These tablets are very fragile. These screens and not tempered glass yeah, this isn't Gorilla Glass. Here you haven't, got Gorilla Glass number. Three or to anything you know, this is just a soda lime. Glass. I think it's called – and this is a result here on the screen – touch – does not work at all now, it's completely gone, and you can see that right there there's big crack that's just gone from one side right to the other, so the only thing ever think I works. It works. Oh the Windows, key, no that's a living working now so yeah. I just cracked it even more because I was just pushed on the screen a little bit and it just went right across there very, very easy to do so. There'S that crack right there that it starts from here this those two bits there and it only fell about half a meter off my desk and onto the floor. I was connecting up the me battery pack care to see what kind of rate it would charge the patelliday, because you know the battery life isn't, the greatest you're going to get maybe four hours. If you gaming, you and you get maybe two and a half on this tablet so better to have battery pack here might be handy and they wanted to see with full brightness or lower brightness and gaming, whether it could charge or not and anyway, that's the result. A bit of a crack to screen there, so I will be opening this tablet up at one stage or another to fix the screen so you're going to need some thicker about like a 23 or t2 or something talks Pro right here, very, very tiny, little screws There so like a jeweler's set that has something similar would allow you to remove those, because every corner has actually screwed right into the plastic there.

The same goes for the chewy VI 10. That has these screws on the side of the middle band, so those are need to be removed and then using something like a guitar pick or a prime tool. Just go around this edge here and unclip. The plastics from the front and the back I'll have to do that when they start to sell the digitizer pen, or so this glass panel here will need to be replaced before I can get this to working that there's. A really good look there at the crack. So extremely fragile be careful with your tellers, because this will not take any bumps whatsoever, there's, no actual marks on the tell it what to anyway. No they can't see. I think it landed more on this corner, but I can't see any evidence of that. It just kind of went whack and yeah. I could even hit like a glass breaking sound there and there's a result there, so they tell it yeah be careful with them.