I want to thank the guys at chewie for sending this over to review on the channel ill leave a link in the description of the video with current pricing and more information. Its got a 10.3 inch laminated ips screen 1200 by 1920 resolution. Four gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes of storage, unisok tiger t61a octa core processor. It also has a 5 megapixel front facing and rear facing. Camera can also take a micro sd card for expanded storage. It also has 2.4 and 5 gigahertz dual band wi fi its an all metal body, only seven millimeters thick. It also has a 7 000 milliamp hour battery theyre advertising up to eight hours of video playback, and it weighs in at 480 grams, apparently theres. Also, an optional keyboard and kickstand thats available for this one as well. Inside the box, youve got a usbc charging. Cable youve also got a usba charging, brick, of course, the user manual and warranty information micro, sd card removal tool. Nice aluminum, build to it, build quality. Definitely reminds me of what youre going to get from samsung or apple volume. Rocker is right there on the right hand, side along with your micro sd card tray power button is there on the top and then on the bottom. You got your speakers and usbc charging port. Unfortunately, it doesnt look like you get a headphone jack with this one right in the center. Is your front facing camera. Like i said earlier, this is on android, 11 august 5th, 2021 security update.

Now, if you like tablets, phones and other tech consider hitting that subscribe button, i try to cover as much on the channel as possible and ill be posting more videos this year than ever before. If you swipe left to the home page youre gon na get, the google discover news, feed swipe up anywhere on the home screen, youre going to see all the pre installed. Apps that come on this one looks like mostly ones from google looks like sort of an older style notification shade you got most of your basic stuff like wi fi bluetooth, do not disturb flashlight, auto, rotate battery saver, airplane mode eye, comfort, screen record and then youve. Also got nearby share. It definitely feels like the icons are a little on the small side here. Ill definitely have to look and see if you can adjust that in the settings looks like youre using about 11 of the 128 gigabyte storage looks like you get 1080p resolution on youtube. You only get sd playback, though, on netflix some of the gestures you get with this tablet press the volume up button twice and you can quickly open the camera. You can also choose between gesture navigation and three button. Navigation, theres also lift to check tablet. If you want to see notifications other info, all you got ta do is just pick up your tablet and it shows right there. Let me give you a quick, sound test, so you can see what the speakers sound like on here: Music, Music Music.

Even though youve only got speakers on the one side, ive got ta, say theyre actually pretty loud. I think most people are gon na be happy with how the speakers sound on this tablet inside the camera. App youre gon na get panorama portrait pro capture, video, slow motion, youre also going to get burst. Interval time lapse; audio no filter, qr code night and dv night youre, going to get 1080p resolution for video on the rear facing camera 720p on the front facing camera. Even though the shutter speed on here actually looks pretty decent, the resolution on the photos definitely not looking too good heres a few samples of photos and videos. Just to give you an idea of what to expect on the chewy hi pad air photos on this tablet are not going to be too gray as expected, but i think you could probably get by if you had to use this for zoom meetings or something similar Or whatever youre going to be using for video conferencing just make sure you have good lighting, as that will definitely help out this tablet. And then video on this tablet its a little bit better than photos still not as good as your cell phone. But it will get you by in a pinch: Music, Music, hmm, Music, good news is: this: tablet lasted over seven hours of my battery drain test, thats, actually better than some of the samsung tablets. Ive tested performance wise.

This tablet is about what i expected as far as geekbench scores. It does take a little while to get games loaded, but once youre in the game, such as pubg mobile, asphalt, 9., the performance seems very comparable to other tablets in this price range. Just keep in mind that geekbench scores you want to take with a grain of salt, because this tablet actually feels faster just moving around the software, then some of the more expensive tablets out there, if youre, hesitant about getting a tablet from chewy because its not a Well known brand, like samsung apple or even lenovo, its actually better than i expected and depending on how much this tablet is when you purchase it, can be a really good tablet for streaming videos doing some light gaming. Maybe you just need a bigger screen to use when you get home versus running the battery down on your cell phone. I also have to mention that the build quality on this tablet is surprisingly good as well. Is it the best tablet out there, maybe not for everyone, but is definitely one you should check out so if youve made it this far into the video you may want to say thanks by subscribing and dont forget to give a thumbs up. If this video was helpful, this is brian from fishbee productions.