Having a look at the temperatures here, you can see that the CPU the atoms in 3736, if got up to 71 degrees, just right here with the mouse's, so it's quite warm but there's, actually a reasonable temperature. I have seen lower, but normally this chips, it does run a little bit hotter this slightly faster and ever on here than the more common Z. 37. 35 s that clocks up to 1.8. This one goes up to 2 point 16 gigahertz. But to show you a couple of benchmarks here that I have run PT Mike haven't actually done that one adjust here, but that will be up on the review when I do posted on tick tablets, calm, so I've finished my internal storage and unfortunately it's quite slow. Look at that I mean those reach speeds of more. Some of the last I've seen I have seen, speaks like this before on a pipo mini PC and it made them sexual mini, PC, very slow and laggy, and it didn't really like it. It was. It was just bogged down by the drive but I'm, not actually getting that experience from this h i8. Here, although the dry speeds are quite slow and so the random 4k reads and writes there, I haven't actually really noticed that within the operating system going around using things and an Android as well, I just haven't really noticed any glaring everything seems like not quickly and Doesn'T say be too much of an issue, but if you do transfer media files you're going to notice that those feats there they're pretty low.

So if I show you here at my score, I got in 3d mark I've been the slides up. Quick can sometimes be a little bit of the relaly kind of application, no it's just gon na exit on me. So don't. Let me show you your scores. I don't think it's gon na crash have to come back to that it's just gon na crash it. You know think 3d back. The application in the Windows Store this very buggy. No okay, so I'm gon na, have to just add that to the end of the video, probably once I get that working so I'll show you, the device, manager and you'll see that so there's a little bit of a interesting surprise here. Well, at least for me that I didn't realize that this particular tablet came with GLONASS and GPS chipset in it, but it does I'll just show you here on the device manager, so we have Broadcom wireless just just right under here, so we had Broadcom wireless in Adapter normally it's a real take adapter here, they've decided to use both common to achieve a better deal there and under sensors. I noticed all of us thought we have the obviously the light sensor orientation sensor and then is this: the Broadcom GLONASS geolocation sensor and it did notice the drivers in that I took a drive, a dump with double driver and I'll back that up that'll be uploaded To the website, so shortly so, if anyone's after drivers but it's an interesting little find there, that does have GPS I'll test it out an Android to see if that's actually going to work within those GPS, location, apps like maps or GPS status and we'll check that Out and see if that works, you know see what, if I can try and run that for you Mac it's gon na.

Let me do that, but probably not all in going to reboot the whole machine here. So battery life is you're. Looking probably about four and a half to five hours and see the steps down here, something running it for almost two and a half hours now, I've been having about another two hours left so that's gon na impact at this having on the battery life here within Windows so there's going to be a lot less than the chewy vi8, maybe about half an hour 40 40 minutes less. I will do a proper test of that that's not kind of a realistic battery, because I have been benchmarking and things like that. So that's been using the battery a little bit more I've hit the screen set to around 40 percent and it is a brighter screen in the other model. If you've seen my other video itself, actually I had it on about 50 there. The disk gives you a rough corner idea. I will do some proper testing on that, define it exactly what kind of battery life I'm going to get and screen on time and Android as well. Do that test? I just need to free up some time, so I can do that now. The Geekbench 3 score and it's right here so around the con, the same figure that I got within Android on my other videos. So I need to not a bad speed there. They don't normally get around 850 800 AD from that CPU there they have 37 36.

If you consider detail stats down here, few details on it there and the performance scores which aren't too bad me it's running Windows, really fine, and this screen just to talk about that a little bit. I was just doing some testing here and calculated what the actual pixel density was so it's 283 that's better than the infamous retina iPad screen, which is 264, so it's, quite a sharp display and of course the ratio in here is 16 by 10. I do like that ratio. I prefer that actually more than 16 by 9 and it's, not as square of course as the 4 by 3, 3 by 2 ratio that's inner surface 3 is also quite a nice screen. But I think in an 8 inch tablet yeah. That 16 by 10 is quite a good ratio there in a row, I'm really happy with the screen. I have noticed there's one little fixed, pixel it's, not going to come out on the camera it's about here and sister tiny little bright dots. Only one pixel and really it's – not gon na bother me too much because those pixels are so small. But there is one on there, so this greens not flawless, but it does really good if I just pissed out a little bit on the internet here and you jump into BBC using the ones keyboard here. Just so you don't have my hands from the screen. All the time, so that lot have been quite quickly and performance is just like any other betrayal tablet.

It'S really smooth Internet Explorer does runs great it's, so smooth and works really well. There now see if I can load up YouTube in this a bit of a video here or something, and my internet connection is running a little bit slow at the moment. There'S some I've got some sort of problems I'm, pretty much on rural internet, so don't be surprised that it's gon na be a little bit slower than probably it would be on your own connection at home and just have really bad connection at the moment. So for just test out a carbon based life forms someone that's not going to try and Sue me on YouTube for copying their music. You can hear the speaker. The speaker is a lot better than the original Chewie vi8, so that's the speakers just there on the back quite loud. It does distort when you're running it 100 and you've got some tracks that have got a bit of bass in their little tiny speaker. Can'T really handle work so I'll see if I'm pretty much know. Let me actually open it. Where is it studying to keep playing up on me here? Just keep crashing the score. I can tell you the score was fourteen thousand for the e3. My unlimited, I store my limited score and now it's just crashing on me useless program. Just try now a little bit of gaming here so it's going to a strong eight. I will just close that down there, because that sounds really quite loud.

There so now understand comforting going back into Ashford, know, you're closed it deny slopping down so a lot of fun to show you quickly what a bit of gaming it's like throw them 88 years old, because you can't control this with an Xbox, 360 controller or any Other control, if you wanted to you, could plug that in violently micro USB port to see even a horrors that, if you're near seems your own right, I'll just quickly go into a game. Just show you how those so you can see even at it eat mmm see drivers quite slow, its I'm, not seeing it when I'm using the tablet, which did some miraculous really. I thought it would be affecting it, but it doesn't seem to that. No one enters or perhaps there's something wrong with that score on getting but I'm getting the same score on the the vi8 as well. The VA ultimate, so you can see gaming is running fine on that now, we'll do some proper gaming test. This is just a window still going on testing here. I will actually have another video up, hopefully in a couple of days, or so, maybe tomorrow, with some testing out some games like League of Legends and dota 2 and counter strike source. You know the games that people like to play. People just do online I've had a few requests with people asking me to pistol. Is it those ones out which I'll do shortly? Alright, so that's um a quick little hands on there in Windows of the chewy hi? 8, I will have a full detailed review up on tick tablets combats within a a week or so.

It'S need a bit of time there to test out the battery lifes and do some further other benchmarking and tests on there just to see how it runs.