This is actually a review unit from the company and i agreed to review this tablet because i, like the name of this tablet, the ipad air. It sounds very similar, and it looks very similar to this other popular tablet that i know of anyway, just to give you the bottom line up front for us 180 to 250 dollars. This is actually quite a good deal for the money which you will find out. Why, in this video, this tablet is available on chewys webstore and on aliexpress the prices that you see here will vary depending on whether or not there are any promotions going on and currently on aliexpress. The tablet alone is priced at us 190 dollars and, if you add the keyboard cover, which i highly recommend you do so because its quite a good one, the price goes up to 225 dollars and the performance of this tablet is actually quite decent. So to get this tablet at this price, its a very good deal, if you can get it at a discounted price, its going to be a terrific deal and it looks like there is some sale going on on 11 11, im, pretty sure theres going to be A 12 12, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3 say also. So if you can wait to get this tablet during the discounted period, youre going to get a terrific deal, if not youre still going to get a really good deal. These are the items that came in the box.

This is a 10 watt charger. The plug will vary depending on your country. This is usb type a, and this is the usb type, a to usb type c. Cable. The chewy keyboard cover is not included. You just have to top up 20 to 30 us dollars for this, and this stylus is not included. This is just a rubber tips dollars that i use so that i wont leave too many fingerprints on the tablet. This tablet does not have official stylus support. This keyboard cover. Has this felt like material on the front and the back? The company name is located at the corner here. This is not that obvious. Now this felt like a cloth like material, is quite prone to attracting dirt and its not easy to clean, because its not waterproof, you cant, just wipe the dirt away. It attaches to the tablet with magnex. The tablet can only be deployed at this angle and its a good angle to work with, and when you close the cover, the tablet will go to sleep and when you open it back up, the tablet would wick. This is a bluetooth keyboard with a battery in it, so thats the usbc charging port and the power switch beside im, not sure why they went with a bluetooth keyboard, because if there is no power left in the battery, you wont be able to type on this And i am not able to test how long the battery life can last, so there is no advantage to having a bluetooth keyboard here.

Most keyboard covers from other companies would use some sort of connector to connect to the tablet so that the keyboard can get the power from the tablet, but we decided to go with a bluetooth keyboard here, even though this keyboard is battery powered. There is no back light and there is a typo here to use the keyboard with the tablet. You have to do the bluetooth pairing first, using this keyboard, shortcut function and bluetooth button you just have to pair once and it will stay pad throughout the keyboard. Layout is good. There are some function, key shortcuts, which are quite useful, like the home button search media playback, the keys have good travel and excellent feedback, the build quality for the keyboard and the keys and the overall typing experience is very similar to the renowned ibm, keyboards thats. To say the typing experience is excellent. You can definitely speed type on this typing. Experience on this small keyboard is easily 5 out of 5 stars. For me. Oh there is this rubber thing here at the four corners to cushion against the tablet. This keyboard cover is just 20 to 30 us dollars and its going to make your overall user experience so much better and thats. Why? I highly recommend you get this? The tablet is 465 grams. Im not sure how heavy the keyboard cover is, but together its still very portable. These are the specifications for the hi pad air and these are mid range specs for this affordable tablet.

Design of this tablet looks good. I, like the rounded corners the bezels, are quite thin, thinner on the sides here, but thicker here build quality is extremely solid. The flat edges have this smooth matte surface and all the edges are beveled power. Button is here and the volume buttons on this side and the usbc charging port here, and these are the two sets of speakers. They are one watt. Each audio quality is all right, its serviceable. It does not sound hollow and it doesnt sound like someone is talking to you, but not looking at you. The speakers are loud enough, since the speakers are here: youre not going to get true stereo theres, a 5 megapixel camera here, which you can use for face, unlock and face unlock works quite effectively and fast theres. Another 5 megapixel camera on the back, and this is how the back looks. So this is a very simple and clean design. Resolution on this 10.3 inch display is 1920 by 1002 text and user interface. Elements such as icons appear sharp enough. This is a laminated display, so there is no gap between the glass and the lcd beneath. This tablet has four gigs of ram and 128 gigs of emsc storage. If you need more storage, you can get a micro sd card. There is a micro sd card slot. Here on the side, theres a screen protector already applied on the tablet and on the first day when i have my finger on the tablet just scrolling around its quite difficult because of the resistance and now its very smooth im, not sure how bright this display is.

Its bright, but its not that bright, i wont recommend using this outdoors under the sun for indoor use. This brightness is more than adequate, so lets talk about the os. This tablet comes with stock android 11, and these are the apps that came with the tablet. These are all the stock google apps. There is no bloatware, thankfully, and its quite amazing, for a tablet price at this price range to come without any bloatware. There is limited customization available with stock android, so i installed my own launcher nova launcher so that i can customize the user interface and the look – and i also get some shortcuts, like double tap, to make the tablet sleep but to wick the tablet. I have to press the power button. I cant just double tap, so any additional features that you may want. You will have to find an app for it, and since this is android its very customizable, there are a lot of apps from the google play store. These are the specifications for the processor, the units of tiger t618. If you have no idea what those numbers mean, doesnt really matter, all you have to know is for a tablet that is around 200 us dollars. The overall performance is quite smooth. Web pages are able to load very quickly and when it comes to scrolling, there is no lag when it comes to switching between multiple apps no lag at all. One thing i really miss is when you get into this app management mode, alternate tab.

You dont see all the apps at a glance. It only shows you the current app and you have to switch between all these screens to find the app that you want to switch to so thats the limitation with stock android. I dont have any issues with gaming. This is genjin impact. Oh wearing headphones may improve your gaming experience. This tablet does not have a 3.5 millimeter audio jack, so you will have to use bluetooth earphones for audio. So this is the loading speed. It takes a while to load big or huge games, but once you are in the game, the performance is actually quite smooth. I did not experience any lag at all. The refresh rate of this display is 60 hertz, and for gaming i mean it looks good and it feels very smooth. Let me just pan around yup, definitely no issues when it comes to gaming and the visuals. The colors look really nice as well. The only issue when it comes to gaming or watching videos is the sound, is only coming out from one side, its not true stereo, but other than that um. It looks good. I was able to get seven to eight hours of battery life, which is quite decent. My expectation for this tablet is actually quite low. I was expecting lag with multiple apps, switching between web browser, tabs loading web pages or scrolling web pages. So i was pleasantly surprised to see the overall performance is actually quite decent.

Actually, the performance is much better than i expected for a tablet at this 200 us dollar price range. So, to conclude, the chuwi ipad air is a tablet that is really worth the money. It looks. Good has solid, build quality, fantastic keyboard cover and decent performance. There are some downsides, obviously the display could be brighter and the viewing angles could be better um. The audio is not true stereo. Those are just very minor downsides and any downside that you can find with this tablet. You can actually just end your sentence with, but this tablet is just us 200. So this is a tablet i can recommend very easily if you have a limited budget of 200 to 250 us dollars so thats. My review of the chuwi ipad air thanks for watching.