I worked in ultimate and also the tech last t book 10 it's, another two and one and it's powered yet again by the Adam x5, z, 8300 and four gigabytes of RAM. I ordered the keyboard and the tablet itself so I'll be unboxing both of them on this video here. So I first start out with the tablet alright, so here we can see a tablet that does look very similar in terms of build quality to the cube. I worked in ultimate, you can see here. We do have two slots there for the keyboard dock, which I'll get onto shortly and then the five Pogo pin port there and, on the left hand side. We have a speaker grille, you can see. There are two Torx screws there securing that in place on the top. We have a volume up and down buttons power on and the two megapixel rear camera there and, on the left hand, side. The 3.5 millimeter headphone jack micro HDMI out microphone USB 2 for charging, and there is a USB 3 type C port now we'll be testing out this port just to make sure that I can at least run things like external hard drives or flash drives from that, And lastly, there is the speaker and micro SD card slot, so I'm, just gon na put the tablet aside for a second the build quality. Just to comment on that it does feel good, very solid there. I can't feel any real flicks or creeks, or anything with that and, of course, two at the front.

There is a 2 megapixel camera and in the little pouch here sorry little box on the slide will find the standard chewy charger, which is rated to 3 amps and 5 volts. Actually, I think that has changed from the standards 2.5 amps so that's good to see they have actually increase that because sometimes the charges do struggle a little bit, and here we have a USB 3 type c cable. So I was wrong there it's going to be charging via the USB type c port and not the USB 2 port. What else is in here is just the usual, so this is going to be our instruction leaflets and whatnot. Now, all of that is actually in Chinese. This are not really any relevant, very relevant to anyone who doesn't understand Chinese, like myself, there so I'll put that back in the box and check out the way to the tablet. So the e tablet is 572 grams. There. All right, I'm, just gon na pile the tablet on hopefully there's some power left in there. Sometimes these do ship and turn on. Okay, there is Chui, logo is coming on there and I'll have a look at the keyboard and just a second just get the protective cover off. So there we have the familiar dual boot menu from Chui. We can select either Android or Windows. Well, that is powering up Windows, just take a look now at the keyboard dock. Now, as far as I can tell from the images this keyboard dock is in fact the same as the Chui I work.

10 ultimate one looks to have the same ODM that builds these, and I was really happy with the keyboard on the the cube, and I can see that. Yes, it is exactly the same it's just in silver, so a slightly different paint job and I will compare both for them in just a second. This is a keyboard that II know and have used and I'm very happy with it. So we can see we do have a regional, reasonably large trackpad, considering the size of this, because this is a 10.1 inch tablet. We still get good amount of space here. You can disable the trackpad there. There is a button so a function. If 11, there will disable that trackpad and, of course it can be slaughtered in the tablet either way around. So you can use it in a presentation mode or even a tint kind of setup tent mode. If you wanted to some to that off the yoga box – and there is literally hardly any flex – there's tiny little bit with this keyboard and good key travel, good key size overall I've been very happy with this, and I do like the fact that they have included These rubber feet here, just off the keyboards you make its making sure that really it's not actually able to touch the screen, is not able to touch the keyboard and get all scratched up. At least the screen protector on it and the build quality of it is excellent.

So we've got the four rubber feet on the back and a rubber finish to it. So it's a rubber paint job and it gives it a bit of texture and grip, and it is an extremely solid feeling, keyboard here and very premium. I would compare this to the likes of the Zeus transformer book series. They are really that good. So we do have two USB to ports and either side there off the keyboard and have a look and quickly show you how that dachshund is simply just slots in place like so and there we go, but that's thing a maximum angle. You can get by the way on the screen. There is a counterweight within the keyboard and it's not going to tip back just pressing it like this and overall it's, a good setup. I believe it's one of the better ones differently with the two and ones I do like it. So if I get now just out of interest, I wanted to see what it looks like next to the cube that I have here. You'Ll see they are in fact very, very similar. The keyboards are the same with a slight change. Actually I've just noticed there's a difference on the position of the LEDs. If you have a look here, status LEDs for the keyboard are in different locations there, but otherwise identical really and the terms of build there. They are both using middle and very nice keyboards, so I'm.

Moving back to the Chui hi book we can see. We have a icon here, which runs a a simple application which will reboot over into Android for us I'm, not going to do that just yet and have a look and see how much free space there is and what they are using for the wireless chipset. So Windows, we have a rather large 30 2.5 gigabytes free, which is quite large, considering this is a dual boot machine, so they've they've, given most of that space, I can see already two windows and not Android, so I just move over to system and check out And see if Windows is activated not yet. I think I need to connect up to the Internet for that and have a quick look at device manager and have looked at the brand of emmc they're, using as a hynek's, which is good to see that normally reasonably fast drive and the network. Adapter is a real tech, surprise, surprise, that's, the hundred and 50 megabits per second wireless in 2.4 gigahertz. Only now, if I have a closer look at the screen, I have noticed that there is a reasonably large gap. It seems to be stuck in there quite solidly. A recently large gap between the glass digitizer panel on the top and the IPS 1920 by 1200 screen below, if you can ever look there and see I don't know I get the camera to focus there. You see that there gap, I would say, is a good two millimeters at least perhaps even more two and a half that seems to be slightly larger of what's are present on the cube.

They keep my work. Ten ultimate, I think, has a gap of only about half a millimeter or a millimeter it's, quite small, but that's not too bad. I don't think that's. This one is that much of a distraction but it's definitely noticeable when I picked up on that straightaway. There so I'm, going to quickly boot over into Android. Have a look at the ROM. Never can see how much free space we have so it's gon na run the application now sure I want to switch to Android. Yes, so that's going to restart now and boot into Android all right, so the RAM is just Rama's just booting up, so the ROM is just powering up now, it's the first time I have started this and I just notice there's just started up and there we Go the screen has swapped around started up in a portrait Devin Nelson landscape, so it looks like a very stock Android ROM, which is good to see. I'Ve noticed that the DP I don't know whether that's a good match for the screen or not. If she doesn't seem that bad there seems to be a good match, the roms dpi sit there. So we do have Play Store installed and have a look under settings at the free available storage. We have so we've got nine point, four gigabytes free there and it doesn't look to be any bloatware whatsoever there isn't there is literally nothing dear, which is good to see.

I love to see roms like this there's no need for them to install all of their bloatware applications, and more and more manufacturers now, at least from China are starting to just install plain Android roms, which is really good to see. So I think the message is finally getting through that, at least for international markets that we don't need to see the roms that are just all completely covered in Chinese apps, okay, so that is just a very quick unboxing there and hands on with the Chewie hi Book now I will be back with further videos on this one. I will do some tests run my new normal benchmarks check out and see how those speakers sounds and the USB type c port to see if that's going to power on a still hard drive. So do stay tuned to the playlist.