, So it’s an android 7 tablet. 8.4 inches is the screen size. The screen resolution is rather high, so it’s 2560 by 1600, giving a very nice sharp look to the screen. So when you look at really close, you can’t see any pixels with the kind of PPI that this has and it does have a decent brightness to it. It’S fully laminated and if you have a look at the viewing angles, they’re, not bad it or it’s IPS. So the blacks aren’t super black, like an AMOLED panel, there’s a little bit of a gray to them, but colors do look good and the touch response of the screen is good as well now at the top you’ll see that we’ve got a front facing camera. Now this is 2 megapixels VGA resolution only and the video quality from that VGA resolution is rather poor. So not very good cameras on this at all. It does have an ambient light sensor, which is great to see that will automatically control the brightness and does a good job. So at the top, you’ll find a micro SD card slot and it supports cards up to 128 gigabytes. I have tested, and you can set it up as internal storage or as portable storage and Android 7 feature. That is that it has so. We have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack quality out of this as okay didn’t notice, a little bit of static on the line and the volume could also be a little bit louder.

The output from it we’ve got a micro USB 2 here for data and charging. You know charge times approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes to charge the 5000. When you add our battery that’s on here, so the specs of the tablet, it has a media tick in tha, 173, now that’s a quad core with a maximum turbo of 1.9 gigahertz. Personally, I would have liked to have seen the MT k80 176 it’s a similar chipset, but it has two more cos and it means the performance of this tablet would just be a lot smoother and it would run things a little bit better. It’S got 4 gigabytes of RAM, which is not bad 64 gigabytes of storage on there, but it’s e MMC, 4.5 spec and a very slow drive at that. But more details of that later on here on the rear. We’Ve got a 5 megapixel autofocus camera that does have a lot of focus problems, especially in video again poor quality from this, the casing on the back it’s plastic – and I have one complaint with us. So the use of plastic is fine. It makes it light, but you will hear some creeks in it when holding it. Sometimes so it doesn’t fit on perfectly. It seems to just clip in place and it does give the tablet a bit of a cheap feel and so do the buttons on the right hand side here, so the volume up and down and the power button.

Those are also made out of plastic. Adding to that kind of cheaper feel so down the bottom. There is no ports or microphone there. You’Ll see. We do have one loudspeaker on here. Luckily, it is quite loud, but it does lack bass, of course, and only the speakers in these tablets aren’t going to be great, so give you a sample of that later on along the the front. The glass on here to wanted to point out is 2.5 D or the rounded edges they advertise that. But the bezels do look a lot larger than some of their press material advertising really slim looking bezels, so you may be a little bit misled by that it’s. Quite a common practice now that manufacturers are doing this and I’m really against this, because it’s not great to be misleading. Your customers there with that. So the wrong hat has on here is a stock Android 7 wrong. It doesn’t have any bloatware installed. Well, it’s got ES File Explorer, which tends to nag you with a couple of little messages popping up, so I just uninstalled that and it’s not too bad, so performance off the ROM isn’t bad it’s smooth, but I have noticed a tiny little bit of stuttering and Lag it’s, certainly not as fast as the empty case. 60. Sorry. 81. 76. That hexa core chipset that I reviewed in the likes of the tick last master t8. J j9 comes in Chuy’s typical box.

The brown ones are very similar to the H. I 12 H a 13 box and we have the tablet here and a plastic sleeve. It comes with a pre applied screen protector. We get some instruction manual here, warranty card in English and in Chinese and then, of course, the power supply. So this power supply is rated to volts three amps and they include a black microUSB to cable on first boot of the device you’ll have around three gigabytes: free and storage. You get approximately fifty three gigabytes of that 64. The antutu score puts it slightly above the Snapdragon six to five power de novo tablets that I’ve looked at the eight inch ones is the gig bench for score just decent for this chipset and the wireless speeds, when you’re in the same room as the router. It performs really quite well in decent good speeds, but I did notice that the range isn’t particularly good, even though when I was looking under wireless analyzer, that the signal strength was still okay, when I was further away, speeds absolutely plummeted. So this was about three rooms away from the router and going through about two walls. Other tablets that I have tested normally do quite well in this test, but for some reason the ho9 didn’t fare very well here now for sensors. All we have is the accelerometer ambient light sensor and a proximity sensor, so there’s, no GPS and no compass and also as you’ve seen in the start, there’s no micro HDMI out on this tablet.

Now, looking at the internal storage you’ll see that these speeds here are rather low, so it’s using a cheap, emmc, 4.5 spec one, not the fastest. I have seen quite slow really when you look at these specs here, so sequential, read of only 41 and it’s sequential writes of only ‘ we’re now onto battery life, so this here is a little bit disappointing compared to other tablets. I have reviewed in this price range and around 8 inches, so my battery life here you can see there the averages per complete charge, and this is the full charge that I did battery life. I managed to get six thousand 32 minutes with an onscreen timer six hours and 16 minutes at the moment. I’Ve had the screen on now, but I’ve been playing a lot of games and it’s three hours and ‘ minutes it’s been on, but I’ve only got ‘ percent actually 35 percent battery left. So this is looking like about five hours, this charge so you’re, looking anywhere from around five to six hours, only and I’m, keeping the brightness at at 35, so quite disappointing ebooks and your PDS, rather large ones, that I’m testing right here at the moment. They do. Look really nice on this screen, because it’s so sharp with this resolution performance is okay and I didn’t notice any real lag here now when you skip ahead, of course, it’s going to take a little while to start to catch up.

That is pretty much normal and standard here with an Android device with the spec now under gaming performance. With this high resolution and the chipset it hasn’t here, it does struggle a little bit when it comes to frame rates on certain titles, for example, shadow fight three. I found is a little bit laggy and slow. However, when I played World of Tanks blitz, that one seems quite playable, the framerate is smooth and then, when I test it out hit as well, you can see here that it’s, very playable and smooth. So in general, all games are going to be playable, but some of the more demanding games will have a little bit of lag and stutter and when you start the game even after about 10 minutes, it does get rather warm around this area. Here. We’Ll have a look at what temperature it is it’s about 41 degrees, but I have actually seen them get up to about 45, but that was after 30 minutes of continual gaming, now chrome performance, I’ve found has been quite decent, it’s good. The scrolling speed seems quite fluid and my website here isn’t exactly the lightest there’s, a lot of images on here and even swapping between the tabs and things seems to be pretty quick. So I am happy with the crime performance. At least this is working quite well on the tablet and using the Android 7 split screen feature. This also works quite well. I found now depending on what you’re doing it will slow down and little as expected, because it’s twice as demanding for the CPU and the GPU to have to render all of us in there.

But it seems to work well, so the rear camera can shoot up to 1080p maximum resolution and, as expected for a tablet, the quality is quite poor. Now this often happens, the focus Disco’s can completely out and you need to then tap the screen to focus, but it won’t focus. It just takes a screenshot, then so very poor cameras on this tablet and the front facing camera 2 megapixels. It only shoots up to VGA resolution, so it does look quite blocky, pixelated and generally quite poor in terms of camera performance. So we have that single loudspeaker on the back of it. I would rather have seen dual loudspeakers, but it is loud I’ll give them that the quality is not really that amazing, but I’ll give you a sample of it. Now now, testing out video streaming services was working okay, but this often happened. Internet connection. Error would just drop the wireless connection and then, within about 10 seconds, connect up again it’s a real pain, but when it is working and you’re close enough to your wireless router, then yes, you can stream video using streaming services like Amazon Prime here just don’t expect It to be trouble free, so just a recap here: the display is the nicest part of this tablet is really great. It is good considering the price of this tablet, but it’s, let down by this plastic, build that does feel a little bit cheap in hand. You hear a little bit of creaking now: I’ll notice that the wireless range, when you’re close enough are in the same room or just the room next to your wireless router performance is decent and very fast.

But when I did my test here, my range test to move just right down to the other side of the apartment here, speeds really dropped off and it became very slow and started to drop the wireless connection now and then, which is not great at all. To see now there’s another area, that’s really quite bad, the cameras now most people overlook cameras and tablets and won’t be bothered by that, but they are quite bad on this particular model here. Another thing is the chipset they use, so the 81 73 is an okay chipset if it was pushing a 1080p screen, but this isn’t. This is now 2560 by 1600 and I feel a better match, for that would have been the mediatek mt6752 a little bit too much for my own liking. Now it is playable. At least you can play these games, but it just won’t give you the best experience out there. Now, the internal storage, as well as a little bit slow they’ve gone with a cheap, MMC, 4.5 spec one, so not great speeds from that. Either battery life also disappoints as well around 6 hours, six and a half hours of on screen time. So, overall, as a package, I feel you know there are better options out there. So take a look at the Leonor tablets that I reviewed, for example, and you’ve. Also got that tick last mastered t8, which has a metal bill to it and a very similar screen, that’s in it as well and just a little bit more smoother and they sell for about the same price so definitely hunt around.

But if you can pick it up for a decent price and you’re, not too bothered about the cons that I mentioned, then by all means, okay go for it, but just consider those models. There thanks a lot for watching this review. If you haven’t seen my review of the other models, that just mentioned then make sure you check them out here and here and if you’re new to the channel. You like this kind of review, that I have the style, then why don’t think about subscribing, because I will have plenty more up and coming, and I cover lots of things that cover drones. Electric scooters, laptops notebooks, you name it quite a few things there in tech. So I do hope to see you back on the channel.