This is the high 13 made by a company now I'm, not sure how to pronounce their name. It is spelled C H. U W! I I think it's pronounced chewy and before we even start, let me just say it has one of the best screens of just about any Windows tablet around its up there with much more expensive devices like this surface book. So the chewy high 13 is an affordable Windows. 10 tablet PC. It also has support for Ubuntu. Now I got up from gearbest and there will be details in the description below. If you want to check it out, you can also get an optional keyboard dock. To turn it into a two in one tablet: hybrid – and there is even a stylus pen that you can get for it with over 1000 points of pressure sensitivity. Now this tablet is all about the display. It has a very similar screen to the one found on the much much more expensive Microsoft Surface book. So like the surface book, it is thirteen and a half inches in size with the same three by 2 aspect ratio. It also has the same incredibly sharp, 3000 by 2000 pixel resolution with 267 pixels per inch of pixel density, so it's sharper than a 13 inch MacBook Pro Retina screen, which is just 2560 by 1600 pixel resolution or 227 pixels per inch now 3000 by 2000, is 6 mega pixels of resolution now as a comparison 1080p, also known as full HD, has around 2 mega pixels of resolution.

So this is a very detailed display. It also gets pretty bright too at around 480 nits, and while the surface book gets around 97 of the SRGB color gamut, the screen on the Chuwi high 13 can hit 100, and this was verified by Windows. Central who used a colorimeter to test it and remember this is a much much cheaper device than the surface book, so really impressive, stuff from Chuwi the 13 and a half inch display size is pretty massive to compare it to a more typical sized. 10 point. 6 inch tablet, and you can see what I mean so the size and resolution make it ideal for watching movies or reading text, and the three by 2 aspect ratio also makes it better suited for portrait mode. The high 13 has a well built metal, unibody design. It has a 5 megapixel camera on the back and a 2 megapixel one on the front and for a tablet. They are better than average. Video quality is also pretty good. We get power and volume buttons on the top. On the right side. We get 2 speakers, but we also get another 2 speakers on the left side. So, yes, this tablet has quad speakers. They are clear and loud, but just like any other mobile device, they do lack bass. We also have an audio jack micro, HDMI, mic micro, USB USB type c and a micro SD card slot. If you need standard USB ports, you'll need to get the keyboard dock, which gives you two full size, USB ports.

The keyboard dock connects here on the bottom and, lastly, we have a Windows Home button on the front. The tablet itself weighs about 1.1 kgs, which is not the lightest, but is understandable. Considering the huge display you get and the solid metal construction, it's, probably better suited for use around home rather than throwing into a backpack and taking with you on the go, the only real negative for me was the battery life, which was around 5 to 6 hours. So a little disappointing, considering how great the rest of the device is. Internally, we get a 1.1 gigahertz Celeron processor, which can turbo boost to 2.2 gigahertz and is faster than any Intel Atom based system web browsing and even watching 4k content on the big high res display all ran smoothly. In my testing we also get 4 gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of storage. Now, if you need more performance or more portability, then check out the cube mix plus, which has a faster 128 gig SSD and Intel Core M3 Kaby Lake processor and is one of the fastest affordable Windows tablets. You can currently get or check out the Teclast Tbook 16 Power, which comes with 8 gigs of RAM for excellent multitasking. There will be links in the description to my review on these, but overall this is an exceptional tablet. Pc performance is decent, build, quality is solid and the screen is just incredible, so that is the Chuwi High 13 keep an eye on this brand.