Welcome to my chewy HR, twelve video review. This is the latest tablet, that’s just by Chewie and it’s, a little different, because it’s got a 3×2 ratio screen, so not the 4 by 3 retina tablets or the usual 16 by 9 or 16 by 10 tablets, something slightly different it’s. Actually, using the old Microsoft Surface, pro 3 screen in here to the 12 inch screen with a 2160 by 1440p resolution. So not a bad resolution in the device of this size, so it’s relatively heavy, weighs 850 grams and it’s 8.9 millimeters thick. So it’s not exactly the thinnest of devices, but the build of it, isn’t bad at all, with a metal rear housing with a gun, metal, gray kind of finish to it. We have a rear, 5 megapixel camera on the top. Here we have a volume up and down rocker and a power on button. There is a front 2 megapixel camera. We have a Windows Home button there that works just fine and on the left side is where all the action is so we’ve got a micro SD card slot USB 3.0 and we do have a micro USB in for charging the tablet USB 2 port microphone there And a micro HDMI out 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack and right here either side: four Torx screws securing it all together. So overall the build I’m quite happy with it’s, not too bad. Considering the price of this tablet and that lovely screen you are getting now to compare the size of the H I 12 to other tablets, is the chewy H.

I 10, you can see there it’s a 10.1 inch tablet, and here is the tick. Last x98 ear. 3, you can see there the size difference between the tablets and move this around. You can get an idea there of just how those dimensions are so it’s, a large tablet and almost as large as the action actually it’s a little bit larger than the Microsoft Surface. Pro for job is placed on the top here, it’s slightly larger. Well, here it looks like the surface. Pro 4 is larger, but it’s it’s, not so how you move it around like this you’ll see that it fits into the same kind of space there, but I set them both up like this. You can see there that it’s slightly taller the H I 12. So the H i 12 is the first tablet out of China, at least from the Chinese manufacturers that has a 3 by 2 ratio screen in it and it’s. Actually, a Samsung app Els display that was used in the Microsoft Surface, pro 3, so it’s a reasonably good screen. I think it’s well it’s a pretty much premium screen it’s got a high resolution for a 12 inch panel, which is 2160 by 1440, and at the moment I have it on the highest brightness settings it’s a little hard to portray on camera. Because often the sensor will adjust I’m keeping the exposure on auto because if I don’t have it on auto it’ll blow out the colors on full brightness, so something very hard to capture, but that is the lowest writings brightness sitting there.

You can see it dims down a very dim, but if you do turn off lights then you can see that actually you’re able to see the screen quite well. Now I have a lot of lighting on here at the moment. If I increase this now to 25 that’s 50 vertical as the camera is adjusting also to this 75 and then 100 it’s reasonably bright. Now this is the Chui, a chai 10 that I’ll just put in the shot quickly to show you the screen, a similar kind of brightness, but it has more of a cool white screen compared to the a chai 12 screen. And if I now add the surface pro 4 into the shot on maximum brightness you’ll see that it is definitely a lot better, because it also has a fully laminated display. There’S. Also a couple of other things. To think about as well that the fact that I’ve still got the screen protector on the H, I 12, you see there if I can try and angle them, both at the same angle, side by side, they’re, all in all, don’t think it’s a bad screen considering The price range of this tablet here now we put the lights back on you’ll, see that the surface is definitely a hell of a lot better here, because it’s not a non laminated display, so not really a feared TSD. That way, because our fully laminated versus non laminated now to focus back on the 2160 screen of the chui.

I just wanted to point out one thing that I did have to do: to get a maximum brightness out of the screen, another that is, if you hit into the Intel graphics properties you’re going to want to have to disable this one. The display power saving technology. If you enable that it is enabled by default and what it does, it will lower the brightness of the backlight. You can see that slowly, just tweaking it back a little and that allows their brightness somewhat I’d say an estimated 20. So I recommend to saving that to get maximum brightness. Of course, if you want power, saving then leave that untouched and if you’re gaming, then you want to disable the extended battery life for gaming too. Now you know more performance in Windows. I find is really good that everything seems to pop up quite fast, and it doesn’t really feel like an ad on a PC to me. Now it does come with Windows, 10 home and then to support additional language packs. If you’re worried about that and it’s fully activated, normally, you don’t have any problems with activation it’s. Just the odd time I have seen only really happened once or twice that have seen manufacturers actually ship out tablets without a legitimate license. Now that happen, I still install us the windows 8.1, the first batch. They later corrected that and use legitimate licenses. Of course, I don’t even know how they got a way of doing that, but you don’t have to normally ever worry about that, but it’s definitely fully activated, which is good to see and moving around.

This is my micro SD card things, just slowed up, pretty quick I’ll go to device manager that can sometimes be pretty slow to load and it loads up just fine over. I have no complaints and the screen accuracy is really good. You can see how I’m not having any problems moving things around can go along and select and I’m touching it as I would any other tablet. So, as I would might with my surface pro 4, I don’t need to push hard or anything like that. I get a lot of questions in the comments saying how was touch accuracy. Do I need to press harder it’s, not one of those screens that’s the older style screen which had that old technology, but this works. Fine accuracy is good and in just getting around no problems there, so just go into edge and quickly show you what it’s like, if I’m just going to load up tech tablets and then because it’s got the 3 by 2 ratio screen. I find it’s really good to use and portrait like this, and if your hands are big enough, I don’t have particularly big hands, but you can actually type with your thumbs. See if I can do that here, just and quite nice to use the tablet in portrait mode like this, so I find that it’s a little bit better than then landscape and you can get in load a whole lot of the website and just one go and Read it all there without having to scroll as much okay because of the zoom.

The websites loaded like that, but it’s very smooth, very quick as edge tends to be now Chrome. On the other hand, isn’t as fast chrome doesn’t seem to be optimized as well for atoms. So if I just load up Chrome here now, it takes a little while to load in there and load up a website, that’s reasonably heavy that I haven’t visited yet, which is probably what having a visited. Yet BBC comm see how quick that is to load in chrome, not actually that bad at all popped up. Quite quick, but you see the arrow that difference on scrolling scrolling in chrome is a little choppy if you are not using it as a tablet like this or more of a desktop. So if you’ve plugin you’ve plugged in a mouse and keyboard, then Chrome’s. Okay, the experiences alright until you start to look at things like 4k video. If you decide to stream a 4k clip via YouTube, then chrome, Chrome, just bogs down and it’s pretty unbearable and unusual unusable there. But if you use edge, it seems to work just fine and their difference and scrolling there and of course, you flip that back around and still choppy there and still nice and smooth and quick an edge. So I benchmarked the internal storage, and these are the speeds which aren’t bad for an emmc. Four point: five point: one spec drive good write speeds considering my Surface three that I had that has the atom x7 in it that had right speeds around forty 15 megabytes per second sequential writes – and this is a lot faster now let’s say Hynix drive and you Can see that it’s, the h c g8e drive if you want to look that up research that it’s not a bad driver to brand drive now Chile, what they’ve been doing normally on their lower spec tablets, at least in the vi8, and the h8 series they’ve been Using b1 drives, which are horrible and very slow with extremely poor, random, read and write speeds.

Now these random readin Speights, write, speeds here of 19 and 13 are perfectly fine for this kind of drive and really good. Considering that, I think some of the speeds I got out of my hi 8 we’re, around 2 or 3 megabytes per second write rates and that’s incredibly slow and it can lead to longer installing times – will definitely depends on what you’re, installing, if you’re installing something like Just off the top of my memory paint shop that takes a long time to install sorry. Photoshop takes a long time to install that then it’s going to be a little bit longer if you’re, installing that on this type of a system. Now I also ran through the usual benchmarks that I do, and I would just show you those they are in fact on the full written review that is on tech tablets comm, but I’ll quickly go through them in the video here. The results that I managed to get out of this particular h, o 12 – that I have with me, are quite good. Now I did get some reasonably fast speeds as well out of the USB 3 port. Those are the speeds I got there from my SanDisk Extreme. Usb 3 flash drive, those are pretty much the maximum speeds that this drive can get and it will power a external hard drive without any problems from either port no power issues there. If I run down to where I did actually the benchmarks here, we go so the Geekbench 3 score, they’re, not amazing scores, but for the chipset and atom x5.

Is it 8300? These are the higher end that I’ve seen on this particular chipset. So this atom is the lower end. Cheery trail. There is the mid range one which is the Z 8500, and then you have the X 7, which is the X 7 8700. The clocks up, I think, it’s 2.4 gigahertz. This chip only clocks up to one point, eight four, so a little slower there and the ice storm score quite good. One of the higher ones of actually seeing 3d mark I live in school, of course, is extremely low. If you compare that to a desktop PC or a gaming, PC that’s an editor and horrendous school, really that is super low, but we’re talking about a tablet running an atom here. Our PC mark 7 score again a little bit higher and the colgate score again high. For the particular chipset, and also just to show you here that some of the temperatures I got out of the chipset, so maximum temperatures 79 degrees. Now, in order for me to get and hit 79 degrees, I actually had to run fur mark and Intel burn test which isn’t a real world test. This is a synthetic benchmark and I don’t really agree with it. But gaming I saw temperatures of 76 degrees and I don’t think it ever really got over that so it’s keeping under 80 degrees, which is actually a lot cooler than most tablets, which is good to see I’m just going to test out the audio across various different Devices and compare the sound I’m first going to just play the two eh, oh twelve and then move over to other tablets and then back to the qu h or 12 okay.

So the H, Oh 12, here now the teclast x98 is three. Now the chewy h8n and now the surface pro 4 and back to the h i twelve. So hopefully you can hear just from this little test here that the speakers in the HOA 12 actually aren’t that bad, the chewy, H, ITN, definitely being the worst and I’d say second to last, the x98 f3 and of course, the more expensive and more premium tablet. The surface pro 4 has much better sound, they’re, very high quality speakers on those ones. Now gaming I’m just going to test out one game here and that is s veld 81 it’s, a stall game I’m, going to run with the native screen resolution, which is 2160 by 1440p. The only thing I’ve changed is the settings I’ve reduced it from the extreme setting down to medium, which I thought was a much better suited to the chipset that it hasn’t, because extreme settings on this resolution is just far too demanding for an atom. X5. 0. 8300. If you want to see more gaming, I do have another clip that’s up on the YouTube channel, so do check that out I’m going to use a xbox and I speak advertising there so I’m going to use an Xbox 360 controller plugged in just like and Conchata It a little better and we’ll see how it runs you. So you can see here that the framerate is perfectly playable very smooth, though it’s going to set it around 30 frames per.

Second, it probably dips down a little bit. You can see. Sometimes it gets a little tiny bit of lag there, but overall, I think it’s running just fine, considering the fact that it’s, quite a higher resolution, it’s running out now for your other games. Your popular online games, like League of Legends counter strike you’re going to have to lower the resolution and also to lower those settings right down to the last possible to get anything close to playable frame rates and, as I mentioned, I do have a video that up So do check that out if you are interested seeing more on the gaming performance of this particular tablet. So what about the battery life actually I’ve found the battery life to be good. I expected the better life to be quite poor, considering the panel that’s in here a large a 12 inch panel. We do have an 11000 milliamp hour battery, but I thought it might struggle with the resolution to keep up and keep enough charge and we might have poor results at the moment I have been running. The screen button is quite high of being well almost two hours there I’m just reading that there, with the stats on for two hours and I’m now at 76. Now what I’ve actually been doing there’s a bit of web work and some of these clips you’re, seeing right now that I’m recording, but I also watching the episode of the x files season 10 it’s, I think about 45 minutes and in that 45 minutes rated episode.

I lost 10 now was running 50 battery life. Sorry not 50. Battery life 50 screen brightness is what I wanted to see and I think that’s pretty good, considering the screen size and the brightness level. Now I do have that display power saving technology from Intel disabled. If you enable that you might get even better results and if you love the brightness of course down to 25 percent or even tweak it down to 40 percent or something manually, then you’re going to probably get even better than so you’re. Looking around I’d say eight hours of video watching some of the results here that I did some rough testing web browsing. Fifty percent brightness you’re going to get about six hours, six and a half hours. If you game, then you’re only going to get about three hours because gaming just burns through the battery and mixed documents, multitasking five to six hours, that’s a little bit more demanding because you’re loading up the RAM and that consumes battery life. Of course, using more RAM consumes more so if you have multitasking what I was doing at that particular time as a head edge open with about five or six tabs, open and Chrome. With about three tabs, I was also running HW info and a few other things in the background and moving a few files around and whatnot, and that, I would say, was a bit of multitasking and I got about five and a half hours from doing which, i Think is acceptable.

The battery life on the Chui HR 12 – they didn’t, come out too considering it’s only got a five megapixel rear facing camera. Now, cameras on tablets, at least these windows tablets coming out of China, have never been good. It’S never been their strong point and again we’re, seeing a pretty hopeless camera that isn’t that good, but it can still take macro shots with text and things like that, if you needed to, if you, for example, you had some sort of diagram or you needed to Take a photo of a part number then it can actually do that. Something that my surface pro 3 could not do that had a fixed focus. So if you want to take a photo of text, it came out blurry and outdoor photos. Look okay! I mean they’re not too bad. Colors seem okay, here normally they’re quite washed out, but it came out. Okay that photo there and overall you’re going to get nothing really special out of the cameras now using them for something like voice chat like Skype. They are fine. If you’re in good lighting conditions as soon as you move into low light, then the cameras start to suffer a bit. You do see a bit of grain come into it. It looks a little blurry, but the front facing 2 megapixel camera is, I think, sufficient for Skype. It’S not going to be an award winning front facing camera it’s going to just do the job, and that is pretty much it and you want to have good lighting for that and just to demonstrate here would also power.

An external USB 3 hard drive, one terabyte or two terabyte drive. Sometimes they have problems with some of these tablets, I’ve tested, but likely this isn’t the case with the Chui HR 12. So if I plug in now my drive you’ll see that there’s a blue light, which means USB 3 mode and the folder has actually just popped up there. So no trouble whatsoever running external hard drives, so you can actually get away here, plugging in and using every single port. I have the micro USB and charging. I have two USB pen drives plugged in micro, HDMI, cable and even my 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and it’s. A little bit tight here that does all just fit in there without any problems. Now there’s been a few tablets that have had poor design on this and the fact that you couldn’t actually charge or fit in a our wider USB pendrive here. But these are very snug but it’s working, which is good to see so just to recap, on my findings, the pros and cons of this tablet. I think the touch response is great. The screen is really nice, considering it’s a 12 inch screen so rather large, but you still get a reasonably sharp display and quite hard to see. Pixels, okay, it’s, not a Retina tablet. It’S got around 216 PPI, but I still think on a 12 inch device. That’S good enough and the brightness once you disable those Intel graphics power settings is right.

Enough indoors looks good great to use a very good media tablet for those looking for something that’s a little larger and has great performance with it comes to just scrolling and touching basic kind of tasks. It’S no gaming tablet doesn’t have that kind of power. You want to play any serious games on it, but it will pay play later titles, as you’ve seen, and even the store games work surprisingly well they’re. The only cons really I can say are these speakers do have a slight hiss that comes out of them. If you put your ear up to the speaker when there’s no sound playing or you’re tapping away with the windows keyboard, you can hear tiny butters coming out of the speakers there and then, when you connect up the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. I’Ve also noticed that there’s a tiny bit of interference coming through there, but overall, I can highly recommend this tablet for those people that want a larger tablet and even though I haven’t seen the keyboard yet at the time of this review, I’m hoping it’s going to Be a large keyboard and very practical and usable, but those two USB ports are very handy indeed to have they’re very good for transferring files. So overall gets my thumbs up.