We have four gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of storage with this one here it is also dual SIM and, most importantly, the modem that’s in this one. This is the European model. Does support your European bands, including band 20 LTE, which is great microSD card support on this as well. It does have GPS, and I have the optional keyboard dock stand case. What do we want to call it for this, and it turned out to be quite a nice keyboard. I didn’t expect it to be as good as what it is. The overall the package is nice. The build is good, but, as you see later on in the review that the performance is still lacking here with that Helio X27, the template comes out of the box with a pre applied screen protector just outlining some of the key specs here. But you can see those now listed on the right hand, side of the screen. We also get a Type C cable in the box and then our charger. This is an EU charger because I’ve got the EU spec it’s, ready to 5 volts 2 amps and sadly it does not support media Tech’s pump Express so it takes over 5 hours to fully charge so it’s very slow. You can also buy two optional extras, which is the keyboard, which is quite a high quality keyboard. As you can see, it looks a little bit like the iPad pro keyboards and then we have the hype, nh3, which is the optional stylus that has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

The keys on the keyboard here do have reasonable spacing, and the quality and feel of them is good. They have about 1.4 millimeters of key travel and it’s a felt like suede material that I have used on the inside and then a rubber type material on the outside with the chewy logo. You can see right here, and here is our five pen, Pogo port and the docking stays. So when you have that keyboard doctor into the tablet, you can see that it brings it right up the keyboard to the screen so again, similar to the iPad pros. The keyboard can be then folded up to protect the screen like so, but it doesn’t protect the rear of the tablet. As you can see, that is still exposed and could be scratched. The tablet weighs 543 grams and then with the keyboard case. That brings it up to 841 grams under Aikido that’s, not too bad. Now it is about 8.9 millimeters thick and with the case that brings it up to 15 millimeters thick. The tablet has nice, rounded edges that feels good in hand, and we do have these volume buttons that are made out of metal, which is good, often they’re, plastic. Right here is a 5 megapixel autofocus camera it takes average photos. I will give you a video sample of the front facing camera later in this review, and you can see this little tiny slot here. Well, that is one of the two loudspeakers.

The screen does come with a pre applied screen protector and yes, as you can see, it is super reflective and it’s going to be picking up fingerprints as well. What we have here, too, is a type C port. Now it does not support display out. Sadly – and there is no micro, HDMI or mini HDMI out on this tablet, manufacturers from China seem to be dropping that recently, which is a real shame and then on the top. There is also a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which supports microphones, so you of course, can use that for voice calls, and this does have voice calls. It’S got a diner on here, it’s dual sim with 4G, and it does have the European bands right here. You can see, I have just pulled out the SIM card tray and it will take either two nano Sims nano SIM or micro SD card, the output from that 3.5 millimeter headphone jack isn’t, actually too bad for a media tech device. There’S no static on my unit, but it’s still not the best quality you would get. The rear of the tablet has the middle alloy housing on here. It has a matte black paint job, so it feels good in hand its grippy but, of course, it’s going to be leaving a lot of smudges and fingerprints down. The bottom you’ll find the Pogo port connector 5, pin with the two little holes either side that’s for the stays and overall their build quality of the tablet is really quite good.

I do like it so the screen is a common one. I’Ve seen it in quite a few other tablets here. This is a sharp IPS panel and has a resolution of 2560 by 1600. Now the bezels they’re not going to win any awards now. For me, this price range it’s we find this is not trying to be an iPad pro 11 inch model. No, but what we do have is a very decent screen, because the gamma checks out at 2.2, which is spot on there, and it also has a maximum output brightness of about 360 Lux, which is also very good, and it is a fully laminated display images. Look very good on this screen and I’ve noticed too as well that the touch response a little bit like the high pad just isn’t. Quite there, it needs some optimization now sure we did mention to me. This is chewy support on Aliexpress. I did email them and told them that I’m having a few performance issues with this tablet as you’ll see later on, and they said that there is a patch in the works for this particular model that’s, going to help improve things I’m crossing. My fingers for that we’ve got a similar patch with the high pad, and it did actually help a little bit so I roll this screen. This is really good. It makes this tablets just a shame that the performance is you can see here would touch see that choppiness that it’s, just not as smooth as it could be, considering the fact that we have the same spec with other manufacturers using the same exact Helio X27, that Deca core core chipset with the male 8880 GPU clocked at 875.

Megahertz i mean on paper. It sounds wonderful. We should have decent performance here, but you’re. Just gon na see this sluggishness in the UI and everywhere it’s, just not as smooth as it could be, which makes the tablet a little bit frustrating. So it is running stock Android, which is great. This is Android 8. The security patch level is from July, so it’s a little old now, so hopefully they can fix that. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on this ever getting Android 9 you’re never going to normally see this with these budget tablets they never ever bother and that performance pulls through into things like Chrome here. So you can see the scrolling on that. I mean it’s, ok, but you will notice that it’s, just not as smooth as say a snapdragon 616 Ablett and if that gone chewy with a better chipset in this, this would really be. I feel quite a good tablet. Video streaming services so YouTube YouTube. We’Re going to get that in 1080p and you’re also going to have apps like Amazon Prime video here that I have I’ll be watching some episodes of Vikings, and this has been working out well, so it’ll start off in a poorer quality. I think there’s something like 480p when it starts out and then it eventually improves the quality up to 1080p and it does look really good. So no issues with streaming now Netflix, I have tested out Netflix I’ve had this on here and you’re.

Only gon na get standard definition because it does not support Google’s widevine level, one it’s stuck on level three and it means Netflix will only be standard definition. Sadly, I’ve got a few of you asking me about PDF support, so this is a relatively large PDF file, but nothing’s gon na match. Of course, the iPads like the iPad pro, is just the absolute king at looking at PDFs that CPU that it’s got on it. The newer ones, and even the older ones, just fly through PDF files, so you can see that it looks really quite good because of the screen. Now, when you double tap in it works fine, you know there’s that make it a little bit of animation. I started there and when you start to scrolling it really quick, it’s gon na need a little bit of time to catch up, as you can see right there, but overall at your normal, typical reading pace. If you were going through it like this, I find it’s fine and I will give you a close up on what that text looks like and, as you can see here, because of that screen resolution, it does look very good. After all, this is a very nice panel that chewy has selected for this tablet. Now this keyboard, after using it now for four days, is quite good, it’s, very practical, so much better than using the on screen keyboard, of course, and I do find that once you get used to this layout now, we do have a slightly crammed in here when You look at it.

We’Ve got some handy shortcuts as well, so we’ve got ones here to control the screen. Bonus, you’ve got copy and paste here. You’Ve got a shortcut there for email browser, media keys and even the volume there and to lock er. This is good. This is handy so it’s a practical keyboard, yes it’s a little close to the screen, but once you adapt it’s, certainly better and then nothing and a little similar has mentioned to the iPad pro keyboards that you get to the layout. But I actually like the feel of these keys, better they’re, what I would call more proper keys or as the ones on the iPad pro when I was using that one they have a bit of a different feel to them, because they they’re all like sealed now. That’S, probably to keep dust and stuff out of that, but overall, actually quite a decent keyboard on first boot, with the tablet you get approximately 57 gigabytes free and, of course, micro SD card support, I’ve tested up to 128 gigabytes I’ve done a few file transfers with It it is a little slow, but there’s no issues with that and that internal storage, it checks out it as MMC. Four point: five point: one spec and you can see that these read and write speeds. They are good for this type of storage. Now wireless. It does have wireless AC and very good speeds for this chipset over just over here 200 megabits per second, which is great, and I of course have tested out 4G.

So there are your 4G speeds. Now you probably get faster with your own network here, as mentioned a few times I’m using orange with this particular SIM card, and even my Samsung Galaxy S, 9 plus can’t really get much faster than this. So that’s good range and signal strength does a check out as well. So this is just in the studio here in the normal room I recorded and went over to the other side of the apartment. The signal does drop off, as course you’d expect, but it works out. Fine we’re not losing too much speed here and it does have GPS onboard that’s, something that’s part of the Hallyu x27 and they have it enabled. But we don’t have a hardware compass on this. One, it gets an accuracy of around 4 to 3 meters, which is fine. It doesn’t lock on to all of the satellites, and it is very slow to first get a lock but it’s good to have this option. It’S just a shame. There’S no hardware compass, which would make it even better – and here is our antutu score so close to a hundred thousand and that checks out it’s on par with other hey Leo X, 23 or X, 27 chipsets there. So that is fine and then on to battery life, so I was using wireless here so if you’re known on wireless the whole time, if you’re using 4G expect about 20 – maybe even 30 percent lower results here, but I managed to get 10 hours now.

This was with the brightness at approximately 30, which is still reasonably bright, probably what you’re looking at more or less now – and I feel it’s quite a good result here, considering that this is a 20 nanometer chipset it’s, not the most efficient, it has 10 cores, but Of course it has those lower clock calls as well that’s why? The result here is quite good now it’s gon na be gaming then expect this result to be halved, but gaming is very demanding, and that is using all of the cores then. So you probably get about 5 hours max, but overall I feel it checks out for a better life and if you’re, using it offline and on a lower brightness, I can see people getting easily over 12 hours of continual on screen time. So this is what the camera is light you, the quality is it’s okay, it’s average, and they do have. I feel an optimized angle here for the camera, considering it’s only got that one position when you put it in the stand, so that is okay. Now, if you switch over to the rear camera, you get a lot of you find a lag and the focus can be a little bit slow. But at least it does have an auto focus. But as I say most of these videos that your mobile phone will take a much better photo and video with the rear cameras of this one, they’re only 5 megapixels and I roll this front weights facing we cam.

I feel there’s fine for Skype and use like that which I’ve tested it in it works so that’s. The main thing, though, China and Plus here has two speakers on the rear: their rear outwards firing and they actually sound. Okay. Normally speakers on these tablets are pretty bad, but these ones I would rate as above average, for this particular tick that I review, but here is a sample of them when it comes to gaming games like shadow fight 3, here you can see it’s playable, but there’s A bit of noticeable lag now all the games out there is gon na be able to play this particular chipset. Now let’s take a look at a more demanding game which is pub G. What I mean, at least, it is playable on this Highway and it is performing a little bit better than the high pad, with its three gigabytes of RAM. Of course, with this particular tablet, we’ve got an additional gigabyte and it’s got a total of four and that is helping out. But if you’re after the smooth is best kind of performance on a game like pub G, then you’re gon na be disappointed and even though it was slow, I did manage to get a win here against mostly bots. So what about that stylus? So this stylus, we know it supports 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity is the hypeeeee NH 3 it’s been used on other chewy tablets, but here it doesn’t seem to support the pressure sensitivity when I ride on it now, and you can see, look at that input lag.

This is a dope sketch by the way you can see it’s a little bit slow, but if I press down harder it makes no difference. Now the accuracy of the nib tip is good and if I’m writing there and then touch the screen, it does seem to have some level of palm rejection. But the detection is very poor of the stylus because it only seems to happen right when it’s touching there’s. No hover feature as well, so you don’t see that little tiny dot when you hover around, like you, do with other statuses now handwriting with this, I have done a test and I’ll just do a little. One right now is very poor and not really recommended. So I wouldn’t be getting this particular tablet for the stylus. Sadly, it’s not really there as it would no pressure sensitivity and that palm rejection only working when it’s touching it without that holo feature makes writing just so difficult. So there we go. Sadly, we’ve got such a nice package here. Really, ok, the bezels are, you know there look like 2014 or something, but we have a very nice panel and as the gamma checks out – and it is also very bright – it’s fully laminated and good color. It is a really good decent screen. Even the bill quality is nice. I like what they’ve done with the rounded edges. 4G support. We’Ve got GPS and we can also make voice calls there’s a lot of things going for this.

It’S got the European bands as well. Very nice keyboard, but it all doesn’t really matter when their performance of the tablet it’s just a little bit sluggish it’s a little bit leggy at times. When you start to do some heavy multitasking, you really notice it too, so it’s the wrong optimisation. I feels where it’s lacking – I know, with the tick last g20 that I reviewed that has the same chipset the same Ram. It does run a lot smoother, so it’s, not the hardware, partly the hardware but it’s more the software, I feel so. If so, we can optimize it and that patch will come through. I hope you soon for this. That does pick up the performance. Then it would be a recommended tablet and what is really sad to see. Why are they not going with if they can stretch their budget out a little bit more I’m sure people would happy to be paying another 1520 us whatever the cost is going to be to have the hello at X, 30, the x2 DS got a better GPU In it, and even a Snapdragon, if they could swap over to Qualcomm, I wouldn’t even be bothered. If it was a Snapdragon, 625 would still run a lot better than the Holly or X 27 in this I’m pretty sure, and if they could stretch out to say this, six, three six or even the 616, and they would have a very decent tablet.

Then, thank you so much for watching this review now.