They share an almost identical keyboard and they have an atom X 5. Is it 8300, which is the main seat, the CPU on it, and it has 4 gigabytes of RAM and a 64 gigabyte MMC? Now the difference with the doc on these the keyboard dock is, I thought they were pretty much identical just with a slight difference on the status LEDs, but it turns out that the supports are natural. Dock themselves, have a different size and spacing on them. So you can't actually interchange these keyboards at all, so make sure if you're going to buy one of these, you must get the cube keyboard with the cube tablet, you can't decide. Oh, I want this silver keyboard now and use that on the cube, because it's just not going to fit, you won't be out out dock that at all now the other difference with the keyboards as the USB 2 ports and on both sides of them. So we got one right here and one on the other side on both of the keyboards. Now they will actually power an external hard drives on the cube. The ones I've found on the chilli haibach I've been having problems with them, will not power an external hard drive for me at least not in Windows it's, not working at all. You can use the type C port that's the only way you're going to access an external hard drive. That is one of the differences that this tablet also has the type C port on it, and there is quite a large difference when it comes to the quality of the screens, so benchmarks I'm not going to go into details right on that.

You can see the benchmark scores here. This is Geekbench 3 and when it comes to all the other benchmarks that i've tested out, they are almost pretty much identical. So there's, not really it's, not really with me going through. All of those you'll see here that if I do go through and have a look at and on the cube here, you'll see that the schools I get a more or less the same, they've got 60 mm. This has got almost 64 and you'll find the case that, when other benchmarks like reading marking everything that they're very similar scores, so performance, wise, they're, identical so malls are round about the same. They get up to 35 degrees on the cube at about 38 on the haibach, but the difference with the screens is quite obvious when you have them together. The brightness of the cube that gets up to 370 Lux of brightness and it doesn't, have such a large gap between the digitizer panel glass and the IPS below a lot. Smaller almost looks like it's fully laminated. The gap is, I would say, around about under a millimeter, so quite good there and I find the panel itself doesn't have as much light leakage that we do get a little bit of that on the the chewy haibach, so here's. The ho book display, which comes in at a maximum brightness of 328 lux – you see having a look at this one, that there is definitely a larger gap.

There it's quite obvious when you look at it at this angle, front on you, don't really notice it too much, but you see there I'd say an estimated gap of two, maybe even three millimeters there. So quite a difference there that tends to make the panel reflect a little bit more I'd say than the the cube, and there is some light leakage on the right hand, side just along here that someone also picked up on my other video that I did with The Android review of the high book – and I did actually forget to mention that in the video but yes there's a little bit of light leakage along there and a slightly inferior panel, but it does still offer both of them offer good, color, reproduction, good, blacks, good Level of black on it when you're looking at it straight on at least not getting those reflections there and one other thing with the screen on the cube, I worked in ultimate or flagship as they call it. It does support an active pressure, sensitive stylus and that works in both windows and Android. So if you need stylus support one of those people that must have a stylus, then obviously that is the model you need to look at you can see here. This is going to work just fine here in Android. Without any problems now sound, I would say the hi book has an edge on sound because it does have the speakers on the left and the right of the tablet, whereas the cube here it's, both the speakers – are both on the right hand, side here, that's, where You get them so you don't get the good stereo separation and the chewy speakers are slightly louder and perform slightly better, not quite as loud as the cubes cubes one.

Unfortunately, that is the probably the biggest downside to the cube. I worked in ultimate there and battery life. I did do the full battery life test on the cube here yet to run that on the hi book, but you're looking at around 6 hours of Android use on the cube you get around five and a half that I've miniature I've got a rough estimate. There 5 and 12 6 on the chilly hi book when it comes to Windows, slightly less figures you're looking at about five hours on both of these tablets here, four and a half, even depending on what you're doing, if you're doing something very taxing, very taxing like Gaming, then that battery life is going to be cut right down to probably about four hours and then there's going to be dependent, of course, on your screen brightness. If you have how to percent brightness on both of these panels and game, you could even possibly kill that battery life even under three and a half hours there, because that's very demanding for the tablet to keep up with that when it comes to charging time. The high book is going to be faster because it does have that type C port that allows you to get slightly more amperage through that. So you've got three amps charging it, whereas on the the chui you would use the USB micro USB port there for charging and that's only charging at hour to two and a half.

I think so slightly slower to fully charge it you're. Looking around about three hours on the cube, sorry on the chui and around about four four and a half on the cube, I work ultimate here. So if I was to choose out of these two, I would definitely go as you probably gathered for the cube. I worked in ultimate because the USB to ports can power an external hard drive net. For me is important. We don't have the hassle of having the USB type c, which has no real benefit really on the Chui apart from faster charging, and that is it. You don't have to walk around carrying one of these type C adapters with you, of course, you're still going to need a adapter here for the micro USB to USB on the cube, but we've got the stylus support and a slightly superior screen definitely hands down the Cube, I work ten ultimate ones it for me with this comparison between the boat. That is the model I would stick with if I was going to be keeping one of these two now, if you would like to see more on both of these models have a look in the playlists and also check out tick tablets. Calm. Thank you for watching.