This is the recent model that just came out: it’s Windows 10 only this one’s Windows, 10 and Android on the HR 12. So you’ve won a dual boot model that straight away as the obvious choice. There is quite a difference between both of them so I’m going to get into detail. There have a look at the stylus look at the performance of both of them compare benchmarks which will include battery life and and Geekbench 4, and also just my overall opinion on both of these, since I had used them for some time. So let’s have a look and see which one of these is best for your own personal needs just to point out here that I’m using the first generation keyboard or what I like to call it the crap board. This keyboard is horrible and I don’t even think that chewy make will sell us anymore, but the second one I have reviewed and it’s just like the chewy H 513 board. So, while the build of the keyboards of the HOA 12 and HR 1309, there was, however, a difference in the layout, because we’ve got more keys on the H. 513 we’ve got page up and down buttons shortcuts for brightness, which you don’t get on the qu eh. Oh 12, and also you get large a touchpad here, which means I would say that the HS 18 keyboard is a step above the HR 12. Now to cover the screens here very quickly.

The surface book screen outputs 500 lux maximum. It has a higher resolution. So therefore looks sharper. It is the bitter screen 500 lux, whereas the HR 12 screen is around 420 luck. So it’s not as bright it doesn’t look as good the blacks aren’t as deep and the colors reproduction similar, but for them a top class panels. Don’T get me wrong. The HOA 12 screen is still a very nice screen in there it’s, just not as good as the surface book screen. Another thing to point out that both of these screens they’re non laminated. So what that means there’s a gap between the glass and then the IPS panels below so the larger gap is on the H twelve. This is the HOA 12 right here and that gap is approximately I’d say one and a half millimeters, almost two millimeters, and we get about a gap of about one millimeter on the HR 1380 there. Now, if you want to know what I mean exactly by non laminated, just have a look at the difference between the iPad air 2 that’s, fully laminated and the new 2017 iPad, which is non laminated. You’Ll, see that visible gap between the glass and the IPS panels. Now, when it comes to the stylus support, both of these have active styluses we’ve got 256 levels of pressure, sensitivity on the high pin, which works on the H I 12, and that never that’s quite a hard plastic. So it tends to scratch up the screen quite quickly and it works alright, it’s not too bad.

Now you can’t use this pin on the other model or vice versa. So if I try and use the hi3 pin, this is the one that works on HR 13. See it’s working there, just fine and you’ll, see that no, it doesn’t work at least on this model of the H I 12. Now this pin it does have a plastic tip, but it’s almost not rubberized, but it has a softer plastic. So it feels a little bit nicer on the screen and the performance of it, aided by the faster chipset as well and faster ram, makes the stylus performance a definite winner on the hy 13. So here, looking at the ports on both of the tablets, the HR 12 is the clear winner with full USB ports on there full sized ones. We have to use adapters for the micro, USB 2 port and then the type C port on the HR 1308 Joey they’re heading in the wrong direction. Doing this, they need to put the full size ports back on their tablets. Chui, how you listening! Are you watching this video? Please stop doing this, so the type C port needs an adapter, not included, and, of course we don’t need AB does now charging is different on these. You can charge the H I 12 via the micro USB 2 port here, and you can on this one. So you have use type c charging. This is 12 volts. 2 amps required 5 volts 3 amps.

So you can use Power Packs on this one, but you can’t at least all the Power Packs I’ve tested on the HR 1308 SD card slots. This runs at full, USB 3 speeds. This is limited to USB 2 speeds. Both of these do support microphones and the audio quality on both of these is not really that good their speakers aren’t loud enough, so we’ve got speakers down the bottom on the H, o 12 and top and bottom on each side on the hi3 n. Now the USB 2 ports you get on the keyboards there, both of them USB 2.0 specs, so not really that fast, it’s just good for hooking up a mouse. For example, when it comes to cameras they’re both exactly the same so 5 megapixel rear facing cameras with autofocus and on the front we get 2 megapixel cameras they’re. Both ok for video chat. Applications like Skype and whatnot will work just fine with a maximum resolution of 720p on the front facing cameras now on to benchmarks here key differences between these 2 devices. So, of course, we’ve got an older generation chip on this one. This is the Adam. Is it 8350 a polo like cell Ron in 3450, so this is 2.2 gigahertz turbo and 1.9 3 gigahertz maximum turbos between them? So here’s a wireless speeds there’s a huge difference in this, because we’ve got Wireless in real tech chipset and then we have Intel wireless AC, and this is testing out my 300 megabit fiber optic line.

I can almost get those maximum speeds, which is really impressive, because only the top of the line Wireless chipsets will achieve my full line, speed and it’s so close to actually getting it it’s just about there, but here we can see a huge difference now moving over Now to the internal storage benchmarks again, we’ve got different different specs here so on the they all bring that up so first off on the H o 12. This is M. Mmc. Four point: five point: one speck it’s, a huge difference. Look at this sequential writes there of almost 300 megabytes per second is very impressive speeds for this type of Drive. So there a huge difference and as mentioned before, we’ve got USB to micro, SD card reader and then USB three spec. So I can get the full speeds out of my send us if extreme micro SD card or as I can’t on the H I 12, so they are try. 13 is a clear winner here so far as expected, because it is a newer device here in antutu. Quite a large difference here as well: we’ve got a 115000 on DHI, 13 and then 72000 on the H I 12 and just a another thing to point out when it comes to battery life. This is where the HR twelve gets win. I can get around 9 hours of Windows 10 years on the HR 1309. I was maximum. This is where both the screens at about 40 brightness, so that’s, where the age of 12 is a winner there and, of course, it’s got this option here.

You see the little Android man, so I can do the old run. The switch now program – and I can go straight over into Android – something of course, that the newer model can’t do so. The real world performance difference between both of these is very noticeable. The HR 13 is so much faster because it’s got 1600 megahertz RAM running in dual channel. This has 1066 by default. Now you can increase that to 1600 megahertz, but it will still remain single channel where this is double. So you get almost double the bandwidth, which makes a huge difference and, of course, with that, combined with the faster e MMC 5 spec on the HR, 13 means things load up faster and it’s, just overall a lot better to use both of them. You can see have a little bit of stutter animations here and there by hitting the Start menus, but all in all j13 definitely feels just so much more quicker. So the H Oh 12 running android 5.1 isn’t, the latest version of android, but at least we’ve got it it’s, a very nice rom, as you can see, there’s no bloatware on there and it performs quite well now tablet weight. This has 841 grams and I find it’s a lot nicer to use as a result. 2H. 512. The bulkier newer version 13.5 inches versus 12 inches, but this is where it weighs you down after a while, 1.1 kilos makes us quite heavy, but it is a joy to use.

Having such a large screen is great and if I could use Android on that 13.5 inch surface book screen, I’d be even happier, but sadly no dual boot on this one, which is a real shame. Okay, so that’s the H o 13 and the H o 12, which one would I pick personally this right here for its better screen, faster wireless, faster emmc and overall way, better performance it’s. Just I think, a trade off. Ok, you don’t get the battery life as this one and yes, it is a little more expensive, but I do feel it’s worth it now, if you’re a stylus user again, this is the one to go for, on the other hand, if you don’t want to spend You want to save a hundred us, then you go for this model and if you want Android and the best battery life go over this model here, it’s still, ok for very light tasks like documents, internet browsing media and the screen. Honor is still nice but of course not as good, so hopefully that makes your decision a lot easier.