So, in a way, chewy have admitted that the first keyboard they released for it. I don't know if you've seen my unboxing, I had screws falling out of it. The build quality of it was actually quite horrendous, so they basically admitted that now they have released a new keyboard, which I just got here that arrived today with DHL and it now has metal on it and hopefully a lot better in terms of quality, because the First, one was just really basically a joke and it seemed like a bit of a rush job to me so it's, coming in the same exact box as the other keyboard and I still have the other keyboard. I will compare that one. So you can see here that this top now is metal and straightaway you can see a larger trackpad, which is really good, because the trackpad on the old one wasn't so good, and it has like a little trim around the outside here, which is a nice. Little finish there and there are left and right mouse buttons there. So it's, not just all gestures, and we still have the USB 2 ports on either side there and it's very similar to thee. Well, maybe not it doesn't feel quite as good as the the cube or the chewy hi book keyboard or the cube. I worked in ultra metal flagship one, but there doesn't seem too bad. Let'S have a look at the weight of it.

It definitely probably put some metal in there to counterweight it, so it doesn't tip over so it's at weighs a hefty 865 grams. If I compare that to the plastic one that's 740 grams, so a little bit heavier there, but hopefully won't tip back. So this is the first one. This is the one that has the screws in the back that obviously the assembly line when they assembled us, they didn't have the talked settings correct and they stripped most of the threads on these screws and I've. Had these screws that's falling out, left right and centre every time I seem to use it the typing experience. The keyboard itself is alright, but look at that little narrow, trackpad, now it's a lot bigger here. You can see, get them in the same shop, a difference. We have are the keys. Look the same to me. I just have a quick type on it and it's um it's not actually sitting either we go. It is sitting kind of a Senate flush, so we'll dock, my choooo choooo 12. Now, in turn, we have a look and see just the thickness of it. Actually, since this one is going to be a little thinner, maybe perhaps definitely the quality's a lot better. There see yeah there's a little thinner there, the front of it and just get them side on. I do like the color scheme that finally got rid of those white keys. I don't need white keys on the keyboard so and if you look closely here, sorry, you can see that they do have status LEDs just two of them this time around their old keyboard has three and it got a little rubber pads in here and overall.

This docking part does look a lot better in terms of quality there's, the the old one there you can see. Ok, solders dr. soon and there's, a little status LED there's, a bit of flicks there. That hinge, as hinge, is quite tight. There, you can see was actually flexing, but it does prop the keyboard up. So that is the full position we get, which is, I think, about 120 degrees, so it's, not a lot of anymore would cause it probably to tip back. So I can push on the screen there and I can see that it's causing it to flex a little but there's no risk there of that tipping right back, which is good. Let'S have a look now here. The trackpad seems: okay, I'll have to put over into Windows just to check the gestures if we can disable them or not, but at least having a wider higher trackpad there. Hopefully, I won't keep minimizing things all the time in Windows. I'Ll just quit to have a type on it, see how that feels there. It is actually lifting up on the front knee. You can see that's not sitting a hundred percent flat for some reason, but other than that there, the flex on it doesn't seem bad at all. There doesn't seem to be too much flex. It'S, definitely a lot better and feels and looks better too okay. So I can show you with the old keyboard this this one here had quite a bit of flex, so just put that here for second, you can see this one.

It has a lot of flex and bounce there, so I'm, just going to quickly boot over into Windows, while that is happening, I'll just check the weight of both of them. Okay, so the weight of both of them together is one point: seven, two kilos so it's a little on the heavy side and I'll cookie to show you what the whole package looks like together, it doesn't look that bad now definitely beat us on the bottom. There are no screws in that must just clip into the back of it or the screws might actually be under these solid rubber feet here. This is the design is definitely similar to the haibach keyboard, but it just doesn't feel quite as good in terms of build quality. It doesn't quite feel as solid and back in Windows here, I'll see as it's turned off. If I have it propped up and bound to this angle, it's not lifting the front of it up, but I just noticed that if I again that if I pull that back, you can see that it's just lifting up there so that's, not particularly good to see And I can also see that the the trackpad has slightly raised. Look there on the front, so just gone into the mouse settings and unfortunately no we don't have the gesture option to disable them with the drivers. So that's a little disappointing to see so do think. The keyboard is an improvement, the flex there on the typing, there's literally no flex, but I don't like the fact that the front right hand side is lifting up.

Then, when I have the screen angle back to maximum there, it seems to be warping a little. The base of it I've moved it forward like that now it's not happening, but yes, no flex, no bounce on the keys feels a lot better typing experience and the trackpad is larger. It is just unfortunate, though, that it doesn't have proper driver support that we can't go in there and disable those gestures, but being that much higher. Hopefully I will not be just minimizing things all the time which kept happening to me. There'S also rubber feet now and this middle part here which will keep the touch pad area and the keys from touching the screen. Hopefully, when in a bag or in transit, but just as a safeguard, I would normally put a cloth or something inside there just to make sure 100 that that's not going to scratch up your screen protector, at least because I have definitely seen that happen with other Tablets – and it can be quite annoying there, so that's the new H, i 12 keyboard there's the old one, and you can see it is a step up and good to see that too, we have decided to release this new one and listen to the complaints of The book quality of the old one. Thank you so much for watching this video and I hope to catch you back in the channel, with more up and coming reviews on tablets, mobile phone and other tech from China bye for now.

I will just add this edit into the video. What I did is I just grabbed the keyboard either end and I just bent it put a bit of force into it and now, with the screen right back, you can see now the front right hand, side, isn't, lifting up anymore, so that must have been just A little bit of a defect with my unit, perhaps it got bent and the and the parcel with DHL. Maybe it just got manhandled and bent a little bit. I don't know.