problem here, a first batch issue – perhaps hopefully it's maybe just my unit. I don't really know, but look at this 50 brightness. 75. 100. No change whatsoever, so it seems to just go from 0 to 25 to 50 and then the next two settings do absolutely nothing there, which is quite unusual. If I go into manually slide it here, the brightness, if that's going to change it. No, so you can see, it only seems to start working here from about 50 downwards and nothing's happening there.

So how could I have a bias update to fix that now, it's time to have a listen to the two downwards firing speakers check out how they sound? They sound just like the let book 14.1 speakers to me. They'Re, not bad they've got a bit of volume to them. You can hear that some vibration coming out of it and 100 cent volume, but just tweak the volume back down a little bit and till it doesn't vibrate like that, but they're, not bad. Those speakers hmm. So these are the drive speeds here for the C Drive, which is, I thought, an emmc 5 spec one, but it looks like it's 4.4.1 spec because it's not getting those kind of speeds. Very poor speeds out of those through the read speeds: they're, fine, but the four K's, oh dear and 24 sequential writes so I'm going to be switching over to an SSD time to see. If it's going to power an external hard drive. Looking good, you can see the screen doesn't take much to wobble around there, which is a minor con, so that is working. I can see it's accessing the external hard drive there, just to note as well that the USB ports they don't have a lot of spacing between the power jack, the port itself years of using a very wide USB pendrive. Then you have to bear that in mind. Had the same problem with the easy book – 3 Pro and also the USB port is upside down and the other port.

The USB 2 port will also power 1 terabyte external hard drives now on the bias it's pretty much locked down. We'Ve got no advanced settings here whatsoever. You can disable the security there with the secure boot, which i think is disabled by default, actually boot order, and that is it really so I'm going to try and see. Now, if I can run a linux on it, it's going to change that to my USB pendrive and yes, it does support Linux. This is Manjaro. Release 17 have a look and see if the touchpad is going to work and Wireless and everything like that. It'S, just loading up at the moment. Ok, yes, touch pads working I'll need to change the scaling of the desktop. Here you can see everything's tiny and I can see that wireless networks that is also working so check out the display. If we can adjust the brightness and the audio we can and just like windows, we can only control the brightness up to 50. So the battery is a 36 watt hour battery and it's, giving an estimated battery life here of around 8 hours, with the brightness at 50 now bear in mind. This is an estimate. I'Ll have an update of this and more solid figures and the full review. So first impressions of the Chuwi left pocket 12.3 are looking very positive. The build of it is excellent. The keyboard feels good the touchpad as well no problems with that.

Now there is an issue with the screen brightness. Then it seems to be maximum 50 75 and one humber scene or anything over 50. I should say just doesn't seem to increase the brightness so there's a problem here. They need to address the other column that I discovered so far. In my time, using it is the emmc, so it's got quite low speeds there it's not definitely not the fastest that I have seen apart from that we're looking at a very nice looking machine with, of course, a really great screen on it. It'S super super sharp and I'm pleased to see that it is in fact mat coated as well. I expected it to be glossy for some reason from maybe the priest images just made me believe that so I'll be back with further tests in the full review, which will cover things like thermals battery life, gaming performance and anything else that I encounter in my time.