This is a budget android tablet with a nice build quality and decent specs for its class. If you havent heard about chewy, definitely check it out, they make some pretty cool products. As always, link is in the description. Hi pad air has 10.3 inch, full hd ips display, and it comes with android 11. later we will talk more about the specs. However, lets first unbox it and see what comes inside the box has a nice and clean design same as the rest of the chewy products. As usual, we find all the papers we have user manual and warranty cards. We also have sd card ejector tool. As the hypoth air comes with a micro sd slot in the box we have a usb power adapter. The adapter may differ depending on your location, Music. We also have one usb 3 to usb type c. Cable, and guys here is the high pad air itself. I have to say im really surprised by the build quality and the overall look of the tablet. It is in a space, gray, color and it looks pretty cool. It feels very light in the hands it weights about 460 grams and is 7.2 millimeters thick inside. We have a 7 000 milliamp hours battery, which is enough to power the tablet for 8 hours on the bottom. We have dual stereo speakers later. We will check how they sound the usb type c port is in the middle on the right.

Are the volume buttons and at the top is located the power button? There is also a micro sd card slot. You can extend the memory of the ipad air with up to 128 gigabytes, which is always welcome so guys. This is what we first see after we complete the setup. The interface is super clean. There are no pre installed apps except the usual google services. If youre a fan of the clean stock android, you will definitely appreciate it. The interface is running smoothly. The tablet has 4 gigs of ram and gigs of storage. When it comes to security, you have two options to secure your tablet. One is with a pin code and the other with a face id the face. Recognition works pretty good. I didnt experience any issues. The full hd ips display of the ipad air looks nice and crisp. The brightness levels are good on brighter. Daylight also looks fine, but, as with all devices with large displays, you will have to deal with a lot of reflections. The ipad air comes with 5 megapixel camera on the back. Let me put it this way. Dont expect to replace your smartphone camera. However, its still good to be able to take images with your tablet when it comes to image editing, you wont have any issues with this big and bright display. You can use any image, editing software, to enhance your photos. The ipad air comes with enough power to allow you to do that.

The sound is very important on any tablet for watching movies or playing games. We want to experience better sound quality. However, there is no way this to be shown here in the video, as the sound from the tablet is picked up from the microphone of the camera. I would say that the sound quality is fine, nothing extraordinary here, just a good sound with a set of bass. Applause, so what about the price of the chewy ipad air? As you can see here on their website, you can get it right now for 179 us dollars not bad at all. The link is in the description. The tablet is running unisoc tiger t618 octa core cpu and mali, g52 gpu. So for me, was important to see if can handle heavy apps and games so lets test it. There were no issues running the wps editing software, so you can use it for writing and editing documents and by the way there is also a keyboard sold separately. I made two gaming tests on this tablet. The first was injustice 2 and the second pubg injustice. 2 is running very smoothly, so, if you want to play games on this tablet, you can do that as it can run some of the latest games without any issues. The sound quality from the games is also pretty good and i didnt notice a significant drop in the battery life, which is pretty good. As we know, the games are much more power hungry.

This means you will be able to use it for longer gaming hours. Music, Music, playing pubg is also possible. You may not get that super smooth gaming experience from the latest powerful smartphones, but this is quite obvious. Considering the price of the tablet. Anyhow, you can still play pubg which, by the way, is not that easy. The bigger screen doesnt help and even slows your reactions. I think there are many other games that you can enjoy on this big display: Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music Applause, Music. So guys the ipad air is a budget tablet with a cool design and powerful enough. Specs is difficult to complain at this price. From my testing experience, the battery lasts good 8 hours. Of course, this will depend on your usage watching movies and web browsing. Give close to 8 hours with gaming, you will get less than that again. This will depend on the games. The apps are running smoothly and if you run out of storage, you can extend it with a micro sd card up to 128 gigs. If youre looking for a tablet and youre on the budget, definitely check it out in the past, i have been reviewing other chewy products and they didnt disappoint and, as always, dont forget to subscribe like and comment dont be shy.