You can see that they touch digitizer here is cracked it's. What I've done it is opened it up and what you need is four Torx screws there on each corner. So you need 84 Torx screw and you can under those four on the corner, and then you just go around with a guitar pick or is similar prime tool to open up the tablet. There pull off the case there's a couple of interesting things inside the tablet. Here that book quality seems quite good here: you'll notice that there is a gap right here that you could put well Chui would put a micro SIM card slot here, and the modem would go here. So obviously they might have plans later in the future to release a 3d model. This would probably the same motherboard as the chewy VI, a very similar design. You can see the battery there. This is a four thousand milliamp hour battery the single speaker. Now there was this right here that was on there, but I removed three screws there to remove this piece of plastic here, to try and have a look at what the touch digitizer is. Now. If I have a look here, I will put the actual serial number in with a model number of the digitizer. I will put that in the video description. It'S not the same as the chui vi8 here is actually different. Until we can see the antenna that it does actually say on a GPS and wireless now there is a Broadcom chip and then it does say do a location and GLONASS.

So maybe the actual hardware is there, it looks like the antenna is definitely there for GPS and the, while is that so maybe it's disabled, the BIOS, or there will be a way to enable that and Android. As far as I can tell in Windows, there was no GPS. I could not get a proper actual, lock on or anything like that was just using my wireless to get the location not from naturally this hardware, so looking around in the rest of the board. Here there is no space here, there's, no heater or anything for the HDMI out port there's, no room for that. This is the micro USB port here, and you can see that it has two screws on either side, which is good, because you put a lot of pressure on this port here, sometimes when plugging it in and out so that's good to see the thickness of the Wire here, insulation all around the battery is good to see so there's no risk of short or anything like that. It all does have been, of course, on the quality of the battery cell they're using I know some of the under ones exploded, there's, a dorm form thread up online over on the batteries exploding. So, however, that's not the case here that so we didn't use batteries at that cheap that on day, have used in the past and everything else. The Intel system on a chip they're the atom as well under here I'm, not actually going to pull that out, but it has got a copper light tape on here and the inside of the plastic as well just to help be heat there to spread the heat Around a little bit there and I ruin it – doesn't get too hot.

This tablet, it's just I need to fix that touch screen out because it's broken. So we have that two megapixel camera on the rear and it's, not a very good camera at all tiny little sensor, pretty hopeless ready for photos, but there it is in the I don't think we you could really upgrade that unless he found a five megapixel one That had the same kind of pride in there. Maybe you could do that. But honestly I wouldn't bother with that. So he had the microphone down here at the bottom. This is the realtek wireless or sound chip they're. Just here the Broadcom wireless chip, i think, is under the shielding here we have shielding all around us. What else do we have on here? So they mono speaker. There is room for the other speaker there, so we've just got the left speaker spot in the moment. You can see here there is a positive and negative there for the other speaker, the right speaker, because there was no actual space here for that speaker to put that in there, so they had no room there Chuy, I roll them for the price of the tablet. I mean the board seems quite good, I mean it is plastic, it's all plastic from the front of us and any tablet would have broken from the drop that it suffered. It fell onto a tiled floor and that definitely did all that damage there to the screen because it landed quite hard just on this corner, and the result is that correct screen here that doesn't work anymore so I'm going to have to wait for that spit.

Digitizer. Now because I can't seem to find any on line and then later do the repair for this table so that's the internals there of the hi 8 from chile.