Oh 13. Now this has been requested a few times. If I could test out battlefield 4, I think it's a bit like that old cannot play crysis well, as you can see, it's playing it, but the framerate best. You can do is around 20 frames per second, so you know this is an ideal. You want 30 frames per second 60, of course, would be so much better but it's a to say most tablet. So I have a quick little game here. Just to give you an idea how it runs now the settings I have it on it's on the lowest so lost. I can actually sit it here, which is 1024 by 768 resolution and gravis quality low. Now, if there's a hacker, a way to run 800 x 600, then I think that framerate could be improved quite a bit. Now you got away from me areas and intends to kill us. Yes, is that laggy that I couldn't really shoot that guy and well I'm? Pretty poor first person shooter games now anyway till the quick walk around here you see now the framerate 20 frames per second still way too slow. Really, but hey I mean it's playing it. Let'S, do a little bit of a suicide run here: enemy tankers right, they're, throwing it too close to that. Oh and I even got a kill for there you go, you can kill people with 15 frames per second strike, a like really all right.

I think that's enough of my bad gameplay thanks so much for watching. If you haven't already, please check out my chewy H, eye 13 review, where I go and cover a lot more detail, not just a little bit of gaming but the stylus performance in everything else. You can think of that should be popping up right now.