There stands for ultimate that's, the ultimate edition it's, a revision of the chewy vi8, so they're, both chewy tablets. They both have the exact same hardware and then the both heavy atom is in 3736, if 2 gigabytes of ram a quite slow, 32 gigabyte, emmc drive and the shell of them and the design is identical. Same 2, megapixel camera on the rear, the same crappy 0.3 front facing camera on them, and these tablets are very similar in price. They cost around about 90 US 92, 93 94. There should be under 100 US each. So what are the difference on them? It'S. Only the screens, the hi 8 in front of me here has a much sharper higher resolution in 1920 by 1200 screen and the vi8 Ultimate Edition has the original 1280 by 800 screen. And if I look at the cameras it's, not if I look at the screen. Close with the camera, you can see there that the text looks okay, it's, fine, it's, already readable, no issues there, but if I bring the sharper screen up here, you can see that hopefully it does look slightly sharper. The text looks a little better and the screen is actually brighter on the hi 8 version. So if I put them together there, you can see that the whites here a lot brighter putting them both here together, you can definitely see which screen there is brighter. So the screen resolution does that matter when it comes to performance using the tablet on just going in and out of the actual wrong it's.

Quite a light run there's no difference between them. Just moving around doing everything. You'D normally do there's no difference at all, but gaming. There is a bit French there's, quite a big difference, because we've got those extra pixels that need to be rendered on this one. First of the slower lower resolution making that slightly faster and easier for the day, travel GPU to keep up with graphics, so we'll just show you some benchmarks that I ran here on both of the systems. So we can get an idea of the performance difference and the kind of gap there is now. If I go here into first off 3d mark, you can see there's not much of a difference here. This is ultimate unlimited. Sorry, freedom, 3d mark unlimited and you see their scores are very similar. In fact, the hi 8 manages to top that one. This is rendering at 720p on both of them. So the screen resolution doesn't matter it's not taken into account in this test and if I head over to the I store extreme score, you can see this coming in under 8000 and if I find that score here on the low resolution vi8 ultimate, there is a Bit of a difference there so we're getting almost 600 points or so higher on the VI 8. Here with the lower resolution. Now this is the GPU bench score, which I think I can find here there we go. You can see.

There is a big difference there again between the models there because of the screen resolution, and this was the Epic Citadel score another again. Another huge difference there that's on the ultra high quality setting, so you can see there's quite a big gap there when it comes to average frames per second. So really, if you're gon na be a person that's going to be gaming and that's all you really want to do on the tablet most of the time you're gon na be gaming, then this one here would be the tablet you want to get now when it Comes to schools like Geekbench 3 doesn't have an MPEG there, because that is not measuring the graphics. Let me just find explore here somewhere: okay, there's, a geek bench scores. So actually it has made a bit of a difference there. So there's not it's, not much in it, really that is kind of most people really between in there and the other benchmarks that I have run of course, n2 to score again big difference than that. Let me find the end to to benchmark so we have on the low resolution vi8 ultimate. We had the NT to score of 36, 36 thousand and then 50000 on the high resolution. Sharper displayed hi 8. So you can see clearly yo gaming. This is the one you want, but if you want a nice screen to look at and a brighter screen, then I would go for this model.

Price difference is there's almost no difference between the two I mean maybe it's about 10 US or something like that. So really, can you can decide what you want? You prefer better slightly faster, smoother, gameplay, graphics, then that's. What you'd go through I'll see if I can just show you a quick demo now or run if it's netted out at the same time on both of them. So we can see just what kind of difference there is there. Finally, epic Citadel, both the storage speeds are benchmarked are both about the same. We have read rates of 45 megabytes per second and riot of around 35 it's, very slow they've really downgraded the built in emmc storage. You. So you can hear that the speaker does sound a lot better than the original to see. If I can boost the volume right up, yeah much much better speaker than the original black VOA then had probably one of the worst speakers I've ever heard on a tablet. It was just so bad. So, Thank You, Chuy for listening to the comments, the complaints actually about that speaking just how bad it really was. So that is quite good there that they have improved that. Unfortunately, of course, they didn't change the front facing camera. I guess they couldn't fix everything good day, so if you run run a benchmark here at the same time, so you can see again the differences there it's a bit more stuff arena on the bottom, one and smoother.

Here on the dial resolution, the vi8 alternate and again, you can clearly see the difference in the screens bottom line being much brighter slightly clearer there, okay, I'm, not gon na sit through the whole benchmark, and I doubt you would either so I'm just gon na end. It here thank you for watching, so you can clearly see there's a difference and what it's coming down to is yeah gaming really, and if you want a nicer screen and it windows it's gon na, be the same because if you've won a Windows Store app game From the Windows Store, then it's gon na run a little slower on the high resolution screen so again same thing. This top you get more space Windows, looks a lot sharp on this one, but in this video I'm not been actually going to boot into Windows and show any benchmarks, plus it would just take too long in this. Video is already gone on for long enough. So thank you for watching and hopefully I'll catch you in my next up and coming video on Chinese tablets.