It has a fully laminated ips screen in it its got a unibody built and for the price tag which is selling for currently under 200 us dollars. It is actually offering quite a bit optional. Bluetooth keyboard that i have so what is the ipad air powered by well its using that uni sock tiger? The t 618 weve seen a lot of that 12 nanometer chip with the mali G52 graphics. Now it can surprisingly play titles like gen, shan impact or pub g with an ok frame rate and performance. Doesnt seem too bad on this. It has a 7000 milliamp hour battery and we also have four gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of emmc 5.1 storage, which is expandable with micro, sd card support. Our tablet comes in a plain brown, typical chewy box, which looks like that, so nothing exciting there and what is included with that tablet. While we get our power supply, which is only 10 watts usb, this is the euro adapter. Obviously, that ive got because im based here in spain and then i type a to type c cable now, because its only 10 watts the charge time is rather slow. Its about 2 hours and 40 minutes to charge the 7 000 milliamp hour battery the high pad. Here is 470 grams, and we do have this gray, which is like an apple space, gray color. So the back of its all made out of alloy the outside edges.

Everything too build quality is excellent. It feels like a more premium tablet. I mean this is only selling for about about 170 or so euros here, and the build quality is really good. Considering other brands like uldu cube, they have all plastic with their t 610 tablet, but not with the chewy right here. So the camera on the rear weve got an autofocus 5 megapixel camera led flash here. The front camera is also 5 megapixels. So again with a nice middle around the outside. This is a plastic volume up and down button and youll notice that ive pulled out the sim tray and micro sd card slot. Well, it doesnt actually support a sim, its being blocked off thats, because there is no 4g support with this, whereas other tablets that have this chipset that tiger t 618 will have lt band 20 4g. Dual sim support, so this is only micro, sd cards for expanding on the storage and i test out my 128 gigabyte card. No problems so thickness. Right here is just under nine millimeters, its about 8.8 millimeters, so good thickness on the left side. Weve got our power button again it is plastic and then here youll see on the right. Weve got our two loudspeakers now they are left and right, stereo speakers, but theres just two of them. It would have been great if they had another two also theyre on the left side, and that would give us the four in total, so type c port.

This supports data, it does not support video out. I wouldnt expect it at this price point and it does come with this. Pre applied screen protector, so you just remove the first layer here, thats just a little bit about the specs of it, which of course, we already know and our keyboard that you can get. This is an optional extra, so it has. This felt suede synthetic material on the rear and on the other side here and uses magnets to clip onto the back of the tablet, so you simply need to lift it up. You place it in here magnets, take care of the rest of it, theyre quite strong. So ive had no problems with this coming off easily or anything like that. You can just see the chewy branding right there, and this is the level we have. So you simply just prop it up like so, and there we go that is now set in place. Its optimized, the single angle, that its got for use on a table – and i dont find it to be too bad the angle they have gone with now, the layout of the keyboard. It is a little bit cramped, but not too bad, considering they only had 10.3 inches to work with half size up and down arrow keys. Weve got our function and z right there to connect up into the bluetooth mode. So yes, it pairs up via bluetooth, its not a hardware.

Connection like the ipad plus has, and you can see status leds right there and overall, the thickness of it isnt too bad ill get onto that shortly. So the travel with these keys is approximately about 1.5 millimeters. It doesnt feel too bad. So if youre going to be typing a lot, this is so much better. The hardware keyboard, even though its just connected up via bluetooth, then youre typing away on screen keyboards. So, with the keyboard case on it, it now brings up the thickness to 18 millimeters and the weight of it now is 780 grams. Our front camera here in the top bezel is flanked by a dual array: microphones that you can see, and this one like the rear camera, as i mentioned, is 5 megapixels. Here is a sample of that front, megapixel camera. Now the quality of this camera is only 720p the resolution and it looks to be close to 30 frames per second. Some of them cant be very choppy at only about 15.. What is strange, though, is its only 720p with a front facing camera, yet we can record 1080p on the rear and according to Chuwi, these are supposed to both be 5 megapixel cameras, so software, i hope, can adjust that and make it 1080p with the front facing Camera microphones, of course, that you are listening to from the tablet and the screen in this, so weve got that 1200 by 1920 resolution, fully laminated 10.

3 inches. Now the brightness in this it tops out at 290 nits, which is fine for indoor use outdoors. You will struggle with it now. I have another tablet that im currently testing and reviewing its the kingpad m10. It can do a crazy 700 nits. It is super bright so compared to this one, its not quite as good so blacks, they still look quite deep and good with an ips panel. This is a very acceptable level, so quite punchy, quite good with the colors and overall touch response is good. I do like this screen, i think again, for a tablet. Thats selling, for at the moment of this video, around 170 euros or under 200 us dollars its a good screen. Okay and touch gestures, theyre all working fine under display settings youll find our typical android 11 options here that we do have adaptive brightness. With this tablet. Ive got it turned off because of the fixed tests im doing at the moment. So there is a little ambient line sensor up here next to where the microphones are and again at the price point that its selling for its good, that we do have this option. So it can automatically adjust that brightness for us so color and contrast scaling thats. All there you can adjust the white balance to how you prefer it im, keeping it all on the outer box settings, which is the color standard, but automatic contrast, and that does make things just look a little bit more punchy with the colors.

Now im, not color. Grading this to make it look any better or worse than what it is, its pretty much trying to capture exactly what it looks like here on camera for you now it is running android 11, which is great so its pretty much up to date. There we wont get android 12 with the tablets yet until next year. Sometime so fm radio is on board, but what isnt on board with this one, as i mentioned before – theres no 4g. So that means no phone calls no text messages, even though you can see weve got well. The text message app there, the messaging app but nothings going to come up. Okay or you can use it to pair up with your phone, but its not like native hardware. Support, whether it is not theyre not present so wrong, performance ive got to give chuwi credit where do here that for the tiger 618, with four gigabytes of ram, which ive seen on other models here, it is fairly smooth and fluid the performance multitasking. When you do something really heavy so, for example, if i swipe up now and if i did have say gen chain impact in the background, it would lag when trying to swap over to different apps, but right now with quite a few different apps open here in The background its actually very smooth and feeling quite fluid there more than you expect you would expect for this chipset, especially when you look at the benchmark scores out of it.

Now, when you do take this nice new shiny tablet out of its box, you take off that screen protector. You boot it up. This is what you are greeted with with pre installed apps, so it is basically a stock android, 11 rom here its using a stock launcher no bloat and that definitely helps keep up the speed there with it theres over the air updates. Now, prime video thats something i installed myself and ill get on to the reasons to why that is so: free storage, youre. Looking at about 116 gigabytes, remember, you can install a micro sd card expand upon the storage. I did test out. 128 gigabyte card move some files over to it. I didnt encounter any problems there, so i dont know about other capacities. If you want to try out even larger capacities uh, they should in theory work. So this is their over the air update system. So chewy can push out bug fixes, but with all of these brands that i do review with these more affordable tablets, they wont be pushing out a major update. So i would never expect this tablet to get android 12.. They just wouldnt bother. They would probably be releasing then the ipad air, 2 or 3, or whatever the model is going to be called just a newer piece of hardware there for us. So there is some good news and some bad news here, just like the ipad plus. I think it is model that i reviewed before they got the security level one here now.

Chuwi is the only chinese manufacturer or the brands that i cover at least with these more affordable tablets. That is doing this, which is great, so that means weve got drm level, one that we need for netflix and amazon. Prime video. However, at the time of this, video testing out netflix im still in standard definition for some reason, so that hopefully will be changing soon because they do have the suit already, maybe its something to do with netflix amazon. Prime video, unfortunately, is standard definition and i dont see amazon updating what is basically a white list of approved devices to include this chewy. I dont see that happening, but netflix. I do in the future, see them getting at least full hd, which will be great so battery life. This is the fixed test, 200 minutes of brightness. Let it go until it runs down to 20 percent. It ran for 7 hours and 35 minutes now chewy. They claim that it can get eight hours run time which at 200 nits of brightness yeah. It will be able to achieve that. So better life is okay, but i have seen better ive seen other tablets with this spec larger batteries being able to achieve maybe an hour or two more now remember the display in this its just 60 hertz and what is basically full hd resolution. Well, thats 16. By nine aspect – ratio – sorry, 16 by 10 aspect, so emmc 5 for our storage and its not too bad 128 gigabytes.

Here sequential return rights are good. Randoms are good with this particular chipset. It will not actually be bottleneck, necking and holding it up so antutu score. For some reason i could not get version 9 to run. It just keep asking me to install the 3d part of it, which id already done and i spent hours trying to fix it. So i reverted back to an older version here, but still the score 200 000 points. We know that this is not a powerful chipset. The tiger, its eight cores, the tiger 618, its a 12 nanometer chip, mali, g52 graphics, is okay. You can play all the titles out there and i will get on to that. Gaming performance, pdf files and ebooks do look very good on this screen fully laminated its not bad. So this is really like the other t618 tablets that ive looked at. This is really what this tablet is good at these kind of more basic multimedia things like this ebooks pdf files runs well looks good on the screen when you do ill, just double tap here, zoom in look at the text, its sharp enough, okay, its not the Sharpest its not a qhd or a 4k screen, or anything like that, but at normal reading distances. It looks good do remember, though, that this, of course, im using google play books here, so i do have the option to invert the colors, but its also built into the rom.

You can go down. You can put the blue light filter on you, can change and tweak that i comfort they call it there and you can invert that too, with google play books, at least when youre looking at ebooks too, you can invert. The colors are back black background white text. Whatever youre able to do that there so good for ebooks now, sadly with audio, we do not have this 3.5 millimeter analog support. That would have been great and i still want it on my tablets and sadly it is not here. So we only have the two down with firing speakers. They sound okay, ive definitely heard worse. I have certainly heard better and here is an example of them at a 100 volume. So, overall, i think the speakers, the volume, is definitely good and they have a tiny little bit of bass to them, so they are better than what we have had in previous models from Chuwi so 16 by nine content on this 16 by 10 aspect ratio screen, Like youtube right here means that at the top and then at the bottom, we are going to have a small border. Oh and i know what youre thinking didnt, i mention fm radio, yes its on board. But how does it work if it doesnt have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack? Well, they have wired it up via the type c that the headphones will be. Our antenna and youll see ive got a type c to 3.

5 millimeter adapter. You simply need to plug that. In and everything is going to be then enabled and work, so you can listen to your favorite radio stations, its just annoying that there is no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack to start with gaming performance now, so one of the most demanding games is this is genshin impact. Yes, i pronounced it, i believe correctly, a lot of people being losing their minds because i said jen chen impact before, because its g e n, but hey again, lets call it gan gang chin impact thats a little bit more correct. So this is on the lowest possible settings and you know what you can see its playable its okay. It runs fine with the tiger t 618 and its only got the four gigabytes around, but you will see that just happened. Okay, so now and then it will do that, like little caching, little micro starter little pause, so the game play is not flawless, but all of the titles out there on google play store. They are playable, just use, lower settings and that way you get a more enjoyable experience with a more fluid frame rate and then everyones favorite pub g. What settings can we go with? Well, the good news is it will at least let us have this option, which is ultra okay, so anything, smooth and balanced will be ultra maximum as soon as i go to put it on hd, which does look visually better, the frame rate is then reduced to 30 frames per second max, which i dont think most people would want that so im gon na go here with balanced and ultra and well take a look at the gameplay, so ive picked up one kill already and the performance is good kept at that 45 frames Per second, unfortunately, i would really like them to change that to develop, as i hope can allow us to run at least 60 on the smooth setting but balanced at the 45 frames per second cap here, its good its playable.

You can get your kills, no problems. There and all the other games in the market, as mentioned theyre, going to be playable on the melee g52, which is the gpu, of course, weve got with this tiger t 618. Now, to summarize here i do like what im seeing from the build quality that uni body metal build to. It makes it feel a lot more premium than others, the keyboard design isnt so chunky like the other ones as well, where youre clipping the tablet itself into this plastic frame. That holds it its more well chunky, and this is just a more thinner, nicer approach to do the keyboard and of course it just has that one upright position which is optimized for table use, which is probably where most people would be using the keyboard and typing On it anyway, now the other things that i do really like about this particular model here. Well, certainly i, like the performance of this rom, i think for the tiger 618 Chuwis done an excellent job with the optimization. It just seems to be more fluid more responsive than the other models out there, that ive tested with the same chipset now screen brightness tops out at 290 nits. I would ideally like to see a lot brighter, but for indoors not defending them or anything. It should be bright out, but for indoor use its going to be fine, however, if youre going to use it in direct sunlight, you will struggle but good to see its fully laminated so build quality.

Definitely there thats great one performance, good, better life, as i mentioned about, i showed you about seven hours. Eight hours you can squeeze out of this youtube performance is fine and gaming. It will play titles that you would think that it might not be able to play because you look at that synthetic benchmark score of antutu and go oh thats, going to be terrible for pubg terrible for gentian impact, but its not actually its okay on the lowest Setting so games are right for the price point. Definitely it offers a lot. However, we are missing 4g support which the others have with the same chip set. So with that tiger 618 most of them have the lte band 20 4g. Dual sim support. Not there gps, not their 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, sadly missing no hdmi out as well, but we do have micro, sd card support and we do have that wide vine level. One cert so Chuwis got that and like the other model, the ipad plus, if im, not confusing my names here, ipad plus, can play netflix in full hd. So i believe soon, maybe just its going to take maybe a month or so it should be able to run netflix in full hd. This model, its just a matter of waiting, ill update. You or pin a comment in this particular video with that. So once it gets it its a definite positive there, because all the other brands i review, like audio cube tech last those other guys they dont bother with the drm they dont bother getting the level one cert at least chewy is now doing that.

So there we go, that is the ipad air. Thank you so much for watching my review. I think its a good decent tablet for the price tag, especially if youre after a general, okay performance, all rounder, its, not a flagship, its definitely not a mid tier either.