So what has changed in the model? We now have this new screen on there. That is fully laminated. It has a 2560 by 1600 resolution and it is very nice it’s very bright. It gets up to ‘6 nits of brightness and it dulls down to about 26 and it’s got an atom. X50 thousand three hundred four gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabyte to eat MMC drive as Windows and Android, so spec wise hasn’t changed too much, but the battery has also increased from six thousand eight hundred million hours now to eight thousand milliamp hours. So this review is going to be broken down into sections. You’Ll see right now. Some time codes so feel free to skip ahead to parts that interest you the most, for example. If you want to only see the Android portion then feel free to skip ahead to that so on the bottom of the Vice you’ll find a five Pogo pin and there to support slots there for the keyboard, which I’ll show you in a second. I have a Windows Home key and right at the top there a front to make a pixel camera on the right side, a speaker and along the top, the volume up and down and power on button, and on the left side we have a micro SD card Slot now this can take 128 gigabyte, SSDs microSD. Sorry without any problems. We have a type C port, USB 2 port microphone, HDMI out and 3.

5 min ahead phone jack. Now that headphone jack does support microphones, but they only seem to work in Windows for some reason. It no Android, I could get not get my headset microphone to work at all and along the back as made out of an alloy that has finished with a matte paint job, and it is very nice to the touch it feels good. Is that little tiny bit of flex in there, but the build quality overall is quite good and you will find a top rear facing to make a pixel camera it’s well put together, there’s, no flicks or creeks in the design, and I find for the price range Here it looks really good and because it has their fully laminated display, it has a more premium, look and feel to it now the keyboard, which is an optional accessory, you can buy for it as a transformer, and it just clips in, like so with the magnets And allows you to close it right down and use it like a small little notebook, a 10.1 inch notebook. You can see left and right. It does have USB 2 ports rubber feet here on the top to stop the keyboard from scratching the screen protector and for a smaller 10.1 inch keyboard. I find the typing experience is good there’s, a good amount of travel on the keys. They are smaller because of the size constraints here, as well as the touch pad. Now, the touch pad does support gestures.

Unfortunately, they cannot be disabled, so I do find them to be quite annoying at times, and I often find myself just hitting function and f11 to completely disable that trackpad. Now it is small I will say it is usable at best because of its size. It does have hardware left and right mouse buttons, but it is tiny, see, there’s only limited use key, you can use with it, but if I didn’t have a mouse, I can still get away with using it at least, and overall, the build quality is quite good. The top, as a middle finish, the rear of it. I will show you: we have a rubberized paint job and four rubber feet to hold it firmly on tables, and this is the maximum angle. The screen will recline, which isn’t the best isn’t the greatest, but it is a design, choice or limitation. I should say: they’ve had to go with otherwise, they’d have to make the keyboard a lot heavier and pushing back on they’re using it as a touchscreen there’s. A little bit of wobble there when touching it, but it’s, not too bad, and just to warn you that the high book, the first models keyboard, is not compatible because these stays these supports are actually longer on the high book and shorter on the high book Pro. This is the high book keyboard and what I had to do was actually get a hacksaw and cut the tops off in order to make it fit now.

The 2560 by 1600 screen has a very nice look about it, because it’s fully laminated it’s, extremely sharp, with 299 PPI, very good, blacks, nice and bright gets up to almost 400 nits of brightness it dims down to around about 20, which is quite dim, but it Still like to sit a little bit dimmer, but it’s a very premium screen – and I would go this far – is to say the best screen. I have seen in a Chinese tablet to date, mainly because it’s fully laminates, you don’t, get those reflections. Even when the tablet is powered off. It still looks nicer because it doesn’t show the grayness of the screen below it. It looks very dark and black and and gives the tablet premium, feel when you’re holding it as well. The only real side effect I have noticed from the screen is like all fully laminated display. Is that certain points of it? If you do apply pressure, you will see ripple effects. This even happened with my surface pro for viewing angles are also excellent. One of the downsides to this tablet about the only real major thing that I have discovered is while first off the design does not include any full USB ports unless you use the keyboard dock here that I have in the background that’s the only time you’re going To get a USB to full sized port, so will these ports power an external hard drive? Well, yes, they will but there’s a slight issue.

Now a white light means USB to a blue light means USB 3. Unfortunately, the type C port is only USB type. 2. I mean sorry USB to speak so when you first power on the tablet, you’ll be greeted with the dual boot menu. Here you can select either Android or Windows straightaway. So now the section of the review will cover the Android ROM and gaming performance as well as benchmarks, so the ROM, true you have used is very stock, is in fact, as a stock, as you can get, it has no bloatware on it. It just comes with the essential kind of applications like voice recorder search. A few little Google things on there, but Play Store is on there that’s the most important and it is running android 5.1. Now the performance of the rom is actually surprisingly good. Now i thought that that huge resolution would have a very determined to effect on the performance, but it doesn’t is actually quite snappy. Quite quick – and i did take a few benchmarks here and i’ll – show you the results and just quickly cover those so here’s a battery life I’ll start out with. So this is the work performance score that it got using PC mark now, that’s, not a bad score. At all five hours, almost 40 minutes considering the screen resolution, I think now that was configured to 200 nits of brightness, so you can actually lower the brightness and probably get a lot longer than that and it’s a screen on details.

So 5 hours 15, 16 minutes – and here is the kick bench three score and two to score. Anything over around 60000 is the norm for this chipset slingshot ice storm. I stomach stream score, and that was all I ran, ran there with benchmarks and the browser performance is good. I’Ll, just quickly load up to Telekom and show you I found has been fine getting normal kind of speeds that I went out of these tablets. The range seems: okay, it seems a little bit less than other designs. Like the cube. I work ultimate, which has plastic around where the antennas are. This has the all alloy body on it, so it does feel I like range could be slightly affected by that, but I haven’t had any problems downstairs in that it just I do feel that it probably won’t be as good as some other models and the performance Of that, that seems, good I’ll just go to there’s a little bit choppy there, but this is quite an image heavy website, so just load in a clip but YouTube see how that performs as a clip of some gaming on this model, so that’s working fine. Now just add that, because of the screen resolution that the tick’s looks very sharp, very nice. So if you’re looking at pdfs and ebooks and things like that, that will also make this screen really shine. And the text very readable due to the sharpness of the screen.

Now revenues you normally have around 3.2 gigabytes of RAM free, so there’s plenty there for multitasking. Now what about gaming? You can see. I have a few games here installed. I did actually put up a gaming video that when I just showed you that clip off in a YouTube – and it depends on the game, so certain games will actually run in the native screen resolution, so it’s a very high resolution, very demanding for the Intel graphics That it has so games like Mortal Kombat X. I will just quickly show you that it runs quite slow due to the high resolution, but other games like real racing, which upscale will be quite fast and quick, just like any other Android device. You can see what I mean Mortal Kombat X is running very slow here. It’S like a slideshow, basically isolate around 10 or 15 frames per second. Only and gains like real racing here, you’ll see are very playable because they just upscale very good frame rates. Nice and smooth there’s a few little tiny little stutters there, but we’ve definitely got us on playable and other titles here that you can see there in my other video that I did of gaming model. Sorry, modern combat 5 and Dungeon Hunter 5, they’re very playable as well, so it’s all going to be dependent on what kind of game it is so super demanding games will be. Stuttery will lag because of that high resolution screen.

So that completes the Android portion of the review. I will now switch over to windows and cover the windows part. Now here it went as I’ve found that the performance seems to be just like any other atom. Z8 thousand three hundred it doesn’t seem to run any slower. The touch, accuracy and responsiveness of the screen I’m finding to be very good, it’s, fine, the typical windows. Sometimes you have a little bit more trouble minimizing, say: Windows, for example: it’s, not so touch optimized like Android as I’ve found so first boot. When you do get it, you have 30 gigabytes free on Windows and sorry in Android. I think you get around. I think it’s around 9 gigabytes could actually be a little bit more than that, but enough space at least to install some large games on Android there and I’ll just quickly show so Wireless is real tick and a disk drive it has on. There is a Toshiba, so that is good and we can see here that it’s got the full 4 gigabytes Windows activation, no problems whatsoever with any of that. That days have gone when we had problems with licensing on most devices literally 95. You never have any problems with that. So you see along here at the realtek and then the disk drive is a Toshiba see this, for example, touching on this is a little bit harder there, but it goes. I have a camera behind me and the angle I’m, looking at it to isn’t, exactly helping me so there we go seem real tick.

Those information there from the device mentor by the only stuff there that’s really interesting. So I will get straight to the point here with some of the benchmarks that I ran so here’s a look at the internal storage. So internal storage speeds. The reads are good, but the writes are disappointing. 35 right that’s, not really that great for a Toshiba eat where and see it’s a little slow there but I’m, not really noticing it. The read speeds good, so everything seems to be fine. The performance it seems just like any other tablet, seems just like the chewy high book. I had even like the hie hol v’ that I also have so temperatures as well. I haven’t quite most monitoring those quite closely and this is as high as it gets so 73. It does get quite warm around this upper area here, but it’s not getting any thermal throttling and overall they’re really good. Now that was forty three minutes of non stop benchmarks. As you’ll see there from the average temperatures, they are quite warm there, but it normally hovers around when you’re, not benchmarking doing things sits around the lower 50s and gets up to around 60 70 73. Here, when gaming now to quickly run through the benchmarks I have tested so Cloud, Gate 1.1 actually got surprisingly higher than it did an Android about 200 points more there and the ice storm extreme score got a little less. Now, most other devices get around.

This go around about 10000, 9000, so it’s a little on the low side, and so as the ice storm unlimited score again, a little on the lower side. They’Re, not too sure. Why betters and my speed test here that I just ran before so it’s. Getting a very similar speed to my desktop, the upload speed is very good. The download speed my desktop got 35 megabits per second it’s got 28 I’m, not too sure why it’s a little bit slower there. So I will just quickly load up tick, tablets, calm and use the keyboard just to show you what the typing is like on, that it says, respond as any other atom tablet. Haven’T had any problems, each performance is good, and that is a lot more fluid than the browser was an Android. Then things tend to load up really quick. I haven’t actually visited the website before so that wasn’t too bad at all and a test. Another YouTube clip now 4k and YouTube will work, but in chrome it is extremely slow and choppy. You get a missed frame, so I’m gon na put this right up now to 4k and that shouldn’t be a problem, because this is a 4k clip. They record it and it’s just gon na take a little while there there we go that’s now running in 4k and just fullscreen. It see if you can get the old stats, okay, so to drop frames. So let’s working find 4k streaming from YouTube and before I get onto some gaming tests with Windows Store game and a few other titles just wanted to cover quickly battery life.

Okay, so better life isn’t too bad. It seems to be better than Android. For some reason. Android seems to be a little bit more heavier on the CPU or something or maybe to do with drivers and windows. But I found that you can get around 6 to 6 and a half hours with the brightness set to 25, now 25 isn’t as dull as it would be on some tablets, it’s, not a bad kind of brightness there, and if you increase that brightness, then you’re Going to get a lower times, of course it depends what you’re doing and what it was doing here was. I was using edge. I was watching some YouTube, also watching a couple of clips or watched a clip of mr. robot, for example, and that was about 50 minutes and used up about 13 percent battery life. If I remember correctly so, the very knife doesn’t seem that bad for what it is considering the screen size the battery capacity. Now, of course, you could also go and put flight mode on. You could turn the brightness to 0. You could try and squeeze every single last bit out of that battery and you could maybe just watching videos get even over seven hours. I think, oh and for those wanting to know the RAM usage you see at the moment, nothing’s really running. I have about 41 they’re used with the memory and overall, the performance of Windows is reasonably quick and snappy.

Opening things up works quite fine, going to the menus, no real differences to other atoms. It 8300 tablets full volume. So it sounds coming out of the both left and right speakers. It sounds quite tiny, but it’s a little bit louder. Their loudness, I think, is okay. Now Android does output slightly more loudness and the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack sounds really really good it’s. Actually, one of the best I’ve heard on an atom tablet: very clean audio, no static, no has nice and loud and very clear, sound, so I’m, just gon na have a quick look now at a Windows Store game because Windows Store games run in this native screen Resolution so I’m interesting to see if they’re going to be playable or not. This one is sniper fury. Alright, I don’t expect this to be very playable. We’Ll see what happens: okay, that’s reasonably choppy there so like what the zooms, like so it’s, quite slow window games. There you definitely want to lower your desktop resolution first before launching any of the Windows Store games. Next up is League of Legends popular online games, so myself and three other BOTS and summoners rift alright. So these are the settings I’m going to use its 1024 by 768 and three low settings at the moment. 46 frames per second they’ve, probably thinking why those settings were just to try and keep that frame rate as high as possible that’s what we want, ideally don’t.

We so it’s the golden rule with Adams. You just got to lower the resolution lower the settings. Okay decided to go to 1280 by 800 resolution, at least that scales to the screen correctly at the moment, it’s around 46 frames per second moving around the map. That is fast and fluid. This title is going to be playable, I can safely say so. A Counter Strike global Offensive. Now this is the dust 2 map and I have the settings set to 1024 by 768. I do believe that 1280 by 800 will just be too demanding for this atom chipset and I have all the settings on the lowest at the moment. It’S hovering around 20 frames per second I’m horrible at this game. Now you could lower the resolution down to 800 x 600, which will give a boost in frames per second I’ll just check that out now. So these are the settings I just test now. So 800 x 600 is just floating around 30 frames per second. Just about that seems a bit better but smoother. So to recap the screen looks very nice. I mean it’s premium. It is what makes this tablet it’s just so nice having a fully laminated panel in this price range at the time of the review, this 199 US and the build of it, is good nice metal, build. Ok, the downsides are that yes, there’s no full USB ports on this, which is really unfortunate to see and that type support is only working at USB 2 speeds.

I would really have liked to have USB 3 speeds on that keyboard, as well as good to type on and the trackpad the touchpad. There is just too small and a little bit awkward to use just just make it awful and window windows there and Android. The Android ROM is very light it’s quite fast, but gaming depends on the game. You’Re gon na have to be a little bit careful there.