Now it wasn't so clear in my first video that I did on the stylus, which was the unboxing video. I wanted to point out that it does work in Android and I will quickly show you that later in this particular video, a lot of people a little bit confused about the palm rejection. It does work and so does the pressure sensitivity, but only in applications that are going to support that, of course, so just quickly show you that if I start to write on the screen here and keep the stylus on there, that my fingers, my palm that's, not Going to do anything, so you can hopefully be able to write quite well with that. So as soon as my palms a bit, of course, if my palm touches first and not the pin like so like there, then it's going to leave a mark, no it's, still detecting the pin so I'm still able to write, hopefully quite well taking notes here now You can't, you can of course flip it around. The other way use this and portrait not landscape and go to full screen mode here. I'Ll just see if I can quickly try and jot something down just the usual I'm, not very good, with styluses, as you can see, that's horrible writing and don't use them a lot myself personally. I'M, not a big stylist user. Just see. If I can write something else here, so it's not a supernatural feeling when you're writing here with the text, but you can see there that even now my fingers are not marking that at all, because it's still within range of the screen to detect these stylists there And as soon as I put the stylus down now out of the way, I think then, as when my finger will then be able to mark possibly not know, okay, so that is good there.

Okay, now it's it's only being used for double taps. Therefore text. I think that is I'm, not actually too familiar with OneNote, because again I don't use it. Don'T really use styluses and another common questions that other people had was. How is the the accuracy of it? Can you get it to work right on the corners of the screen? Yes and no I've noticed that you can get quite close to the corner here when it comes to the accuracy, okay, that's, going to create the windows swipe action there, but try the other corner here while on the edge. So you can, I think, right, right to the very edge, and I noticed that when I was trying to select just a few menus or something like that within Windows here that that, for example, well, if I try and select these torrent files select those on right On the corner, the edge here and just the selection box, that goes pretty much right to the end, I'd say there's, maybe a millimeter or so that the sensitivity or that the stylus not going to quite work but I'm. Finding it to be quite good there and the corners right at the top, I can't really see any problem with it see if we can bring that up, I'll swipe that up again yeah. It seems fine to me so I'm not having any problems with that and cause pressure, sensitivity lightly, pressing very fine line, pressing a little bit harder, thicker thicker again that also doesn't seem to be promises to be relatively fast there on a scribble very fast and again I'M, no stylist expert anything like that, but this is a quick use: I'm going to move now over to Android very quickly and just to quickly show you how it works there.

Okay, so Android is just booting up now. Another question to that pops up a lot is: does the stylus work on the Windows? 10? Only version? No, no, it doesn't. I have tried. I have even tried the touch sitting GT file that does not work either so that's not going to work whatever you do. What, if you try, you must have the dual boot version. For that, the reason being is they did change some of the hardware. The touch digitizer now supports a pen so there's a different in how we change there. So there's no way you can make a Windows version support a stylus officially, that is without some sort of real crazy hack having to remove the digitizer panners or some panels, or something like that. So here in Android, you can see now that the stylus does work and someone asked to see it in action in the browser seems to work. Just fine, I wanted to know, see how it works with the menus accuracy scrolling things like that, it's pretty much exactly like your finger, but with enhanced accuracy there I don't know what applications within Android will support if there are any that do, support the actual pressure Levels that this stylus does have, but this just seems to be straightforward and works fine here you can see. The tablet has just randomly powered off, which is a new little issue that is cropping up with this particular model that I didn't know about.

Until recently, when I tried to plug in a hard drive, it just powered itself off and now has this happened, live when I'm doing this recording. So I think it's a battery calibration issue, but this is really not good at all to see. I hope Chui is aware of this one and they're going to fix it, but I'm quite glad. It actually just happened in this video, because this is now the second time it's happened and definitely related to the battery getting down to about 40 30 and just having it just go straight off. Randomly it's got to be something to do with battery calibration, so there we have it. The stylus, at least you can see, is working in both OS s, there's a little more information there on the palm rejection, as well as the accuracy on the corners and edges of the screen for me, seems to be really good. Fine, as I would say, almost as good as my surface pro 4 with the edges at least, and now you can see too that there's this problem, whether it just completely powering off on me their battery report 40. I think it's hit 42, but really, I think it was only maybe possibly only about one or two percent. So there is some probably going on I'm going to dig around a little deeper and see if I can find out more and how many owners are also affected by that problem.

Thanks for watching this video and hopefully see you back soon, the videos will come be coming out a little slower. However, from me, because I am having at the moment some serious internet issues where I am – I don't have high speed Internet at the moment and that's really going to affect. I can get things out hope to have it fixed soon, though.