Now, unfortunately, at this point in time, at least at the time there’s reviewed this isn’t a dual boot model. It’S only Windows, 10 home it’s got 4 gigabytes of RAM its dual channel power bi and Intel Apollo Lake Celeron in 3450, with a maximum turbo of 2.2 gigahertz that’s quad core has 64 gigabytes of internal MMC storage, with pretty good speeds in my unit. Now that can’t be expanded upon. Unfortunately, there is no M 2 SATA slot on this one here, it’s got Intel wireless AC, the same design and build really as the previous model, so it is a 2 1 with an optional transform of style keyboard and an active stylus. So I port layout is very similar to the HR 12. We have one of the 4 speakers. You can see right there on the side. Here we have the micro SD card slot that supports up to 128 gigabyte microSD cards, a USB type c port. That is USB 3 spec supports data and charging, then, above that we have a micro USB 2 port, which is data only the microphone micro HDMI out that supports up to 4k 30 Hertz 3.5 millimeter headphone jack also supports microphones and the second loudspeaker here on the Side so they’re two on each side and then right up the top there power on volume up and down buttons. Those are made out of plastic. So, on the right hand, side all we have is just the other two loudspeakers there.

So the back of the housing is made out of this alloy. Now they auto focus 5 megapixel camera there and overall the bill quality isn’t too bad. There is some little bits of flex and creaks between the joins on the rear panel and the front. I feel for the price that bill quality is decent, so when we have a doctor with the keyboard that brings the total weight up to 2 kilos. Making this thing quite heavy now the tablet itself is 1.1 kilos and if you’re going to be using it for an extended periods, I find that you tend to tire out quite quickly, which is an issue I had with the surface book, which used the same screen Of course, that I found that it was just too heavy and big as a tablet, and I used it more as a notebook and docked all the time to the keyboard, which I think is what I’m going to be doing. Probably with this when I use it now, let’s just always keep it docked in there. So you have to think about that. Do you need a tablet so large, and can you accommodate the weight of that, because 2 kilos for some people may just be pushing the limits on what they want to carry around and their backpack with your textbooks and everything else? Moving onto the keyboard down the touchpad, so the top of the palm rest. All this area around here, that’s made out of metal the keys spacious we’ve, got shortcuts for your brightness controls, print screen, page up and down home end that’s.

All there so layout was. I feel it’s quite good haven’t had any problems typing on it. The key travel is to millimeters and, as you can hear there, it is a little noisy because it sound tends to resonate through it. Now, when you have the tablet docked in here and the screen pushed right back, it does raise up the typing angle of the cable, which makes it a little more comfortable, touchpad, reasonably spacious. It does the job, but it will certainly not be the best touchpad. You have used, it has incorporated, left and right mouse buttons and it supports suggestions, so double tap right. Click swipe down as a gesture that I actually hate is when my pet hates with Windows can’t disable that just jump through the settings. But there is a registry hack to get rid of that, which is great, because I often keep triggering that, but all in all it’s a quality keyboard feels good at the bottom of it is made out of a plastic and either side. We do have USB 2 ports. There is a very quick size comparison, so the tablet on the top is the 2 Evo, 8 n, plus at 10.8 inches that’s, also a 3 by 2 ratio screen below. That is my me notebook 12.5 inch and then, of course, we have the 2 eh, oh 13, which Dwarfs them all much larger at 13.5 inches. So the screen that the true Oh 13 uses as the main draw card it’s a great screen.

This is the same screen as used in the Microsoft Surface book. It has a 3 by 2 ratio, 3000 by 2000 resolution, giving 267 PPI maximum brightness comes out at almost exactly 500 Lux, which is very good. Now the screen doesn’t look as good as the surface books screen, because the surface book is fully laminated. This here is non laminated. It has a pre applied, screen protector and it’s more susceptible to reflections. So it’s not going to look as stunning, but when you’re in a room that is dimly lit and you don’t get those reflections, the screen looks great. It is an amazing screen. Defaults gaming is 250 percent and the colors on it very good. Do like the look at the screen, I find that it’s more of a neutral white it’s, not a warm white or a cool white. They seem to have a calibration of it quite good, and I do claim that it has srgb hunter percent coverage. There isn’t something for the front facing camera 2 megapixel 720p max resolution. You can get a quality fine. This is good for Skype. I have tested it out, but what I’ve noticed is the audio quality kind of that single microphone. It is the greatest there tends to be quite a bit of static over there. So all you not one of the strengths of the chiliad chocolatine it’s time to have a look at these stylus, so we’re going to start if it looks similar to the Microsoft intrigue ones, but it doesn’t have that button on the top there.

Now this does actually work the rear of it, so you could assign that to be the eraser function. So when you’re sketching away, you can flip it around and I’ll just show you quickly, as you can see there, that it’s selecting on the screen now. This has a quad a battery in there. It’S got two buttons here, so we’ve got one at the top one at the bottom. The nibble of it is made out of plastic, so it doesn’t feel as good as other statuses. You get that have the rubber tips on them, which is a shame, but the plastic hardness doesn’t seem as hard as some of the other styluses. I have tested out now a lot of people asking Candice Tyler’s be docked on to the side. Can you actually? He put it on the side of the tablet. Of course you can there’s a magnet on the side here and it will sit on there now. It is easy to knock it off sure, but it does actually sit on there quite well. The magnets are reasonably strong and you can shake that around a little bit and that shouldn’t come off, but I have found that sometimes, yes, I have knocked it and just moving around with the tablet like I picked it up and I knocked the whole thing off And it fell onto the ground, so it’s just handy that when you have it in the keyboard dock, just to have it sitting on the side there so it’s, nice and ready, which is a nice little touch that surely you’ve done this so to reclaim that it Has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity? Now I can’t actually test that out, but it does have pressure sensitivity.

Palm rejection, hover feature as well work, so you can get previews of things right there. You can see that’s this working fine. Now, if we go into, this is OneNote at the moment which I showed in my unboxing here. The stylus works fast it’s, also quite accurate, so I’ve had no problems with the accuracy with the stylus. Now, if you press down lightly, you can see the sister thin line, the harder you press, the thicker. That line is going to get now. I found that the very light levels are a little harder to get than the heavier ones there so I’m just going to quickly right now, just a few words just to show you what it’s like to write on it and the speed of it. So not too bad here now what this is OneNote, so it’s quite fast. I think it’s very light application really and not too bad with that. So we move over something now for the artists out there that want to see. I was just testing it out before now: I’m, not an artist as you can see, that’s a horrible cartoon that I drew, but just wanted to demonstrate what the pin is like here. So getting those lighter levels. Now you can still do that. So if you’re sketching with different levels, slightly pressing down a little bit harder there and then even harder, that seems to be working, fine, so we’re doing just a couple of tests here actually get rid of that.

Just to show you what it’s like at drawing lines! It’S a little slower in this application. This is mischief by the way. Did someone ask me to test out so it’s going out quite as fast so I’m just going to quickly sketch a couple of things, yeah that’s horrible cartoon? I know so moving over now to something like Photoshop, elevating layers here and it’s, going to move around a few layers that you can use the size a cause for that, and things are a little slower, so the heavier the image, the more layers you start, adding. The slower things are going to get but it’s so much better than the old atoms. The fact that we’ve got dual channel RAM now, I think, is really helping. So this is one of my thumbnails that I use from before and so far yeah that that seems. Okay for that kind of task, in our sketching with the pin it does support pressure sensitivity so just go over to the paint tool pen tool there. So that’s, just very basic – and you see here now – a lot slower but push sensitivity is working. But look at the lag there you get so definitely not as fast as, for example, doing this on this surface pro 4, which would be a lot quicker when it comes to the intrigue stylus but it’s, also because the CPU it has an ear. Your other got. The core m3, or even the Core, i5 and i7, which is just so much faster there to get better performance with that.

But so far, I think for a cheaper Chinese tablet that the stylus performance is quite good, and I do like the fact that we’ve got two buttons on there and also the other end works on there. Okay, so a couple of things I wanted to point out here: I’m, just using a screen capture card, so you can see this information a little bit clearer. So here we have three point: four gigabytes of usable RAM. Chui has dedicated 600 megabytes to the GPU. Now that some people might see that as a bad idea, actually, I think it’s proven to be quite good, as you’ll see later on. In my gaming tests, it’s definitely made things a lot smoother in the device manager. Just wanted to point out a few things here. So we have a Samsung MMC I’ll show you the benchmarks of that in a second and Intel wireless AC onboard and under the sensors. There is an ambient light sensor and a six axis. Accelerometer memory is running 1600 megahertz Ed’s, the maximum supported speed, dual channel and there you can see so kind 15 reserved air that’s for the GPU. Now the benchmarks I’ve just been running a couple here on the internal storage. So first up. Actually, this is the micro SD card slot, so it’s running at full. Usb 3 speeds no problems there. This is a HyperX savage. Sorry, if you can get that to show up there, we go HyperX savage and that gain is running at full speed stairs and I problems with the type c ports so just go over it now into benchmark.

So you can see there was a little bit of an animation stutter there that is quite common with the system. You see a little bit of that slow down there. If you lower the visual settings in Windows, then you won’t see that so much but going to the Start menu and just showing up everything like that. You get a little bit of it on these Apollo Lakes, so n2 110000 good score, that’s kind of what I expect for this chipset. Ok battery I’ll get onto that now to start the video here, because it’s very important I feel battery life is a little disappointing. Now this is my test here that I did an hour and 15 minutes of medium to heavy kind of views. I was streaming in YouTube and a little bit of Chrome as well, and you can see there that I lost 22, almost 22 percent battery from that years now the screen brightness will set to 40 percent, so the battery life is nowhere near as good as the Chui ho 12, now I kind of expected that driving a 3000 times 2000 resolution screen charge. Time is approximately five and a half hours to charge. This also to note there’s something going on with the battery capacity. It says here that it’s a 37. What hour battery it should actually show something like 50, so maybe that accounts my battery life not being as good as it should, because even though I’ve opened this tablet it’s a 10000 watt hour, better sorry, milliamp hour battery, but it’s, not detecting or using the full Capacity of that battery, so something is going on there.

Okay, the internal storage speeds, the emmc. They just showed you in the device manager very good. This is, in fact, one of the fastest. I have seen for some time really really good speeds here and then here’s Geekbench for not a bad score for the chipset and the last pinch mark here is Wireless speeds, so I have fiber optic here and the office and I can get 300 megabits per second Upload and download now my me notebook, which has a far superior wireless chipset in there and antenna setup, can get the full speed. 300 that’s a much more expensive device as well. So this is actually doing quite well now. The wireless range I can go down to the other side of the apartment and I lose about half the speed now that’s normal. When I’m away from the wireless router on the me notebook, it doesn’t quite lose half, it seems to lose more like a quarter. So there is a difference there, but we are talking about different chipsets. So far for me personally, on my own unit, I find the wireless speeds to be really good, and the range I would say is adequate, but just don’t expect it to be super high powered super long range, but the Intel wireless AC, 3, 165 chipset – is quite A good performer – and I really do like it it’s a lot better than those real tech wireless intercepts. You have on the previous generation like the chewy H, o 12.

So how does it feel to use it performance wise? Is it fluid? Is it fast now? I mentioned before a little bit of slowdown now that happens also in the Start menu watch. This see when that came up there to me, that’s a little slow, of course, I’m used to using a 8 core desktop, but that’s not super fast, but other than that. Moving around you can do a lot of multitasking and it’s just so much faster than the previous generation at Mt retrial. In the background here, we’ve got edge. This is 4k and that is should be running and 4k sitting right there and there’s some drop frames because I’ve been swapping between Chrome and other places that’s when it drops when you’ve got it loaded. Here at the moment, you see now it’s not dropping any more frames and the performance of that is quite good, it’s going to go full screen on it and it should not drop any more frames so that fine streaming there. And if you see my other videos, you’ll know that if you do the same exact test in Chrome, it’s just hopeless it’s useless, it just lags so the scrolling performance image is very nice, so browsing really good. No problems. Speed loading up BBC news have not loaded this up before so let’s have a look that pops in quite quick, and you can see there a little bit of slowdown but bear in mind. I still have that in the background you can see it.

The drops and frames, but if I close that off you can see CPU usage, it does peak there at 100, but it’s so much better than the atoms, the old atoms and you can see scrolling there, it’s not peaking. Now, at the moment, I’ve got a few things open and going on Crone’s here as well, bring it up again so chrome scrolling not as smooth as edge that’s, just not really as good. The funny thing is, though, if you don’t use, touch now use the touchpad. You see that it’s a little bit smoother there and that is better I’m just going to load up a random page here to that book. Twelve point: thirteen and you see that popped up, really quick. So overall this kind of performance for Internet use. I find it to be really good and you can actually have a lot of tabs open in chrome same as edge and it just doesn’t bog down like the teary trails. Do a lot better and you see CPU usage is hovering around 60 percent 50. Of course, it varies on what you’re doing, if you were hoping you could tweak settings and the bias. Unfortunately, chilli has locked us out of most of the Advanced Options. There’S, nothing really. We can change apart from the boot order, and you can of course, launch a USB Drive. If you want to boot something like a Linux which I did Linux then Jarrow, the latest builds run just fine.

If you see my unboxing sound wise, the chilli is a little bit of a letdown. The 3.5 millimeter headphone jack supports microphones but there’s a little bit of a static or a buzz, some sort of interference that comes over it. That I can hear only really when it’s quiet when there’s no sound playing. I can hear a bit of a buzz there, but when I start listening to audio it, doesn’t tend to bother me as much now. It has four speakers on there two on either side as you’ve seen them to start chili marketing. They hyped it up, didn’t they they made it sound like they’re, going to be amazing speakers well something better than the norm. Unfortunately, there are normal, cheap Chinese speakers, so let’s listen to them now, so the maximum output is about 75 decibels. Ideally, I like to see 80 or over now you can use applications like profound sounds – and I have right here – it’s called profound sound light to tweak that up so I’m going to turn that on now and it does improve a little bit. The sound quality gives us a little bit more bass, Applause, Music Applause Applause, so that does tweak it up a little bit, but really doesn’t do much. There are only tiny little speakers in there of poor quality, so having such huge screen on here is great for looking at PDF files. At the moment I have a magazine loaded up now, I’m using edge to read this PDF.

Why near the edge is because I prefer it just because the touch is so smooth so fitting a whole page in there the text very legible, it’s great I don’t have to to zoom in to it at all. I find that it’s not a problem. They won. How to percent scaling because it is 13.5 inches that makes things a lot easier now holding the tablet, like I mentioned in the start, because it does weigh 1.1 kilos after about ten minutes, you kind of weighs me down a little bit. I find myself leaning the tablet against something. I’Ve got to stand here at the moment, which, maybe you know you could use if you wanted to use it in portrait, which i think is the first time in the video I’ve actually used it in portrait. So scrolling performance, the speed of it isn’t going to break any records here. It takes a little while, for things to load in this PDF file is approximately 55 megabytes so and it’s very immaturely, of course, it’s, mostly whether it’s all just scanned images really there’s another one here that scanned images. This is a test that might cane does when he has a look at tablets. He likes to really push them to the limit, trying to hit them to load up huge PDF files. This one’s got twelve hundred and fifty pages, which is yeah a few, and you can see scrolling that there for it to actually catch up to load.

All those pages is quite painful. There look at that that come on come on load, it up very slow. Now this could be something to do with each as well, I’m sure there’s other applications on Windows that are a lot faster with PDF files, Music, so time to check out some gaming performance, you can see, on the top left hand, corner the temperatures and framerate. Now this first game here I’m going to test out theirs. Do it three and if you have a look, I’ve got it set on 720p, the graphics so let’s see how it performs Music Applause. This title here is part of EXO and I’m running it 1024 by 768 on lower settings just to keep the frame rate up nice and high there, and I haven’t paid this game in so long. So I don’t really know what I’m doing but I’m playing as a summoner. Here you can see there are a few little dips and legs dipping down to 12 there. Of course it is a tablet, so you can play store games that use the accelerometer. This is a child extreme 7up and see how it performs it’s on the highest performance seating because it’s driving 3000 times 2000 resolution, which is really demanding, but, as you see, it’s, actually doing an okay job so far, Applause a little slow and laggy. If you want it to be faster, then all you need to do is just lower the screen resolution.

Of course I have some poor driving from me very bad. You get the idea. It is playable even at this high resolution. Okay, so here we go, I really suck at this game, as most of you will probably know if you’ve seen my videos, but this is running really good, so far mean look at this there’s about I don’t know 10 20 players on the server and we’re getting 45 frames per second that must be because chewy dedicated 600 megabytes of RAM to the GPU, so let’s see how long what are whoops that’s an ally Music. This title here is League of Legends 1080p, lowest settings and it’s actually doing quite well, probably the fastest I’ve. Seen an Apollo Lake play this game at 1080p, so not bad at all. So after an hour of gaming we’re actually an hour and a half here, maximum temperatures on the CPU got up to 82 degrees. The GPU was the hottest that got up to 89, but perfectly fine. Now I have actually opened this tablet up. Have you seen my how to open it? Video and the internals you see. There’S got a copper heatsink on this it’s, almost a fine, the back of it just below the power button, does get a little bit warm, but it’s, not enough for me to break out my thermal probe and check it it’s only getting up to around 34 35 Degrees – and that was after an hour and thirty minutes, so quite good there – all right so that’s the review there, the qu h, o 13, I think, is a really nice tool.

One tell our China amazing screen on there really good performance when it comes to the GPU. Now truly have tweaked this to maximum performance. I haven’t actually seen games on the Apollo Lake. The N 3450 performs so well as they have on this particular laptop. Now the high resolution does mean that sometimes the UI and Windows, like the Start menu, has a little bit of lag to it and other things. That concerned me like the battery life. I can only get around 6 to 7 hours, but I do believe there is something wrong with my unit when it comes to the battery meter. It’S not reporting correctly to full capacity, only reporting about 34 of it. So I should be able to get an extra 2 hours out of it if the whole battery was being detected and reported. This could just be a first batch problem, so apart from that and the speakers which are very average there’s, really not much to dislike about this, so really solid, two and one and the stylist performance as well sings very good. Overall, I can recommend this one just hold off a little bit, wait for me to check out a second unit, hopefully it’s the second batch to see if the battery problem there has been solved or not thanks a lot for watching this.