Now I didn't expect this one to actually arrive today. Lucky, I was home, DHL just dropped it off, but I actually paid for just a free postage which is normally with post in our to Europe with Vanguard, but for some reason they sent it out with DHL I'm, not complaining, because luckily I didn't have to pay Any tax on this, they declared it as a 12 u.s. keyboard. So I think that got out of DHL x' tax radar somehow and no taxes apparent, which is really good, because normally DHL will charge me a 15 euro document fee and then 21 here in Spain, which is quite horrendous, which I'm now opting for free postage. Most of the time now this keyboard dunno why it took so long to come out quite poor of chewy, really because the tablets been out now for a good two months. I think, or maybe even more than that, and why they've taken so long to bring it out, they should have had this lined up and ready to go with the tablet itself. It'S a little beat up the box there, hopefully it's, okay, not exactly wonderful packaging there, but as long as it's not damaged so their typical chewy box Brown box, nothing else on it, just apart from Chuy's actual details their website. Now the calorie got is the gray version there we go and the white keys. You can see there now. One of the changes that did happen we know of is the trackpad here.

It was originally going to also be white which, yes, I don't want white trackpad. Either I don't in fact want white keys, but first glance it looks. Okay, doesn't feel as heavy as I thought. It would and she's got a lot of screws there on the bottom. Everything'S just been all screwed in and we do have either side deport. But let me get it out of this plastic. Take a closer look at it all right, so we do have a couple of little rubber feet at the front that you can see, which is good, that's, hopefully going to keep the the screen from touching and getting all scratched up. So, although there is a bit of flex in it, you can see I'm pushing down relatively hard here and we do have status LEDs I'll, move that up a little closer to the camera. There we have one for number, lock, andor, caps, lock there and also, if a live and function f, 11 is going to disable the trackpad, which is good and a few other options there. Print screen button is via their function. We have home page up and down end and just have a quick seems: ok, the travel of the keys there doesn't seem too bad and another look there. They we've got white rubber feet on the bottom. They should have gone with Gray's. Now, on that now the material of it is, I would call a rubberized paint job there's, no other real way to describe it, and it looks like it's going to be fairly fingerprint resistant there, but I do know for a fact that this material does tend to Scratch a little and quite easy now the hinge mechanism that seems to be very tight.

There looks quite ok, there's a pogo ports there, but it's a little rough. If you can get up and get the camera zoom into that focus on it, I should say: yeah it's, I wouldn't say wonderful quality there. You can see what this part at least is metal and there's. The pogo pins there so quickly over. Look at the weight and then I'll get my chewy. I try 12 connected up to it plugged into it. Okay, 741 grams that's reasonably heavy for a keyboard, but they've had to have obviously put a counterweight in here. This definitely feels like they've got a bit of metal in there. So here is my Chewie enjoy 12 and I'll just slot that in so hopefully the magnets are gon na pull that together and there we go okay. So that is the full angle back there, which is around about standard for this kind of transformer style keyboard. You see there if they had it back any further, you have risk of tipping it over now. I can tap it and there's a bit of wobble there to it, but it doesn't feel like it's, going to completely fall down or anything which is good and in person actually doesn't. Look too bad and ideally I'd, like those keys to at least be a dark, grey or black, but doesn't seem that bad to me, let's have a look at the the trackpad, so we have Mouse lifting right buttons there there's flicks in it, and if you can See that definitely quite a bit of flex really I'd say in this keyboard, probably due to the fact that they just use plastic there on the top.

So just go along here and open up notepad and just do a quick test type hello. How you feels okay, I mean it's, alright, it's good don't, think it's gon na. Take me too much to adjust to this. The size is definitely quite good, because that's a very large day, almost feels as large as my surface type cover for not quite that's. Just a little bit larger, but now I have very similar actually and in terms of size there having those two together and the key size almost about the the same, I would say, as the the surface Todd cover so I'm, just going to quickly measure the key Size there for those that want finer details, so 15 millimeters, and these keys here I think, are around about the same 15.5, so very similar in size, the keys now so I can see how it is once it's closed up so I'm just going to quickly close. This up how that is together, so there we go it's the one whole unit, doesn't, look too bad and I can see by the looks of that that it's not actually going to be touching hard to say, honestly, whether that is going to be touching the screen Or not those keys, it looks like they're not actually going to be touching this screen, but it could with a little bit of pressure on it, maybe yeah it looks like there could be bit of movement there.

So if you do have this in a backpack or something there, actually, I think there could be a possibility that the keys at least the bottom row might actually touch the screen there, and we can also flip it up. I think and use it in tent mode or flip it around like a presentation mode. It doesn't have the latch let's go anyway, so I can flip it up this way here and all look at that. The weight of the tablet is making the the hinge actually fall down on its own. There it's going to stay up by itself, if I move it to about there. Okay tablets too heavy for the hinge at that angle. At least gon na flip that around put their packet in. I can feel the magnets pull it in together to one and put that in place and just quickly have a look and see what the tablet and keyboard weight is. The total weight together such one point five, eight kilos rather heavy for what it is so that's a look there and of the shoe eh, Oh 12 keyboard. Now there is another version that comes in gold and the trackpad will be gold. I think, on that model too, so the trick pedal each will match up. My first impressions over, I think, it's, some it's, not too bad differently, as I mentioned, complements the tablet it's good to see that they actually went with a transformer style, doc, it's, something that I do prefer, rather than using a tight cover on such a large tablet.

I think it's a little bit more studio, so it's got the counterweight in there to stop it from tipping over. That is good. It has the rubberized matte paint job which looks to be quite resistant to fingerprints and smudges. Good trackpad is very small. I mean I need some more time on with it. I don't think it's that's, good, really that's better than nothing and overall me, we've got all the function keys. We need on there a very large keyboard. The typing experience, I think, is going to be just fine and the two USB to ports. Either side is handy. Giving us a total of four full sized USB ports is something you don't normally see on tablets. Now these are negatives that I've already encountered here. The fact that it is quite a heavy tablet, so the hinge is struggling a little it's fine up until you get it to about there, which isn't going to be a problem, if you're using it like this but it's going to flip it around and use it In that presentation mode – and you want to have it about a 45 degree angle there – then it looks like the weight of the tablet – is going to slowly cause it to drop down, which isn't very good. The build quality, I'm gon na say is average. I mean it doesn't look too bad, but there definitely is a bit of a bit of flex in there.

You can see and the keyboard definitely has flex there and the hinge all in all for 40 or so us, I think, it's. Okay, that price will probably come down after a while. You can see that already look at that look at look at that a screw just came out. I literally just pulled a screw out there's already one screw coming loose. I don't know whether that's from the transit or not I'll, see if I can screw that one back in not really good to see that so yeah build quality very average. I think, but I do like having at least a full size keyboard without having to use bluetooth which tends to slow down my internet alright, so that is the chui h, o 12 keyboard there. Thank you for watching. I will have the dual boot model coming soon. So keep on out 4 videos of that I will cover the Android side of things on this particular model. I'Ve already gone over Windows quite a bit so that your wet model will literally just log into Windows to see how much free space there is and then move over and check out how well this tablet performs and what it's like to use it with Android.