You see that I am happy with the the build definitely like the keyboard, but, as mentioned just get straight to the point here, that there is a bit of a problem with the ports on here now. These ports will allow you to access flash drives. The two ports here on the either side of the dock. You'Ve got a USB 2 port they're the only full size ports we have. Otherwise, you do need to use an adapter like this one here for the USB type c port. The problem is now: I have here a one terabyte drive that I would like to access plug it in, and I don't know if you can hear that, but it's clicking on and off all the time now the light has come on, but it's just not generating Enough power both of these ports for me to be able to actually access this hard drive for me is a bit of a problem cause you do like to have access to hard drives so straight away. If you're thinking about this model just bear that in mind that this problem doesn't seem to have been fixed by the latest bias update at all. So if you want to use ports for that, you can't but it's, not all bad news, because we still can at least at USB 2 speeds access. This hard drive now via the type C port. If I apartment should be accessing it, there we go.

That is going to work, so at least we do have that option. But you see the white light here: means used to be 2 speeds and blue would mean USB 3. This has meant to be a USB 3 type C port, but it doesn't seem to be for me. So the whole point of having this port on the tablet to me doesn't have any real practical benefit. Apart from the fact that it's going to charge a little faster, as mentioned in my Android review, you will probably get around a full charge time of around three and a half hours versus the cube, which is a similar tablet to this. When the cube I worked in ultimate takes around about four and a half C leave yourself, maybe or maybe not even actually an hour – maybe 40 minutes that's the only real benefit of their having that poured on there. Now, as mentioned to in the other Android review, the whole back of its middle and where the wireless antenna is probably located just along the top here, I have noticed that the Wi Fi strength on this isn't as good as what it could be if they did Include plastic along the top they're, like the cube I worked in ultimate has I do have a comparison, video of both of those tablets where that is actually mentioned there and the wireless speeds that I can't get out of it when you're close enough. I find the problem is the range I think just tends to suffer a little bit because of that all alloy back plate that it has on there.

So, at the moment, I'm on a temporary connection using my 3G modem that I have – and those speeds are actually read about what I can get maximum speeds they're not too bad. Nothing really to complain about it. Now other benchmarks were actually a little lower than expected. His ice storm extreme 1.2 and the cloud gate score is actually not disappointing. This one is probably one of the high scores I've actually seen on an atom. X5. 0. 8300. Normally you get around 10000 10000 100, but this is quite a high the standard ice storm. I went to score a little low I'd say not as high as I expected as mean it's, not it's, actually not that bad, though, for the chipset Geekbench, 3 score marginally lower, definitely lower than what we got an Android and the other benchmarks that I did run. We have the emmc, which is a hynek's brand, one which is good to see, and those speeds are good for for any MMC. 4 point 5 point once big drive this isn't bad at all reads over 100. I can set any reads over about a hundred to be good. The rights of almost 80 are fine and the 4k is they're, not bad, considering sometimes we do see 4 case of only 1 or 2 megabytes per second, some on some of the EMC brands. We get like the the B wins or the 4c ones, which are the poor ones, but the hynek's is a proper brand there.

They also make Ram and well known so just to mention a few other things about the tablet. Now the brightness of the screen as good gets up to about 330 Lux same as Android, but in order to get the maximum brightness out of it, you do have to disable the adaptive brightness. There is a ambient light sensor right here that will control the brightness. So if you want to get that full brightness, you have to go into the settings. I think it's under power and turn that off to get the the full brightness I've noticed at the touch accuracy isn't as good as Android and it's, not as sharp as I would like it to be when it comes to accuracy, sometimes minimizing here, I'm. Actually doing. Okay, probably cuz that's mobile and video I've noticed it. Sometimes. I do have trouble just switching around it's, not quite as accurate as I like, but it's. I mean it's okay, but I find that the touch screen was definitely better on the cube. I work 10 and there is some light bleed along just the right hand, side here, it's a little hard to see and certain angles. If I bring the screen closer up to the camera, you might be able to actually see that. So if I just undock it there, you have a look here. Some of the colors are coming through now full brightness here at 100 scene, maybe it's a little more obvious there.

You can see just a little. It could be just my tablet here. That has got a slightly defective screen. Maybe it would that the light leakage there, but I mean hey it's it's, not too bad the screen. I do like the the contrast. Black levels probably look a little bit gray here because of the lighting I have on and there's still the screen protector on, but the first day of the screen protector has been taken off, but I keep that on because you don't have a gorilla glass on these. These tablets, so not scratch resistant and docking. The tablet is quite easy. There are magnets in there to help you guide it in with these supports, and I notice that sometimes it can be a little difficult to remove, but it's definitely fits in there very tight once it's in it's not going to drop off or anything. If you pick up tablet just by the tablet itself and without supporting the keyboard, dad is not going to come out at all and it's. A very sturdy keyboard made out of metal no complaints with this keyboard. It is probably one of the best 10.1 inch keyboards. Very similar to the others, transformer Series style of keyboards there there's a counterweight in here – and that is the maximum angular 2. Have it slaughtered in the you. So you can't push it any further back and tapping on the screen isn't going to cause it to tip over, unless, of course, you push really hard like I'm doing right there, one of the complaints I do have with it and a lot of the other Chinese Tablets is the touchpad being a little smaller.

The Windows 10 gestures have now become quite a bit of a problem, so you've got obviously a few other gestures here, like the pinch to zoom the icons there and the swipe to bring and the Action Center I've noticed that when you're using it often you trigger Some of those gestures, without wanting to so I'll, be looking here. I move around here and you excellent. You go maybe a little too high on the trackpad and pull down and start to minimize and maximize things or swipe things over or accidentally with using two fingers dragging along an icon and start to do. The zoom gesture can be a little frustrating and knowing there that sometimes can make you quite mad. I know I find it quite annoying not on this particular model, but the other chewy, the chewy hi 12 keyboard, and I happen to have that. One with me right here that keyboard you'll see has a similar trackpad in terms of height but it's, possibly a little. Actually tiny a little bit wider, but not as high, and this is another trackpad that often they trigger the minimize on the top of a deer but it's nice and wide and you're very frustrating. So just have a quick look now at how these sound is like. On, though something's going to go over to YouTube and load up, a carbon based life forms track. Someone that won't give me any copyright issues. Okay, so that didn't work there we go city trackpad.

There was all over the place. I don't know what's happening there, but you see that I'm not sure what's going on and I'm not actually going to edit this out see that is the trackpad or the touchscreen playing up on me and if I remove it from the dock. Oh, that is hard to get out. Sometimes it feels like you're almost going to break it. There we go hopefully now it's going to allow me just to delete that. I don't know what is going on here. That'S playing up that is not good backspace there we go. Finally, okay, few problems there, so we'll try again YouTube but I'm gon na leave that in the video edit, my videos are typically quite raw. I do not actually script them or anything like that. So but I think I like it like this not to show if you do about any problems arise, I will keep them in there because I'm, not hiding anything. I do not work for Chile or these companies, so here we go. Carbon based life forms to show you what the speakers sound like. They are marginally better in Windows, then I would say that I work 10 ultimate, but definitely louder and Android, but we do get better stereo substrate separation, because they're on the left and the right here turn that brightness down a tad. So here we go with come by Fleiss carbon based life forms, if I can say it at a maximum volume.

Okay, so they're, not the best speakers, you'll hear and certainly not the loudest. They lack any bass, no bass whatsoever, our little tinny sounding, but they do work. Okay for a Chinese tablet, they're not definitely not the worst I've heard I'd rate them as being moderate, they're, not bad, definitely better than that. I work 10 from cubes. I worked in ultimate, you saw them when I tried to undock. It I'd feel feels like I'm almost going to damage something it really does slot and they're very tight. I guess I need to use it a little more and over time, undocking and docking. The tablet with the keyboard base here and we'll, probably loosen up a little bit there, all right. So before I move over to some of my gaming tests. I'Ll just test up two games wanted to have a look at the system here, just to show you that it does activate this fine. We have the four gigabytes of RAM a fully accessible in a 64 bit and the reason I'll show you. This is because there was a problem with some of the tablets coming out that had four gigabytes of RAM, but they installed only 32 bit operating systems, only allowing you to access three gigabytes of RAM, which was really silly, but you can see their windows activated. No problems with that and quickly show the device manager that the wireless is a I think, it's Broadcom was it or real tick.

I have a look here. It is to show you that and wonder how now the accuracy of the stream screen is going to go. So, yes, the real tick, the typical real tick there, so that one is only Wireless in 150 megabits per second and supports only the 2.4 gigahertz bandwidth. The disk drive, of course, I've already showed you that, as there hynek's right there at st microsd card support seems to be okay. I have only got 64 gigabyte cards that I have been testing out, but those ones work 128 gigabyte card. I do have one on the way I finally managed to get hold of a samsung Pro, Plus that I was waiting for so we'll have that later on. I will test that to see if it's going to be supported. Sometimes these tablets have problems. I know normally they work and in the windows things, but on Android. Sometimes those microSD cards can cause a few problems and not actually be detected all right. So a quick look at gaming, and now I have HW info running here in the background, as well as MSI Afterburner, just have a look at the frames per second and temperatures, but actually invoke I've been running that for a while, and I was doing my benchmarking And other gaming tests and 75 78 at the moment there you see well that's when I took the screenshots 75 once the maximum dermals on the system. Actually, okay, I can sit anything that this stays under 80 degrees to be acceptable because these atoms, the cherry trials, tend to run quite hot.

So let's have a look now and see how counter strike runs. That is very loud. The opening tune there in counter strike. So I have all the settings here set to their lowest 800 x 600 resolution very low resolution and the reason is to try and keep those frames as high as possible here. So you can see here is running DirectX 9 60 frames per second current temperature 59. So keep an eye on that that will show you just how well it's going to perform here. I'M gon na play the dust2 map, let's, say head shots only map so I'm not going to be able to kill anyone. If you've seen my other videos of my gameplay, my horrible gameplay, you all know by now that I'm not capable I've, actually been able to kill anyone, especially when it's headshots, only okay, that is running quite slow, they're only 13 frames per second doesn't seem that good At all, always riding can't even shoot him. No, that is too slow. I think this is just not performing as I expected I'm just going to put the top seat power cable in and see. If that's going to boost the performance I don't see. I don't think that is helping at all because it's still running around. Oh there we go 17 it's a little a little bitter alright, and they look at look at that. I missed that shot I'm, absolutely hopeless. This game is performing quite poor.

Actually, don't think we need to see any more of my horrible gameplay there. So next up I'm, just going to quickly test out some League of Legends, see how that runs so it's a custom game, summoners rift map with one bot on my side and two on the opposition will see how this runs. Okay, so let's have a look. That is not running good at all, but that's just the default settings the game has chosen for me. Let'S have a look and see what those are and have to lower the resolution here. Okay, we'll sit too high in 1080p there, so I've loaded it down now to 1024 by 768 on very low settings and let's see how that will hopefully improve that framerate. Okay, that looks a lot better because we now have at least 40 frames per second, so it does look like it's going to at least be playable at this lower resolution in settings. It'S down to 26 frames per second, the performance just doesn't seem as good as it should be here, it's a little disappointing to be honest, and I can probably where you can tell I think when they game progresses. This is gon na definitely go into the lower 20s, then to the higher teens I'd say so, really not ideal performance there from the the hi book. Now when it comes to better life, we do have a six thousand six hundred million hour battery within the tablet.

There is no battery in the keyboard whatsoever and I find better life to be slightly disappointing. You can only get around four hours depending on what you're doing in the brightness level. Of course, you can squeeze that out to four and a half five hours. Almost if you reduce the brightness to say twenty five percent, but in my use here, I've been using a bit of Chrome: sorry not Chrome, edge, listening for music slight bit of gaming for hours, so not the best really so to quickly recap. I find the window side of things on the chewy hi book to be disappointing, because the performance as you're, seeing there and gaming, just as in quite what it should be I'm, not too sure why. Whether it's the drivers – just maybe it must be the drivers, because Android performs quite well definitely one of the better performing x5z 8300 when it comes to Android, dev, it's, fine, that's, really good, but not in Windows and there's. No stylus support like the I worked in ultimate and we also have the problem. For me, the biggest problem of this tablet is those USB 2 ports on the dock not being able to power any external hard drives at all. So if you are looking for a similar tablet, I can't help but recommend now to say that yeah, you look at the cube. I worked in ultimate. I definitely think that as a better tablet, which has the same style keyboard, although not exactly the same, the top and the layout is the same.

Just the supports of the dock make it slightly different there, but you can on the iweb 10 power USB 2 ports and you don't have the slightly slower performance. The I work. 10, things perform as an Adam x5 should within Windows.