This has the 19 by 20, so in 1920 by 1200 degree, and what I did is charge bow for the tempest up to 100 and I've been looping. The Epic Citadel guided tour benchmark so it's just doing the guided tour and you can actually see I started them both at the same time. You can see that this one's a hit already, and I have actually seen a thermal throttling event come up on the hi 8, just saying that Ed is lying, the brightness, but if it brought it seems to be about the same. Want to do now is just use the infrared temperature probe here and just check the temperatures see what they're beginning up. So this is like simulating some intense gaming on the tablets and a better life warnings already come up and that's only been going for a run about two hours. I think, but I will just double check that so I'm gon na have a look at the hi. 8 first see what temperature's are skinning up to, so forty degrees feels the hottest just around this area. Here just saw 42, then pop up so 42 that in Fahrenheit 108, so it gets quite warm. And now I have a look at the vi8 ultimate 42 about the same, not the same here so 42 degrees or so and yeah. There is a tablet they're, not actually that warm at all, so they do get a little bit warm to the touch there now I'll just jump out of the demo here, that's looping, with Dean, sit it out and have a look at the battery life on both Of them so I'm, just gon na end, both of them now and just go straight into settings here and check out the battery so battery we're on 24 on the vi8 here and it's gone for two hours and 15 minutes remember this is intense benchmarking, really.

What it's running quite demanding so it's got a lot more demanding, probably than your average kind of game, but if you are gaming with full screen on you're, probably only gon na get about two and a half three hours really three hours maximum. So you can see there, that is the battery life there. If it Citadel has taken up all of that, CPU use there and all the battery now the higher resolution. Hi 8. You can see there to us a thing minutes, the same kind of time. There there's only literally a few seconds and difference between when I powered them on and the battery life is at 10 now it's, not a fair test. I know that because there's, a higher resolution screen it's actually brighter screen as well, so that's using a little bit more energy, so you can see there that there's a 14 difference just from this kissed here I know it's, not very scientific, but that was just the Quickest way, I thought I could do it to test the battery life on both of them. I will have a proper, better drive test wherever on the screen, approximately around 40 percent brightness and just do normal things. I run videos internet and see how long the battery lasts then, because this is just basically burning through that battery. Full GPU CPU use very intensive, so it's gon na kill the battery really quick, which is what I wanted here. So that's a look at the better life there.

You can see as predicted that yet differently, federalize is bitter on DBIA ultimate.