I have my full review on that. Dropping the next couple of days so make sure you subscribe to the channel. You dont want to miss it, but i have something here that not only comes in at a great price, but it matches that tablet in a lot of ways. Of course, it wont match it exactly its not as premium but again at 299 dollars. I think this tablet right here is going to make a difference, and this is, of course, the one sent over from chewie. This is the high pad pro. It has a 10.8 inch ips display its got. Lte works really great here in the united states and well talk more about that. In a moment, it comes with a nice case. If you want to go for the keyboard and pen now it does support pen thats extra well get into that as well. But all said and done: youre looking at about 350 uh, not a bad price, but lets find out if it actually is worth the price tag. Hey everybody its andrew – and this is my review of the chewy ipad. Pro 10.8 inch tablet with lte coming up Music. Now, as we take a look at the specs, i want to let everybody know in the interest of transparency and full disclosure im not being paid by chewie im, not being sponsored by chewie. All the opinions youre about to hear are my own. Chewie is not getting copy approval.

That means theyre, seeing this video for the first time, just like you. Pricing starts at 299.99 and thats for the tablet. Only if you include the keyboard case and the pen that comes to 359.99 for those interested ill leave a link in the description below for more information and where you can buy one and with the specs and pricing out of the way lets find out what you Get inside the box lets open it up. You get your power adapter, along with a usbc cable that allows you to charge this of course, and then, of course, you get the unit itself, some documentation that we dont really care too much about. To be honest, and we get the unit itself now, the tablet has some really good build quality, and i love this dark blue finish on. It gives it a nice, sleek and modern look chewie also sent over the keyboard case, along with the pen well get to the pen in a moment, but this keyboard cover is very reminiscent of the samsung tab keyboard weve, seen in the past. It comes with some documentation in a lot of different languages, including english, so if you need to check it out to learn how to pair it its all there and then, of course, the case has a pretty nice finish to it, with almost like a cloth feel Almost like a surface like feel on the back of it and then, of course the keys are pretty compact, since this is a 10.

8 inch device at the end of the day. Now the keyboard does connect via bluetooth, and it does charge via this usb c port. On the side, now at 455 grams or a shade over one pound, not the lightest tablet out there, but pretty portable, of course, to take with you on the go and it sticks. Magnetically to the keyboard cover its a pretty secure connection, and it has one position when its in its keyboard case and for those wondering these are plastic keys, similar to the galaxy tab keyboard, and there is no backlight on it for those wondering and they also sent Over the pen, which uses the microsoft pen, protocol 2.0 and thats the same as the surface pen and it uses a quadruple a battery. It also has 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. So if youre, a digital artist or just want to take some notes, its a nice option to go with, and they give you two extra pen tips along with a tip remover tool and they think, if youre interested in this tablet, i think youre going to want To get the keyboard and pen to get the complete experience now, one thing im not crazy about is that theres no place to store the pen on that keyboard cover would have been nice to have a magnetic space on the tablet or somewhere around the tablet that You can sort of stick it, but you really cant so youre gon na have to keep it in a separate pocket in your bag.

But, interestingly enough, it does stick magnetically to the bottom, but you cant access it when its in its keyboard cover since its already attached to the keyboard case. And one of the benefits of this tablet is the fact that it has 4g lte and im able to use it with my google five sim utilizing the t mobile network here in las vegas. Now, in my studio, i have very bad connection all around, so this is not indicative of what you can expect. These are pretty bad downloads and uploads, but keep in mind im in my studio. I will give you some numbers when im out and about later on, so just bear that in mind and ive had no issues with the wi fi. It worked well, both uploads and downloads, but one thing for sure this has been great. Having always on connection wherever i go, thats a real positive and a real attribute to this tablet, and it does have gps and google maps work just fine and it has a widevine level, one security. That means you can watch netflix in full hd. Now this is running android 11., its a pretty stock android skin on it really very basic. Actually, i dont see too much bloatware and it actually works pretty well its pretty fluid. So far as far as the cpu is concerned, this is employing the mediatek helio g95 and i got ta say with eight gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes of storage.

The performance has been actually pretty good, not too bad, but its not going to be groundbreaking either. But this is definitely a step up over the qualcomm snapdragon 662 that they were using before now. This is an 8 core cpu and, as i mentioned earlier, it has 8 gigabytes of ram along with 128 gigabytes of ufs 2.1 storage, and i had no issues. Gaming, of course, im not a huge gamer when it comes to tablets im playing asphalt 9 here everything seemed to work, really fluid and very smoothly, and i had no issues so gaming has actually been pretty good for me, at least on this tablet so far, and The good news is, it has a micro sd card slot for storage expansion and to me the star of the show has to be its display, and what were looking at here is a 10.8 inch ibs display with a resolution of 2560 by 1600. That is a 16 to 10 aspect ratio and its a really nice crisp, sharp display, which is kind of surprising, especially at this price point to get a nice high resolution display that you have here. The blacks are pretty deep: its got some pretty nice vibrant colors. They just seem to pop off the display im very, very impressed with this display. So far. One thing to note: it is a glossy display, so you will notice some glare and reflections in certain lighting conditions, something to be aware of, but its actually a pretty bright display.

I still need to do my measurements of it, but its definitely more than 300 nits thats for sure and using it with. The pen has been great, as i mentioned earlier, using that same technology as a surface pen, the mpp 2.0 or microsoft pen protocol. So if youre going to take notes of sketchup artwork, the pen is a nice value. Add here again you do pay extra for it not much, and it does have a little bit of a cheap plastic feel. But again, at this price point im not complaining. Now the front facing camera is a hole, punch camera, its a 5 megapixel camera, but its only capable of 720p according to the app that it comes with. Lets, take a look and a listen at it to get its uh quality. So this is the front facing camera on the chuwi ipad, pro its with lte uh. This is only a 720p webcam, its a five megapixel webcam, but i didnt see any way with 1080p im going to put g cam on this to see. If i can get even higher, what do you think about the video quality? What do you think about the audio quality? Let me know, and the rear camera didnt fare much better, although it can do 1080p. Video, not very good images, of course lets check it out. So this is the rear facing cameras on the chewy ipad pro with lte. This is 1080p video out of the stock camera app that theyre using here you can see my backyard in my pool.

Weve got the jacuzzi over. There were doing a little bit of work, of course, fully renovating this house, so this is the rear facing camera on the chewy ipad pro lte. What do you think about it? Let me know – and another pleasant surprise has been the sound the quad speakers on this have been excellent. Lets give it a listen in terms of that sound the asus rog zephyrus g14, here for 2022, coming up Laughter Applause. Now this does have a 7 000 milliamp hour battery and actually battery life has been pretty good a little bit better than i expected im getting about 10 hours of battery life on this on a single charge which isnt bad. Of course, your mileage may vary depending on what youre doing now. Unfortunately, the included 5 volt 2 amp power charger takes a long time to really charge this tablet, but it does support fast charge. So if you use a faster charger, it definitely will help out in terms of faster charging thats for sure now. Finally, i want to point out something very important now, if youre ordering this its coming from china youre going to get it from aliexpress and the link below, but of course, theres no guarantee on anything and the warranty information in terms of repairability and things like that Means you might have to send it to china im, not sure the time frame of repairing this and so forth. I dont know if they would be able to repair it outside of china, so those are risks youre going to take when you order a tablet of this nature, especially from china.

So please keep that in mind, but theres a lot to like here. Ladies and gentlemen, the chu ipad pro has a beautiful 10.8 inch. 2.5 k display. It worked really well, it has some decent performance. Good pen support. I like the loud quad speakers that really surprise the heck out of me good, build quality with this all metal design. 4G lte has been great and i love the fact that you can expand the storage with that micro sd card slot. But, of course, its not perfect. The fact that the keyboard is not backlit is something that we had to deal with the samsung, and this, of course, is the same situation no place to store the pen when its in its keyboard cover and the keyboard and pen are sold separately, although not too Expensive they would have been nice to have included in the box and the display is a bit reflective. You will notice some glaring reflections in certain lighting conditions and the cameras, i guess, are serviceable, but not great, i would say theyre subpar at best, but the truth is at this price point: you get a lot of bang for your buck and that you cant deny Music, so what do you think about this bad boy and i got ta, say uh really liking this tablet, i like what it brings to the table. Uh again all said and done its 350 or so uh. This guy has like almost like a fake alcantara feeling to it, although it does feel pretty nice, i got ta admit uh.

The keyboard does not have a backlight, it charges via usbc. It connects via bluetooth, so you can actually use it without actually having this. In the case itself, so thats actually pretty good uh its got a nice metal finish on it. Of course you can see it here. This is a major fingerprint magnet. You could actually see it here. Youll definitely be collecting fingerprints with this theres, no doubt about it, but it is a nice build and it does have a nice feel to it. Not the lightest tablet out there, but definitely brings a nice feeling in terms of sturdiness to this tablet. Now i love the fact that that 10.8 inch display gets bright over 500 nits. I love the fact that its an ips display with excellent viewing angles. Now one thing about the display: it is a very glossy display, so you will notice a lot of glare and reflections again depending on your lighting conditions, but it is bright like i said so that offsets it somewhat, but its a very nice display to watch movies On in netflix, amazon youtube, it has a level one wide vine security patch. So that means youre going to be able to watch uh netflix, for instance, in high definition, not standard definition, so thats actually pretty good, not something we always see from these tablets from china. Like the price here, like, i said its a really nice deal, especially if you look at the samsung galaxy tab, s8 or s8 plus it comes in a much higher price tag, of course, youre getting a better quality.

I think a little bit better than this, but again at this price you really cant argue it now. The cameras are not very good on this, as i showed you in the video, so dont go taking photos or videos extensively on this itll work. In a pinch, its definitely serves for serviceable, but i wouldnt be using this for high end photography or any high end video thats for sure, but for a zoom call. It actually was okay. I would say nothing special, but again, itll get the job done. What do you think of the chuwi ipad pro with lte? I use it here in las vegas, with my google phi sim that uses the t. Mobile network ive had no issues, although in my studio the speeds have been terrible, but thats generally the case with the reception here in my studio, so not indicative of this device. Now one caveat, as i mentioned, if youre buying this from china, which youre going to get from aliexpress, beware that maybe youre going to have some issues with warranty or with serviceability youll have to send it to china so again its a risk. You take any time you go with these budget tablets coming out of china, but theres a lot to like here, ladies and gentlemen, but just be aware, when youre ordering it youre not ordering it from the us with those standard warranties that you would come to expect. So please hit the like button.

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