This a few do recall was actually delayed by Chile because they had some problem with the display. I don't know what the problem was, but anyway it's. Finally, here now to take a little while because I actually got it sent from Aliexpress via snail mail and it was on the slow boat, so it took a long time to arrive, but for those that are interested, it was sent with Singapore post and they declared It as 60 us, of course, it's actually around 100 us so they've just declared a little over there, and I didn't have to pay any taxes on this, which was good, so it's, just like the chewy vi8, Plus that I reviewed basically the exact same tablet. But it is in white. The high resolution screen so it's got a 1920 by 1200 resolution screen instead of that 1280 by 800 won that send the vi8 plus that I reviewed so packaged up reasonably well in bubble, wrap here and the typical brown chewy box. So it should outline a few specs here on the slide, so it's got the all too familiar and common Z 8300, which clocks up to 1.8 4 gigahertz 2 gigabytes of RAM and a 32 gigabyte emmc now you'll see here. That does actually say Android here now. Eventually, don't win, but they will release a dual boot model, but we're just going to have to wait and see with that. Unfortunately, when that comes so, the Acela has actually taped the box all together here so I'm, just going to cut that and hopefully not cut myself in the process.

Don'T want to do that do way, so they even decided to put some more bubble wrap around the actual tablet itself, a lot of bad move, because sometimes there's pressure on the actual packages and what you get is a screen. That'S sticks to the IPS panel, so get rid of that and just put the tablet there for a second. While I have a look and see what the charger is rated to, that it'll probably be the standard Chui affair, which is so what we got here. The cable, USB type c now, of course, now we'll be checking this one out to see if it's actually going to be running at USB to spec like the VI 10 or USB 3 spec. Hopefully they corrected that so an adapter there because I'm in the EU, which is good if I can get the power adapter out here. We go and have a quick look at the rating of this, so it's a 5 volts, two amps. So, just like the other charges for the VI – 10, for example – so get all of this out of the way and have a look at the tablet itself and get rid of this don't need that anymore, and just before I power it on check out the weight. So 349 grams 10, just about 10 millimeters there pushing down real hard so to quickly walk you around the tablet. We have the USB type c. There now I'm, not too sure whether it's a USB 2 type C – hopefully not, hopefully it's USB 3, and they corrected the way.

The VI, 8 plus, was set up with only USB 2 and we have our micro HDMI out 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack and at the top here you can see top and bottom. There are two Torx screws that actually hold the backing plate and the front together. Now this is middle band that goes around the whole outside edges, that's, a nice touch and just makes the tablet look and feel a little bit better and overall, the build quality is quite good. We have a real speaker there that isn't too bad but it's, not really the best speaker you'll hear, but they definitely improve that from the original vi8. Now it's a textured back and there's a nice feel to it, and overall there is no complaints with the build quality is quite good. Considering the under 100 us price tag that this has and we do have a two megapixel rear camera. Quite a use. This camera, to be honest, they aren't that good it's just there, you can use it for video chat and we do have a micro SD card slot for expanding your storage. Now these micro SD card slots now run at full speed and do support full speed cards. We have the volume up and down button and power on, of course, on the bottom, nothing there and there is a tiny little gap. You'Ll see here, that's, not where someone put their screwdriver, as one person mentioned to me. I think on the forum that is actually where the microphone is, so this tiny little hole there let's the sound in for the microphone which is just in there and the front facing camera is a another two megapixel unit and this tiny little dot here is a Status LED that will flash when charging and be continually on once fully charged, so it just powered on I didn't actually have to go through any setup.

It seems that the seller on Aliexpress has already created a user which is quite common. What they normally do is go and set it up and make sure it's in English. They don't actually need to do that anymore, because the Windows 10 image supports English. What used to happen was you'd find that it just be Chinese to start with, and the sellers would go in there and download the English language pack or German or whatever you wanted stall it for you and then put it back in the box. But why they've done that? I don't really know about at least I know, it's working and often that's what they do to. They will actually power them up and check to see if they're working without any faults, so they're, not shipping, you a faulty unit, so have a look and see what free space we have 19.2. This is only, of course, a 32 gigabyte emmc, a quick look at the device manager and see what wireless cards we have on board here under network adapters, so it's, actually a Broadcom which is quite rare to see normally it's real Tech, Wireless and the disk drive. As a generic end card, which is exactly what I expected, because this is what the VI 8 plus has it's a b1 drive that normally offers quite poor performance. But I will be benchmarking that soon in some up and coming videos as well as some other videos on just how well it performs I'll go through my usual benchmarks, I'll run Geekbench 3dmark and test out some games on it as well now to compare the screens Between the VI, 8 plus and the hi 8 Pro here, I've got them both set to 100 brightness, see 100 and 100 and face on they both look almost the same really, but it seems when it comes to viewing angles.

The hia Pro is slightly better. Now, if I turn off the lights, we'll have a another closer look here. I can see that the VI – 8 doesn't look as good as the HIA pro screen there again with the viewing angles, but the brightness of both our panels seems to be identical. Really I can't distinguish a difference between them and, finally, a very close look at the screen using a macro shot here. So this is the hi 8 Pro now the vi8 plus you can see that definitely the HOA pro screen is sharper all right, so that's, the unboxing and first impressions. Well, no surprises. I knew it's going to be pretty much just like the HIA, but it has the new cheery trail on it and, of course, it's got the better screen in it. Performance wise.