So if you've seen my videos on the cube I worked in and even the unboxing of this video, you see that they are pretty much identical machines. They share this same design, same dimensions and the keyboard is exactly the same just for the different color. Now the keyboard of this one, I find to be really good, very high quality keyboard typing experience on it is good, taking into account that, yes, it is a smaller keyboard, because it's only ten point six inches, but I find using it is good. The trackpad works really well and Windows. 10. You get some annoying gestures, but I'll cover that in the Windows 10 side of things, when I do that video, but ever I'm really pleased for that. The way they're Builders there is a bit of a floor vote with the keyboard connected to the high book that these USB 2 ports will not actually output sufficient power to run an external hard drive. Now that, for me, is a bit of a problem, because I do like to backup files and take image backups of tablets and things like that over to an external hard drive, because you get huge data capacity with the hard drives versus say using a pin, drive Or something pin drives, do work on this. They work fine and if you have to use a hard drive, you have to use the USB type c port, which is here on the side. Now, one of the other differences that this tablet has versus the I worked in ultimate from cube is that we do have now left and right speakers and the tablet slots in just like the cube actually quite difficult to get out, and you see we do have One speaker here on the left and then another one on the right side there so that's giving us a better stereo separation.

I will do a test of the speakers later on in this video, but just go over the design of it. So the back is all metal. We don't have the plastic at the top here to aid the wireless reception. Now I did have some problems with the wireless disconnecting. I thought it might have been related to the design choice of having the alloy on the back, covering, obviously where the antennas gon na be, which would be around here the antenna for wireless. But it turns out that Wireless update actually solved sorry, a bias update solved that problem for me and now I'm, not getting any disconnects there. So of all the builders good I'd say marginally slightly better the build than that of the the I worked in and we do have a rear, 5 megapixel camera there. On the back on the top, we have power arm volume up buttons, they're actually plastic, but made to look like metal there, but there is no flex in it. The build quality seems really solid and a type C port there on charging. This allows you to actually charge the tablet and read about three hours slightly over, probably so a little faster there, because it actually allows you to go over the two amps charge, it's three amps there and we do have a micro USB 2 port there microphone is This little dot here that is not a reset switch, so whatever you do do not poke a pin or a paperclip in there to trying to reset the tablet which I've seen people do, and we have micro HDMI there and a 3.

5 minute headphone jack. So the screen actually I'll just show you isn't too bad. Now the maximum brightness. It gets all the way up to 329 Lux on brightness, which is really quite good, but probably not sufficient enough to use outdoors still because it's, not a fully laminated display. If you have a look here, you can see there is quite an obvious gap between the digitizer glass here on the top and the IPS below something going to get on these Chinese tablets on most of them because they have well the cheaper build. So there is a pro to this as well. If you do break the glass, then it's easier to change over, but the brightness is good and that gap is well not really to annoying. If you're looking at it face on you, you only tend to pick up on it if you've been a little bit fussy like me, probably so it slots in there nicely dachshund, just fine and the overall package. If you have a look at the unboxing, you'll get the weights of this it's quite heavy it's over a kilo, but I do like the build of it. So this is what the ROM looks like in the yep draw here: all the default applications you have installed when I first at the unboxing powered it on someone's, actually gone and removed all of the Chinese bloke we're on there. But you see that we do have quite a few blower applications now there is some positive out of this because we can actually remove them so it's not really too much of an issue you're able to uninstall them all, which is what I will do later on.

I haven't actually done that at the moment. You'Ll see here. Sorry, if I go back into the app drawer here, but I've got a few install, but you can simply just go along and either remove them this way or go through the settings and applications and just remove all the Chinese junk on there that isn't relevant to Us we can't use, use it anyway, because mustard lets you all of it's all in Chinese, then the ROM works really fine it's android 5.1. And if you want to boot over to Windows 2, you can simply just slide down the notification tab at the top there's. A switch to Windows or just holding down the power button that's pretty standard. We see this now on the cheat all of the dual boot tablets, so you can just tap that switch straight over to Windows, so the ROM is good it's fast. We have four gigabytes of RAM and you will see that we got about probably normally around about 3.4 gigabytes free of RAM. So I look over now in apps there's of the downloaded, so we'll see what is running and normally there's, nothing really running in the background. So free we have 3.3 gigabytes so that's plenty, so you can do a lot of multitasking with that and really not going to really run into any problems with RAM. I don't think so. I ran through the usual benchmarks that I do on these tablets. Just to get an overall idea of how it performs and it actually performs quite well – we get some good benchmark scores here, so I stormed maxed out my stomach stream, a good score, considering the chipset in atom, x5z, 8300, really and overused and abused chips hit now, Because it's, just so many tablets and many pieces now, while this chipset it's unbelievable until must be selling them for so cheap 20000.

Almost I still unlimited slingshot and here is the Geekbench 3 score. Finally, are there just more minor details on that key pinch score and find the n2 2, which quite a good school? I think I've got about 60 1000 out of the cube I work 10 ultimate or 59 very close school. This is maybe around four or five thousand more, just nothing really in it. So the performance is good. There'S, nothing here, there's bogging it down it's, not getting any horrible benchmark scores to make me think that there is something wrong with the other configuration or the ROM or anything like that performance, good, not a problem there at all. Now I just wanted to quickly chest test out these speakers to use the our file manager here and go over to my ste card, where I can find it so go carbon carbon based life forms track here, alright, so the volume of this, at least in Android, Is very low, it's good there's, like typical Chinese tablets speakers there there is no bass to it really slight bit of mid range, quite tinny speakers, but we do get good stereo separation because we have them firing out of the left and right here, which is good And really, I can't complain too much in Android now in Windows as you'll see later in a few more days when I do the windows review inside of things that in Windows, 10 it's a little quieter it's, not as it out it's got to be down to Drivers, because the hardware is gon na, be the same of course so there's something in the drivers, cause it not to be as they out there now the output out of the 3.

5 millimeter Jack there it's good it's loud. You can really blast that out. You better drive some huge hits it's. If you've got them, though they'll be fine. I think most people will be happy with that. Now it does support 4 pole. So if you've got a hits it that supports a microphone, and this will support it there, which is which is good to see now just show you the web browser performance. I have it installed: Chrome I'm, just using the default browser they have included, and I find that that performs fine, that the touchscreen accuracy using the on screen keyboard is good. You can still use that quite happily, I find to use the on screen keyboard and scrolling in performance within the standard Android browser here, it's good, I mean it's not as smooth as an iPad ear, for example anything like that but or the iPad pro, but I Mean I find it to be just fine for what it has been in Adam, and you know things load up quick enough. My internet connection at the moment is quite slow and hopeless, but I mean it's going alright here and it will find that it is good and when you connect it up to the keyboard, then the typing experience is really good. What, if you need to type out an email, something like that that this will be perfect for like tasks, things like that, if you want to do anything, heavier documents, editing whatnot, while you've also got word you can use if you swap over to Windows.

So have a look, quick look now at gaming, but just before I do wanted to comment on the the cameras, so 2 megapixel front facing camera, a 5 megapixel rear facing camera and they are very average terms of quality for video check use. I would say: okay as long as you're in good lighting, if you're in low lighting, then the front facing camera, which we can see right here and the moment I've got some lights on. You can see my air conditioning unit. Above me, it works fine. The only thing is yeah you really have to do be, and you have to be in good lighting, otherwise it's gon na struggle and get quite grainy, but that's the case with most of these, these tablets out of China and if I swap over to the rear, The rear camera that is also working fine and again the quality being 5 megapixels it's, nothing, wonderful! Your mobile phone will definitely take a much better picture. So I honestly, I wouldn't personally bother about that, but you can get away we're taking, for example, if you need to take a photo of some text or something like that, then then it is handy possibly for those kind of scenarios there. Alright, so have a look. Now at gaming on the hi book here – and I just got a few titles – that I've installed let's go to modern combat 5. This is quite a demanding game. We'Ll see how it runs.

Have a look around so frame rate seems. Okay, there tends to be quite leggy in this first area and later, when you get outside in the streets there. Okay, there we go and you see what happens when you're gaming like this your hands, your palms, tend to cover the speakers. There just say a slight annoyance, so you probably paid off gaming with headphones on it's tough, all tipped out some real racing 3. Okay, so I hope to see that ones running just fine to last. Titled me to test out is unkilled. So if you play dead trigger, this is a very similar kind of game, so that's that's running quite fast there all right so that game also very playable there no problems with the frame rates. I think everything that's on the Play Store. There is gon na be playable on this particular tablet at the moment, with the four gigabytes of RAM. Definitely helping and the atom seems to be powerful enough for it. So overall, the Android side of things on the chewy high book high book. Here, I think, is quite good. I mean the ROM is light. It doesn't have a bloated launcher, which you often get on some of the Chinese tablets. There are not actually really doing that that often now mostly stock Android but it's, a good rom. The DPI is correct: now, free storage, you get approximately, I think, it's think it was around just under 8 gigabytes, which isn't a lot there.

So that could be a problem for people who want to install a lot of large games. You have to bear that in mind, but you do have at least a micro SD card slot here. So you can put all your mp3 collection in music, some videos and things or PDF files, magazines onto that that's, going to help out at least keep in mind that the problem with the USB ports is probably they're. The worst thing about this tablet. If you're not going to be using external hard drives, then maybe it's not going to be too much of a problem for you, and I really don't think it's too bad. This decided Androids, I can't really fault it. Just apart from that they're, the only other thing was that yeah there were a few bloat where Chinese apps on there, but you can remove them. So really that's not actually an issue at all, and these speakers being reasonably loud give that a bit of an edge I'd say over the the cube. I worked in ultimate for now at least I've, yet to review the windows side of things, so that will be coming up soon, so keep an eye out. For that and later there will be a written review up on to campus comm.